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Smackdown began with Edge on the microphone and he addressed the things both Roman Reigns said to him as well as things Daniel Bryan said last week about the Rated R-Superstar. Bryan then came out and and responded. Both men were on fire and kept it respectful and nothing became physical. 

In ring action then began next when the heels Otis and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy and Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode the Dirty Dawgs and Smackdown Tag Teams Champions battled The Street Profits and Dominik and Rey Mysterio. It was a fast paced fun match which ended with former tag champion Montez Ford pinning Robert Roode one half of the current champions. What is next for the four teams? Is this all leading to a title rematch between The Dirty Dawgs and The Street Profits or a match involving all four teams.

Next we had Seth Rollins get interviewed by Kayla Braxton about Cesaro and Rollins said Cesaro was a waste of potential. Braxton then alerted Rollins to a rematch between Cesaro and Murphy. The match then began and Rollins went to watch. Cesaro dominated and after a while he went for the swing and mid swing Rollins attacked Cesaro ending the match in disqualification.

Between the match and the Rollins interview was a segment where Nia Jax took Reginald on a shopping spree and Shayna Baszler reluctantly tagged along. Back to the Rollins and Cesaro segment. After Rollins talked some trash to a downed Cesaro he left and as he left he ran into Shinsuke Nakamura and they had an interesting stare down.

Edge then confronted Jey Uso in the hall and tried to talk him into becoming his own man once again and Jey took offense but nothing got physical. The KO Show then began and Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks were the two guests. The two would face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions at Fastlane for the titles and would face each other at WrestleMania for the Smackdown Women's Championship. The two had plenty of issues to let loose and things only got more tense between the two.

The show then led to a tag match match between Natalya and Tamina and the team of Banks and Belair. Jax, Baszler, and Reginald watched and joined commentary. Reginald was a factor in the outcome as he kept costing Belair and Banks the match until his last distraction led to Tamina and Natalya winning the match. 

Big E then returned to Smackdown after a brief absence following a brutal attack on him by Apollo Crews. Big E then ripped a killer promo which led to him asking Crews to go out and fight him and E put his Intercontinental Championship on the line. When Crews did not come out he then issued an open challenge. King Corbin then went out and started talking then was interrupted by Sami Zayn who accepted. The two bickered then E said who ever got in the ring first would get the match. Zayn then sprinted and got in the ring to immediately be beat up by Big E. 

The match did not begin though and the beating was unofficial. The match then began after the break and it ended with Big E getting the win. After the match Crews had his music play and E waited for him but Crews entered from the opposite direction! He then attacked E and even attacked him with the steel steps yet again.

Jax and Reginald were then talking backstage and Reginald convinced Jax to challenge Banks for the Smackdown Women's title next week so Jax could have the opportunity to walk into Mania the double champion.

The contract signing for the Bryan and Reigns title match at Fastlane then began. Reigns of course was joined by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Bryan was quick to sign but Reigns did not want to as he sought Bryan still did not earn the match. The clever Bryan then provoked Reigns into signing. Bryan then trash talked Jey which angered Uce. Jey then said he would like to be the special impartial enforcer for the title match so I think referee but maybe not. Edge then interrupted and challenged Jey Uso to a match next week to decided the enforcer and Adam Pearce who was there for the signing approved it. Brawling then broke out. Edge battled Reigns and Bryan, Jey. Bryan whooped Jey and then went to attack Reigns who Edge was battling and Edge pulled him away then Bryan executed the Running Knee on Edge! 

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