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SmackDown as it usually does opened with the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns strutting down to the ring with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. The Tribal Chief and THE Universal Champion trash talked Edge but it is not Edge who interrupted but Daniel Bryan. Bryan won the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match on Sunday and immediately after got his title match against Reigns and of course the exhausted man lost. Bryan had plenty to say in this segment and implied that Reigns is a coward for doing what he did and so on then he issued a challenge to Reigns for the Universal Championship at Fastlane. 

Jey Uso hopped in though and said Bryan can't just get back in line and has to earn a chance and such and to get back to Reigns Bryan would have to go through him. Bryan tried to continue talking to Reigns then Uso attacked him and Reigns and company walked out tall. Uso apologized for speaking for Reigns and Reigns said no reason to apologize as long as Uso handles it. Edge then was shown talking with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville and Edge was under the assumption that Edge and Bryan would face Uso and Reigns at Fastlane but the two managers said the Universal Title match would be a bigger draw.

Otis and Chad Gable then yet again faced Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Last week they battled and it ended in disqualification. This week Otis and Gable or Alpha Academy brutalized the Mysterios and got the win with Otis crushing them almost single handedly. It would be so messed up if Otis became a tag champion with Gable instead of Tucker, actually maybe not that messed up Otis and Gable are very close in real life. Jey Uso versus Daniel Bryan later in the night was then confirmed and if Bryan wins he would face Reigns at Fastlane was the stipulation, read on to find out who won!

Apollo Crews then once again took on Shinsuke Nakamura who he attacked after Nakamura whooped him last week. The match did not begin before a Crews promo which was great and Crews also was wearing a scarf with no shirt so he's a wannabe MJF now but in a good way. I feel like this paragraph seems like I do not like Crews but I'm a big fan I just like Big E and Shin more. It was another fun but quick match from these two which resulted in Crews getting the win back so some 50/50 booking.

Tamina with Natalya in her corner then battled Liv Morgan with Ruby Riott in her corner. Tamina got the win and this time Billie Kay was not a factor in the outcome. I hate seeing Morgan lose clean especially to Tamina. It seems like WWE management can decide if they want to push Morgan or not, I hope there is some type of pay off for Morgan and/or Riott soon. 

Bianca Belair then went to the ring to announce if she would challenge Sasha Banks or Asuka at WrestleMania. She of course was interrupted by Reginald who is still obsessed with Banks despite working for Carmella. Banks then entered and told him to stop talking for her. Belair got to challenge Banks officially so WrestleMania will be Banks vs Belair for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

King Corbin and Sami Zayn were then shown talking backstage with Zayn's cameramen with them and Corbin was not happy being paired with Zayn and wondered why they were a team. Zayn said he asked for the match saying they are talented and are a great team and could win tag team gold. Corbin agreed but told Zayn never to order him again. Corbin also did not like the Zayn camera crew. I would have thought the more cameras the better for Corbin.

The tag team match between Corbin and Zayn and the Street Profits then began and it was a rocky uphill battle for Zayn and Corbin. Corbin and Zayn are talented but they were not able to make it up the hill as the Street Profits won. The Dirty Dawgs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode can only avoid a championship rematch against the Profits who keep winning for so long.

Seth Rollins then entered the ring and of course was interrupted by Cesaro. Cesaro tried to attack but Rollins talked him down and just kept talking and talking. He tried to recruit Cesaro and then finally stopped to let Cesaro answer and told him he can think it over for a week or longer. Cesaro did not need a week and then swept his legs and took him for a swing! Cesaro then left and as he left Bryan entered ahead of his match with Jey Uso.

The battle then began and Jey Uso had one strategy and it was to focus on damaging the left knee of Bryan as much as possible. Uso used the half crab threw the knee into the turnbuckle and many other maneuvers focusing on that left knee. The match ended in a double count out of Bryan by shenanigans and Reigns of course got involved to punish Bryan further. Reigns proved he would do whatever he could to weasel out of tough title defenses that did not suit him. The status of Fastlane is still up in the air following the double count out tie.

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