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Daniel Bryan opened up the show and showed us footage of the events at Elimination Chamber and talked about how he was sick of being put on the backburner and that it was his time! He went on for a bit until Roman Reigns the Universal Champion along with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman came out. 

Reigns then responded to the things Bryan said about how Bryan loves to wrestle and that he needs to do it. Reigns then said love and need are not related and then said that everyone needs Reigns. Jey Uso then tried to talk and then rushed Bryan to just be repelled. It was a brief physical encounter then Reigns and Bryan just stared each other down.

Street Profits then battled King Corbin and Sami Zayn yet again like last week. Except when Zayn and Corbin entered Corbin exclaimed he did not want to be in a tag team and that he was a singles competitor and would face one of the Profits in a singles match. Then we got Corbin vs Montez Ford instead. Corbin got the win then a match between Angelo Dawkins and Zayn began since Dawkins wanted to still fight too. Zayn helped Corbin and wanted Corbin to return the favor but when Dawkins hit Zayn into Corbin, Corbin did not take it well and left Zayn to fend off Dawkins alone. Dawkins ended up with the win and Zayn was shocked and outraged and asked who was behind this. He then asked who one of the camera men was saying he did not hire him. Zayn then attacked said camera man who was indie star Blake Christian.

Reginald then was shown walking backstage with a silver plate with wine on top. Carmella then approached him and called him out for obsessing over Sasha Banks. She then knocked the plate and bottle out of his hands and fired him! Poor Reggie, but I'm sure he will land on his feet. 

Chad Gable with Otis in his corner then battled Dominik Mysterio who had his father Rey Mysterio in his corner. This singles match then continued and ended with Dominik rolling up Gable. Otis then tried to enter the ring and Rey attacked him sending him into the announce table! The Mysterios then retreated.

Seth Rollins was then interviewed by Kayla Braxton in response to the swinging he took from Cesaro. He said how Cesaro doesn't usually swing people (which isn't true) and then Murphy was shown and offered his assistance with the Cesaro situation and Rollins then told him to get out of his sight. So I guess Murphy is not with the Mysterios anymore and wants to be a disciple again for no reason at all. 

Bianca Belair then took on Shayna Baszler and Sasha Banks entered to support Belair despite them being rivals for the SmackDown Women's Championship. As Banks entered Reginald followed and Belair and Banks displayed their frustration. Reggie and Banks had a altercation mid match which led to Belair shoving him which then led to Jax hitting Banks. Despite this Belair was able to get back in the ring an beat Baszler. Belair then yelled at Reggie for being the reason Banks got attacked and left and Reggie then asked if he and Banks were ok and she said yes then hit him in the face and told him to stay out of her business. 

A match occurred between Cesaro and Murphy and Cesaro dominated Murphy then went over to the edge of the ring and stared down Rollins with a smile as Rollins sarcastically clapped. Reggie then went to the door of Banks who turned him away as he pulled luggage away then Baszler antagonized him until Jax stopped her and called him cute. Is Reggie about to go to RAW with the champs?

Apollo Crews then entered the ring with two African soldiers who he identified as Nigerian Elite Guards. Crews then began speaking and had a Nigerian accent now and said it is how he really speaks. He also was holding a tribal spear. He talked about the new and real him and how excited he was for the return of Big E next week. Bryan then attacked Jey Uso as he talked to the camera about his match. 

It was then time for another edition of WWE's best talk show Ding Dong Hello! Bayley then did a segment where she read tweets about her but only good ones. She then got to won that was negative stopped reading, crumpled up the card and left out the door. Whoever wrote that tweet that upset the great one so much is not my arch enemy.

The Steel Cage main event match then began between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso. It was nice to see them give this match plenty of time even if it caused certain acts to be cut from the show. This match started with a little under 30 minutes left on the show. It was a hard hitting affair with some great spots. The two had a stand off while standing on the ropes. Uso delivered a Samoan Drop from up high. The match ended when Bryan got the submission win with the YES Lock. Uso grabbed the ropes but of course there are no rope breaks in steel cage matches so they did not help him. Bryan versus Reigns at Fastlane is now the planned match and Reigns who sat in a chair and watched the match did not look happy. 

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