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The Boss Sasha Banks and the EST Bianca Belair kicked us off and yet again they are at each other throats yet again. Belair said Banks should not have taken the title match against Nia Jax that came next since they have a title match on Sunday and they argued about that for a bit before Banks entered the ring. Belair also said she would not save her. 

Jax entered with Baszler but without Reginald who was away on a Spa Day payed for by his boo Jax. Despite saying she would not interfere Belair entered mid match to encourage a hurt Banks who fell to the outside ground. Despite taking a beating Banks defended her title successfully. 

Seth Rollins then entered the ring in a suit that made him look like Snow Miser from the Year Without a Santa Claus credit in the tweet below but before he spoke we had a couple quick backstage events. Edge then talked in an interview about Jey Uso. Then Jax and Baszler talked and Baszler said she wanted to go fight Belair in a match later in the night.

Rollins then spoke and he had a great promo where he talked more trash about Cesaro. He was finally interrupted by not Cesaro but Cesaro's friend Shinsuke Nakamura. The artist then creeped to the ring as Rollins threatened him not to draw closer but Shin refused and went to town on Rollins.

Smackdown in ring action then continued with The Street Profits taking on Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio with The Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Dirty Dawgs watching. In a quick match The Mysterios pulled off the upset when Dom got the roll up win. Otis and Chad Gable of the Alpha Academy then came out and called out the father and son combo saying they are more worthy but got quickly repelled. 

That exchange set up a match between the Mysterios and Alpha Academy that happened next. Mysterios rolled in the beginning with Rey delivering the 619 on Gable then Dom taking out Otis on the apron. Rey climbed the turnbuckle to Splash onto Gable but Otis got back up and hit him to get momentum for his team. A little later Dom went for the 619 on Gable but was caught by Gable who turned it around got the tag to Otis who finished Dom. The tag title picture got more complicated and on commentary Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode of The Dirty Dawgs dodged the questions of which team they would face.

Everyone's favorite conspiracist Sami Zayn then was shown talking to his cameramen and mentioned how later he would face King Corbin that night. Kevin Owens then went up to him and Zayn thought he was there to say yes in his offer in helping in his documentary. Owens tried to talk to Zayn about it saying that Zayn was maybe blowing things out of proportion and that no one was out to get him. Zayn then asked him to go out and watch his match later to see for himself the things that keep going against him.

YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan then graced the ring with his presence and addressed the Smackdown main event between Edge and Jey Uso to become the special guest enforcer. Bryan then explained how whoever won they would be biased against Bryan. Bryan then spoke about how he would defeat Roman Reigns at Fastlane and take the Universal Championship. The Tribal Chief along with Paul Heyman then entered the scene with his pyro effects. Bryan before Reigns entered promised he would tap Reigns out and Reigns retorted that and said he would never tap out and that he would rather die than tap out to Bryan. Bryan then said what we were all thinking and that is that that is a strong statement. 

Smackdown then did a hype package for the Zayn vs Corbin match and it was hilarious. They called it the match no one wanted and that includes the most dislikeable men. WWE IS PLOTTING against Zayn confirmed.

The match then began between Corbin and Zayn. Zayn tried to cheat a couple times but got caught and Corbin squashed him regardless. Owens on commentary then said nothing absurd happened against Zayn and when Zayn asked him if he saw the injustice Owens told his friend the truth. Zayn then supposedly left and Owens thanked the commentary team for having him then he took a Helluva Kick from Zayn. 

The interview with Big E and Apollo Crews then began ahead of their Fastlane Intercontinental Championship clash. Big E like last week was still breathing heavy between words and displayed his anger well. Crews then retorted and after Big E removed his microphone got up and drove his golf cart around Tropicana Field in search of Crews. Crews then walked the halls yelling for Big E and then found him and ran when Big E tried to hit him with the cart. Big E got off the cart and the two men starting brawling but Big E took over and brutalized Crews with trash cans and etc.

Belair then headed to the ring for a clash against Shayna Baszler. Jax joined Baszler and Banks was entering then decided not to and left. Jax left mid match. Since the two had no backup Natalya and Tamina saw an opportunity an attacked the pair making a statement that they should be in the Women's Tag Title picture.

Edge's first match on Smackdown in ten years happened next to fight Jey Uso in this main event. It was a physical match but in the end Edge won. Jey might be main event Uso but he usually loses those main events. Edge did not get to celebrate long when Reigns came in and Speared Edge! Reigns then called out Bryan and Bryan went to confront the champ but Jey attacked Bryan from behind. 

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