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Edge kicks off the show and he talks about his actions last week and his upcoming WrestleMania match for the Universal Title against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. He is still not happy about Bryan being involved and throughout the promo he got less and less calm and more and more crazy and intense. The Rated R-Superstar is here and he let us all know.

The Mysterios and The Street Profits then battled the Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Dirty Dawgs, Robert Rood and Dolph Ziggler as well as Otis and Chad Gable of the Alpha Academy. In this four on four tag match the heels got there win back since a couple weeks ago this same matchup occurred but the faces won. Next week all four teams will face off in a fatal four way tag team championship match on Smackdown.

Seth Rollins and Cesaro then met in the ring next in an interview with Corey Graves. Cesaro made a lot of swing puns and Rollins talked a lot about his WrestleMania achievements. This match will be big and it will be Cesaro's first Mania singles match and I for one am rooting for him. This interaction did not end in physical confrontation though even though it was very close.

Natalya then took on Shayna Baszler one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. They traded off in quick roll-ups and it ended with Natalya winning it and the match. Chaos then ensued when Jax entered the ring to attack and so did Tamina to help their respective partners. Riott Squad, Naomi and Lana, and Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke all got involved too. The segment ending with the champions leaving with Reginald and Tamina and Natalya standing tall in the ring. After Carmella is shown backstage and she watched the events and Billie Kay goes to give her, the resume and at first Carmella refuses it then she calls Kay back and she accepts it and reads it!

Sami Zayn then debuted his trailer for his documentary and YouTube star Logan Paul joined him in the viewing. It was comedy gold and Paul was not convinced and even let Kevin Owens talk him out of the conspiracy a bit. Paul never exactly took a side though. Owens then came and stunned Zayn and left! Paul just stood in the ring and he was also invited to Mania officially by Zayn and accepted. A little late Zayn gave Owens a receipt and attacked Owens mid interview.

Carmella then faced Bianca Belair in singles action and attacked Belair before the bell rang to get an edge, it did not help though because Belair won. Belair's WrestleMania opponent Sasha Banks the Smackdown Women's Champion then came out and attacked Belair but did not take her out as Belair resisted. Belair did not retaliate though and just said not now and pointed to the Mania sign.

King Corbin then explained why he attacked Drew McIntyre on RAW. He said he was sick of not getting opportunities on Smackdown and decided to accept the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley's offer to take out McIntyre and earn a title match at Mania! Can Corbin take out McIntyre on Monday? No but he will try.

Apollo Crews then had a promo for the Intercontinental Champion and his WrestleMania opponent Big E! It was a great promo and ended with Crews challenging E to a Nigerian Drum Match at Mania whatever that means!

The Street Fight between Jey Uso and Daniel Bryan then began with Edge on commentary and a few minutes into the match Roman Reigns entered to watch from a chair on the ramp. It was a fun match that ended with Bryan using the YES Lock and getting Jey to tap. He then ran outside and attacked Edge and brutally. After he finished Edge he ran to Reigns who threw a chair but Bryan evaded it downed Reigns and engaged his Hurt Lock. Officials had to break up the submission and Bryan then went to the ring and started YES chants to end the show!

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