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Survivor Series a pay-per-view where RAW and SmackDown go head to head is a week from this upcoming Sunday and on this second to last SmackDown before the big pay-per-view the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns the Universal Champion entered the ring in the Thunderdome alongside his special counsel Mr. Paul Heyman. The commentators Corey Graves and Michael Cole talked about Reigns upcoming match at Survivor Series against the WWE Champion Randy Orton as the Chief entered. Reigns talked ab out how he makes everyone who works with him relevant using his cousin Jey as an example, he then called out Orton then Drew McIntyre’s music played the former WWE Champion who will face Orton on Monday for the WWE Championship. McIntyre then said that he would face Reigns at Survivor Series and noted the history he has had with not just Reigns but Heyman as well. McIntyre even mentioned how the last time they were in the ring together it was at the Royal Rumble where McIntyre eliminated Reigns to win the match and get his WrestleMania Main Event title match. Reigns acknowledged the truth of McIntyre’s words but then said now that he is back no one cares about RAW or McIntyre because everyone is watching SmackDown to watch Reigns. SmackDown has been the superior show and Reigns has been hotter recently, so it seems both men were spitting facts. Things were about to get physical between the two when Jey Uso ran in the ring split them up and challenged McIntyre to a match later in the night and the Lord of Claymore Country didn’t say no or yes he just shoved Jey to the ground threw the mic down and talked more trash to Reigns. Reigns and his companions then left. It was quite an exchange of words between McIntyre and Reigns that it makes me want McIntyre to win back the title on Monday even more than I already did. Backstage Reigns then scolded Jey for trying to make the match between Jey and McIntyre.

One of my personal favorites then came out, the one the only Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn. Zayn then talked about how WWE gave him one-hour notice of a title match between him and Apollo Crews later in the night. He talked about all he has done to be and stay champion until the music of Crews started and the former United States Champion Crews came out to face Zayn. Zayn the master strategist then tied Crews to under the ring making it impossible for Crews to beat the count and get back in the ring allowing Zayn to retain and barely break a sweat. For those that watch IMPACT he has a similar style to Rohit Raju by using dirty but genius tactics to secure wins.

Pearce and McIntyre were then shown talking and it seemed like they came to a match agreement for the night so we will see how that turns out. Then another episode of Keeping up with the Mysterio’s began and the entire Mysterio family stood with Braxton and Rey Mysterio talked about the match he would have later in the night against Seth Rollins to finish the feud. Maybe this match will be the end of the Mysterio/Rollins feud.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks then entered the ring talked for a bit then Bayley’s music played and Bayley came out saying some words but only so Carmella could sneak up on the champion and attack Banks yet again then Mella exited the ring. Otis was then shown chowing down three plates of food and Roode and Ziggler were then shown right in front of him talking trash about him as if he were not there. Otis then flipped the table wasting a lot of good-looking food. Things just are not going the loveable Otis’ way. Ziggler and Otis then did battle in the ring once again and angering Otis seemed to be a poor choice right away when Otis used his anger to dominate Ziggler at first until a Roode distraction helped Ziggler almost win but at least got him back in the match for a little bit. Roode tried to help again by trying to pull Otis off the top turnbuckle but Otis stared him down scaring him off and he then used the Vader Bomb to finish Ziggler off.

Rollins was shown telling things and seemingly giving orders to Murphy but time will tell if Murphy has really fallen back in line under the command of Rollins or if he has a plan to end the torture of the Mysterio’s at the hands of Rollins. Chad Gable then went up to Otis backstage and offered an Alpha Academy pamphlet so Gable could help Otis be an alpha and Otis seemed to be all in but as he walked away a sinister look showed on the face of Gable. We then returned to Keeping up with the Mysterio’s and a recap of the Rollins/Mysterio feud was then shown right before the start of a No Holds Barred match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. Another brutal matchup then embroiled with the Mysterio family out supporting Rey and Murphy seemingly supporting Rollins. Most of the match was Rollins brutalizing Mysterio using whatever ever tools he could to cause pain since it was anything goes but Mysterio would not quit. Mysterio’s family stayed out of it for the most part until Dominik finally pulled Rollins out to help but Rollins easily dispatched him. Mysterio then hit Rollins with a chair but he Rollins quickly got back in. Murphy then grabbed a chair and seemed to be helping and even seemingly held Mysterio for a shot until he charged and kicked the chair into Rollins and played a huge part in helping Rey Mysterio win that match in which he won by using his 619 then the Frog Splash the move used by his dearly departed friend Eddie Guerrero who passed away fifteen years ago on November 13th the same date of this episode of SmackDown. I was of coursing tearing up when he did this. The Mysterio family then embraced Murphy and accepted his relationship with Aalyah Mysterio.

Natalya was then shown talking with Pearce complaining about how Pearce is yet again making her fight in a triple threat to earn a spot instead of just putting her on the team and making her captain since she thinks she is the Best of all time or the B.O.A.T as she calls herself. Shen then left and a woman's hand was shown on Pearce’s shoulder and it was shown who it was and it was Chelsea Green in her long awaited main roster debut and SmackDown debut!

Rollins then ran angrily to the room of Pearce where he demanded punishment for murphy and exclaimed, he never wanted to see Rey Mysterio again since Pearce thought initially, he wanted another shot at Mysterio. The triple threat for the next women’s spot then was about to begin between Liv Morgan, Tamina and Natalya but then it was announced that it would be changed to a fatal four way and Chelsea Green was added to the match. Morgan controlled the beginning of the match and before Green was added she would have been my choice to win since her partner won last week and Belair was an ally of theirs on RAW but my opinion changed to Green when she was added. I should not have changed my mind though because in a match where Morgan controlled most of the match, she luckily won the match as well and joined her tag team partner Ruby Riott on team SmackDown. Braxton then interviewed McIntyre ahead of a main event unsanctioned match between Jey Uso and McIntyre that was confirmed earlier in the shown and he talked briefly about going to embarrass Jey in his own backyard.

Big E was then shown counting a guy jumping rope then when the man stopped he took his money so he once again gambled with somebody over a kids game, I personally do not understand why they keep making him do this. Street Profits then brought him food all shaped as a L and talked more smack about his New Day brothers on RAW. Big E quickly turned the tables on the Profits and got the last laugh as he tore them apart even calling them New Day lite!

A unsanctioned match between Jey Uso and McIntyre then happened with Jey fighting to get back on the good side of his cousin Reigns and where McIntyre battled to send a message to Reigns that it is he not Orton that Reigns should fear. Reigns went out to observe the match and distract McIntyre by just being there and he also went out to tell Jey that he did not care if Jey won he just wanted Jey to make him understand. McIntyre won the match and as he pinned Jey Reigns did not flinch or care and the shown then ended with the two once again face to face. 

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