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The first SmackDown since the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view began with the Universal Champion Roman Reigns entering the Thunderdome along with his special counsel Paul Heyman. He then went to face his cousin Jey Uso the man he defeated in an “I Quit” match at Hell in a Cell in the middle of the ring in a discussion of last Sunday’s events. Reigns then demanded Jey fall in line and finally respect him and see him as the leader of their family and tribe. Reigns then talked about the things one must do to be champion and how being the champion is a burden and he started to sound a lot like his friend Seth Rollins when he was the Monday Night Messiah not too long ago… The face-of between the two was probably the most intense of all their verbal exchanges and in that moment, it seemed like the end of this episode would be the end of this feud. 

The first Men’s Survivor Series team qualifying match between Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens then kicked off the match card for the night! Robert Roode, Zigglers’ partner in crime was ringside in support of his buddy but also to aid “illegal” assistance when needed. Roode was then caught throwing Owens back in the ring and the referee quickly ejected him correctly assuming Roode did more than just put Owens back in the ring. Ziggler and Roode then pleaded with the referee for a bit before the match would continue after a commercial break. One of the best moves in this matchup was when Ziggler countered a Pop-up Powerbomb into a Famouser almost securing the win. Even without Roode, Ziggler fought well but Owens was too much for him when with his Stunner, Owens won the match becoming member number one of Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. The commentators Corey Graves and Michael Cole then reminded the fans about the second qualifying match that would be on this episode and it would be Daniel Bryan facing Jey Uso, but would Jey be too distracted with thoughts of Reigns to win? That was a question on my mind and probably many others as SmackDown continued.

Natalya then asked Adam Pearce about how the Women’s SmackDown team would be decided and proposed that she should just be the captain and choose her team. Billie Kay and Bianca Belair then chimed in saying they should be on the team and Pearce then proposed the three have a match and the winner would secure a spot-on team SmackDown. Graves then directed our attention to an interview he did earlier in the day with Lars Sullivan. Graves called him Lars and Sullivan went on about how he was surprised Graves did not call him the Freak and even displayed some hate with the name. Sullivan continued explaining the origins of the Freak nickname and said that his goal in WWE was to humiliate and brutalize all that stood in his way. Belair then entered the ring but mixed with her entrance was a recap of the Mysterio/Rollins/Murphy feud and a moment where Aalyah and Murphy talked backstage and Murphy said later in the night he would issue an apology for all he’s done. 

The women’s triple threat then began, and Billie Kay instantly ran out of the ring to let Natalya and Belair battle only coming back in when an opportunity would arise at first. Kay then was teamed up on by both when her cowardly, but genius tactics angered them. A Sharpshooter by Natty was then engaged and Kay also went for a submission on Belair on the neck without Natty noticing at first then Natty let go to deal with Kay. Belair won the match when she saved Kay from a Sharpshooter only to engage with her a bit until she used the K.O.D to win the match. Belair has been booked strong since being drafted to SmackDown and I hope that continues because she is incredible.

Carmella then had a vignette where she explained what type of women she was while drinking champagne and next to her old school camera. After that short vignette Murphy and Aalyah entered the ring so Murphy could address the WWE Universe and the Mysterios. Rollins of course came out saying he accepts Murphy and Aalyah as well trying to recruit them to his side against the Mysterios. Dominik then attacked Rollins until Murphy pulled them apart and attacked Rollins leading to Dominik and Murphy brawling until Rey Mysterio came to the aid of his son. Rey and Dominik demanded Aalyah leave with them, but she refused saying she loved Murphy and even kissed him. The Mysterio’s were not pleased but Rollins watched with a smile of shock across his face.

Tag Team action then occurred when the Street Profits battled Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro and they had another entertaining clash. Cesaro even threw Montez Ford half way across the globe, not really but it was quite the toss. Even though it was a good fight it was not anything new and seemed out of place considering the Street Profits have been feuding with Ziggler and Roode. Also, I am not sure what WWE does with Cesaro and Nakamura.

Sami Zayn then blessed our screens with a promo where he proclaimed himself the people’s champion and how he represented the world. He of course talked smack about his Survivor Series opponent the United States Champion Bobby Lashley of RAW. Zayn’s promo was great, and he is simply great, and I hope he pulls of the miracle win at Survivor Series or I hope he does not lose the Intercontinental Championship before Survivor Series. Either way I am probably one of the few people looking forward to this mid-card Title Survivor Series clash as I am a fan of both man and given 15-25 minutes I think these two could deliver a banger of a match. Hopefully, they are both Champions at Survivor Series still and get enough time to deliver a great match.

Finally, the moment many fans waited for happened the new SmackDown Women’s Champion came out to address her victory over Bayley at Hell in a Cell among other things. Banks proclaimed she was the best of the best ahead of another match between her and Asuka and Bayley then came out saying Banks has no issue winning Titles it’s just keeping them that is the issue, alluding to how Banks has lost so many Singles Titles on her first defenses. Bayley then challenged Banks to a rematch next week. Banks then accepted and in Boss like fashion said, “backstabbing bitches never win.” Oh, snap she told Bayley!

The last men’s Survivor Series qualifying match of the night then began between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso. Jey battled with an unusual ferocity but expected considering what he has been through with Reigns. Throughout the match and in the beginning Jey even controlled the flow of the match. Reigns of course appeared mid match to observe the match between Bryan and Jey. Right before Reigns arrived Bryan finally started to show life making the match much more competitive for the rest of the match. Jey went for a splash but stopped mid air to land normally because of the knees of Bryan being up and was then put in the LeBell Lock until Jey got to the ropes to escape. Jey then not too long after attempted another Uso Splash and this time landed and got the pin to win becoming member two of SmackDown’s Survivor Series team. Reigns then entered the ring and Jey said he was with Reigns and acknowledged his cousin the Universal Champion as head of the table. Reigns then looked at Bryan and Jey took that as a sign to attack Bryan proving his allegiance and turning heel in the process. Reigns then said to show Bryan how much Jey understands that Reigns is in charge. Jey then continued a brutal onslaught of Bryan the beloved fan favorite. Jey then did a Uso Splash onto Bryan who laid lifeless on the commentary desk. 

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