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Daniel Bryan kicked off the show and he talked about the events that happened at Fastlane in his Universal Championship match. He made Reigns tap who has never tapped in his career but the referee was out and Edge the backup hit Bryan with a chair then beat both men with a chair. Reigns retained, Bryan then said that he wanted to face Reigns on this episode in another title match and would not leave until he got it. 

Adam Pearce then came out and said Bryan can't hold up the show and that he would not get his rematch. Bryan then proposed that he face the winner of the Edge and Reigns WrestleMania match right after and Pearce said he can't make the winner do a match immediately. Bryan then commented on the hypocrisy of that since he won a Elimination Chamber Match then immediately fought in a title match a month ago. Bryan then said since Mania is two nights that how about night one Edge and Reigns battle then Bryan face the winner night two. Pearce seemed interested but before an answer Edge came out and he was pissed!

Edge yelled at Bryan saying he was sick of Bryan's complaining and this led to Bryan attacking Edge. Bryan gave a good effort in the brawl but Edge attacked with a chair brutalizing Bryan. After Reigns was shown in his dressing room with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman and he sent his minions to talk to Adam Pearce obviously about the events that just enfolded.

Smackdown's savior Seth Rollins then entered the ring and Smackdown yet again showed Rollins being swung by Cesaro because them showing it three weeks in a row is to make sure we didn't forget. Shinsuke Nakamura then took on Rollins in a Fastlane rematch. Sadly for Nakamura he could not overcome Rollins and like Fastlane lost. Rollins tried to keep attacking after the match but Cesaro rushed in and saved his friend. He almost took Rollins for another swing but Rollins escaped and fled. A little later in the night Rollins was talking to Kayla Braxton backstage and Rollins said he was tired of the disrespect and was yelling and challenged Cesaro to a Mania match. Cesaro then attacked and got that swing. He then accepted the challenge!

Pearce then was shown with Reigns and company. Reigns told him he would only fight on one night at WrestleMania and only one title match. Pearce then said he had a lot to consider and would give an answer to all parties at the end of the night.

In ring action then continued in a six man tag match where Big E and the Street Profits met Apollo Crews and Alpha Academy. Before the match it was announced that Crews would yet again face Big E for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania. Seems weird that Crews keeps losing clean and getting multiple rematches but whatever. Team Crews won the match after Crews delivered an Angle Slam on Big E and got the pin. Would have made more sense to announce the Mania match after this match but too late now. 

Another edition of the KO Show then happened where Kevin Owens wanted to ask Sami Zayn a question. It took quite a while for him to ask it though since Zayn kept attacking and he said he was sorry for kicking Owens and then announced the trailer to his documentary would premiere next week with Logan Paul being in attendance. Yea YouTube Logan Paul who has been tweeting back and forth with Zayn for a while now. The question was finally asked and it was Owens asking Zayn to fight him at Mania. He said the only reason he did not beat Zayn senseless in the segment was because he was waiting for Zayn's answer. Zayn answered yes then Owens attacked anyways.

Bianca Belair then took on Natalya. Sasha Banks of course watched and joined commentary. Near the end of the match Banks taunted a downed Belair and Belair then hit Banks, for payback after Banks slapped Belair at Fastlane. Belair then went back into the ring and won the match against Natalya. Banks then snuck up on Belair and delivered the Backstabber.

Edge then went up to Reigns and tried to convince him to help him keep Bryan out of their match since if Bryan was in it Edge would not have to pin Reigns to take the title. 

Rey Mysterio then faced Dolph Ziggler in singles action with both men having their tag partners in their corners. It was a fun match which resulted in a Rey Mysterio victory.

Time for Adam Pearce's decision regarding the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania then came next. Edge, Bryan, and Reigns then entered the ring too to find out the decision. Pearce started off by saying everyone was right. He then announced that the title match would be a triple threat. Bryan then went after Edge and the two brawled then Reigns attacked Bryan. Jey then got a chair and gave it to Reigns. Before he hit Bryan with the chair Edge delivered the Spear to Reigns then one to Jey. Edge then hit Reigns and Bryan with a steel chair repeatedly. He then put both their heads on two separate chairs then grabbed another chair. Jey saved Reigns and got attacked instead and Reigns fled. Edge then brutalized Bryan and attacked officials who tried to stop him. Edge did not continue the attack and instead sat in the chair and stared menacingly at the camera. 

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