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The Universal Champion Roman Reigns kicks off the show in fitting fashion and instantly calls out the Royal Rumble winner Edge! Reigns was quite angry that he had to go out first and call out Edge instead of the opposite. Edge did not go out during the whole promo though despite Reigns continually demanding it. Reigns ended with demanding Edge make his decision on who he will challenge by the end of the night.

In ring action kicked off when Dominik Mysterio took on King Corbin. During Mysterio's entrance though Corbin attacked Dominik and Rey. Despite the attack Dom still won with a little help from his father who kind of cheated to help his son win, but when you cheat against a cheater are you really cheating? Yes, yes you are.

Daniel Bryan then battled Cesaro in a quick but solid match. Cesaro won the match and afterwards looked like he was going to attack Bryan but instead extending his fist for a fist pound as a sign of respect. Before the match Big E was interviewed about his title match triple threat later in the night.

Bianca Belair the winner of the Women's Royal Rumble match then was interviewed quickly by Kayla Braxton and she said she would announce who she would challenge shortly. Bayley then had a match against Ruby Riott. The match ended weirdly when Bayley was working on the shoulder of Ruby and Billie Kay who was on commentary tried to rescue Ruby her former faction member for a time of two weeks. Billie jumped up on the apron then was pulled down by Liv and then Bayley shortly after won the match. While leaving Billie chased after Bayley and gave her a resume but the camera then transitioned away before it was shown if Bayley was taking the resume or how she was responding.

Belair then entered the ring to announce who she would challenge. She was then interrupted by the sommelier of Carmella, Reginald who can not decide on an accent. Is it a normal American accent, or Jamaican or French? I don't think even Reginald knows. Carmella then came out and talked some stupid stuff about how she beat Sasha Banks twice but she neglected adding how she lost all the title matches. Banks then had enough and came out but said how Carmella was in the past and ignored her and focused on Belair. Belair did not officially challenge Banks because Reginald interrupted again which led to him getting lashed by the long braid of Belair! It's been a while since fans have seen Belair use her hair as a weapon. I personally missed it and can not wait until her WrestleMania match against I'm guessing Banks but the challenge has not been officially made.

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler then defeated Otis and Chad Gable. During the match Street Profits commentated but not in addition to Michael Cole and Corey Graves. They just were shown in the bottom left and talked non-stop. 

The main event match then began between Big E, Sami Zayn, and Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Championship. It was a fun match with some great spots. Big E did a German Suplex on Crews while Crews was holding Zayn. Crews also had quite a few great spots including a perfect moonsault off the apron onto the outside of the ring on Big E. Big E eventually won the match and retained his title but with how Crews looked after the match and how Zayn protested a near pinfall he had during the match it might not be done between these three.

SmackDown then ended with a segment between Edge and Roman Reigns. Edge started then was interrupted by Reigns, Heyman and Jey Uso. Edge was able to convince Reigns to get Jey out of the ring. Reigns should have kept his cousin in because it was a trap. Reigns tried to get Edge to challenge him but Edge never did and instead the show ended with Kevin Owens arriving and performing the Stunner on Reigns!

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