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Cesaro kicked us off in the edition of Smackdown and Seth Rollins interrupted. He talked about how good he made Cesaro look and how he did not get a thank you and that is why he attacked Cesaro last week. Jey Uso then came out and the two joined forces and as they closed in on Cesaro to attack, Daniel Bryan came out. He spoke for Cesaro saying Cesaro deserves a Universal Title opportunity against the champion Roman Reigns. Reigns comes out disregards the words of Bryan and calls Bryan and Cesaro losers and leaves. Rollins and Jey stayed out and a tag match between them and Bryan and Cesaro began.

It was a long but solid opening match which ended in victory for Bryan and Cesaro after Rollins abandoned Jey Uso. Bryan then grabbed the microphone and called for Reigns to come out to accept the challenge for the title from Cesaro. Cesaro swung Jey in two different sets to try to bring Reigns out but the champion did not appear. Bryan said it was because he was scared of Cesaro then both men incited Yes chants from the virtual crowd.

Nia Jax then battled Tamina in singles action. Jax lost the match even with Reginald and Shayna Baszler in her corner. 

Kevin Owens earlier was announced to be Apollo Crews opponent in the Intercontinental Championship match in this episode and Big E did not like that. E interrupted an interview and said how he deserved a rematch against Crews especially since Crews had so many opportunities at the title. 

Owens and Crews then battled in a solid match. Zayn came in part way through and joined commentary. Owens lost the match and stunned Crews after the match which led to Commander Azeez beating down Owens. Zayn then danced over the downed Owens.

Paul Heyman then told Kayla Braxton in an interview backstage that Reigns later in the night will answer the question of if he will give Cesaro a title match or not. Crews was then interviewed about his match and mid interview Big E attacked him. Azeez did not make it in time to protect Crews or avenge the beating as officials took E away. 

Aleister Black then had his return vignette and it was really cool. It was a dark promo that had him tell a story that was accompanied by a little animation. It was great the link is below better to see it than have it explained. 

The Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Dirty Dawgs then were interviewed and part way through The Street Profits came. The said they should get another chance since The Dirty Dawgs got so many chances at The Street Profits when the roles were reversed. 

Bayley then split them up because she wanted to speak to Braxton and send a message to Bianca Belair the Smackdown Women's Champion. She talked a lot of trash then Montez Ford of the Profits came back and had his phone in hand and Belair on speaker who announced she was on her way for Bayley to speak to her directly. Belair then arrived and Bayley did not talk trash to her and only said nice things. Bayley left briefly and Belair was shocked at her words then Bayley returned and just laughed at her in a more suitable fashion.

Alpha Academy then battled The Mysterios and The Mysterios prevailed. I still believe this team will be the team that dethrones The Dirty Dawgs to become the next Smackdown Tag Team Championship. 

Cesaro and Bryan then entered the ring to hear Reigns answer. Cesaro this time controlled the microphone saying if Reigns did not come out to answer that they would go back and get him to get the answer. Reigns and company then entered the ring area. Reigns said no to Cesaro but then offered a title match next week to Bryan. Cesaro urged his friend to accept and Bryan did but there was a catch. Reigns said when Reigns wins Bryan would have to leave Smackdown for good. Reigns and company then left to close the show with no brawl in unusual fashion.

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