Jey Uso opened the show and hyped up his cousin and leader, the head of the table, the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. He tried to use all the names I did and more to introduce him, but the music of Reigns cut him off and he entered before his cue. This was the first SmackDown since the Reigns vs McIntyre main event, champion vs champion match at Survivor Series last Sunday, so it was time for Reigns to address his win and the future. Jey played a huge part in helping Reigns beat McIntyre but Reigns talked about how he did not ask for his help and even told Jey to leave the arena after Jey’s or the SmackDown Survivor Series team lost. Reigns and Heyman left the ring after the exchange not happy with Jey at all.

Otis then entered the ring ahead of his scheduled match with King Corbin but as he entered, he locked eyes with Jey and they stared each other down. Jey then seemingly left but then he returned with a chair and attacked Otis. He then kept unleashing his anger and frustration from his scolding from Reigns onto poor Otis.

The attack on Otis led to his match being canceled and then Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler entered the ring ahead of their match with the Street Profits but not without insulting Otis then a turned their short promo to the Street Profits before the Street Profits came out also with microphones so they could do some talking. Montez Ford in his promo even compared Ziggler to HBK in what has been in a reoccurring insult to Ziggler but they did not include the part of him being HBK without all the titles so it really just came across as a compliment.

This was not a title match, so the titles were not on the line so fans probably thought Roode and Ziggler would win so they could earn a title match against the Profits. Fans who thought this were correct because Roode and Zigglers won when Roode used a quick rollup to win the match earning themselves a future title match opportunity.

Brie Bella should be worried about Kayla Braxton because Kayla seems to really like Daniel Bryan. I am kidding of course but she did interview Bryan about his match later in the night against Sami Zayn. Bryan then predicted a victory that would lead to another match between the two where the title would be on the line.

Rey Mysterio joined by his daughter, son, and Murphy was then interviewed by Braxton about the Rollins feud and their Thanksgiving until the segment ended with King Corbin insulting all of them and saying how Murphy is only riding Rey’s coattails. This angered Murphy who almost attacked Corbin but was held back by his new family. Do not mess with Murphy Mysterio Corbin you can not handle the man with two last names.

WWE then did another farewell Undertaker video package because they like making us sad as often as possible or he is not really gone, and something is going to happen. However, you interpret it, WWE makes tremendous video packages. Then a man who last week insulted Undertaker came out ahead of his match with Daniel Bryan, and that man was the Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn!

Before the match of course Sami Zayn mocked Thanksgiving saying it is a holiday that celebrates atrocities against Native Americans and he made a couple other actually good points about Thanksgiving and this is coming from a writer whose favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Zayn also talked about how he continues to be disrespected until he was interrupted by Bryan who heard enough and decided it was time to enter and begin his match against Zayn. At one-point Zayn asked for Bryan to hang on repeatedly and for some reason Bryan listened and Zayn said it was because Bryan was standing on his hair. I love watching Zayn work. He is great in the ring, a great talker, and adds these little nuances in matches to really sell his character. Bryan is of course great in his own right and is considered by many including myself one of the best in ring wrestlers of all time. Of course, he can also nail any character face or heel you throw at him as well. So even though we have seen Zayn and Bryan rivalries before including the build to WrestleMania 36 I am fine with another one. This match had great spots including a dropkick by Bryan pushing Zayn off the turnbuckle to the outside leading to Bryan jumping outside and being evaded by Zayn. As well as a brain buster by Zayn on the apron, as well as Zayn’s Blue Thunder Bomb signature. Their WrestleMania match was fine but if it were anything like this match but longer it would have been an absolute classic. The match ended with Zayn using brilliant antics by luring Bryan to backstage so he could run back to the ring and win by count out.

Of course, this led to the question of why did Bryan not follow Zayn back? This was answered when Jey Uso was shown attacking Bryan backstage until Kevin Owens came to break them up. Jey then retreated and Owens then went after him. Owens then confronted Reigns about the behavior of Jey and how Reigns treats his cousin like garbage. Reigns then said to Jey after Owens left that Owens does not look at him with fear and told Jey to go fix that.

Bianca Belair then went to the ring to face Natalya but before the match began Bayley entered ringside to join Corey Graves and Michael Cole on commentary. Belair at one point punched Bayley in the face by accident when Natalya evaded. Belair won the match and at the end taunted Bayley who thought Belair’s attack was planned. I have been saying this for weeks that Belair versus Bayley was coming, and it is most likely going to be great.

Corbin then faced Murphy in a match where the whole Mysterio family stood ringside and all surrounded the ring. The Mysterio’s felt like heel managers surrounding the ring at multiple points in the match and the Mysterio’s constantly jumped on the apron or got in the face of Corbin distracting him throughout. Dominik even grabbed Corbin and pushed Corbin’s leg off the rope making sure the count was not stopped leading to Murphy winning. Corbin was angry and after the match grabbed a microphone challenged Murphy to a rematch next week!

Apollo Crews and Big E were then shown played trash can basketball backstage with Braxton just waiting in the ring for an interview with Sami Zayn. Zayn then asked to move past E and Crews but not before taunting Crews. Big E then started taunting Zayn mentioning all Zayn’s heel tactics he has been using and said how Zayn had a weak foundation. Zayn countered by insulting Big E’s past Intercontinental Title reign. E then accepted the words and went to shake Zayn’s hand but instead just crushed the hand of Zayn for 10 seconds… It was a fun little segment, and it seems like the next feud for the IC Title will be between E and Zayn.

Billie Kay then interrupted the commentary team offering her services before being ignored. It seems like no one wants Kay and I do not understand why. Carmella then did a promo about how great she was and how Sasha Banks needed to turn her attention to her an all of that. Carmella tried to end the promo by snapping her fingers for someone to bring her a drink. She then snapped a couple more time since no one was coming. A hand then appeared but it was different than usual, and she noticed it. The hand then turned over revealing a big ring that said BOSS. Banks was then shown in full and threw the drink at Carmella and attacked her until Adam Pearce and officials broke them up.

The main event between Kevin Owens and Jey Uso then began, last time Jey won but Owens was not as motivated as he was this time to win. Throughout this match Reigns was shown watching the match but Heyman who was with Reigns just stood facing Reigns staring at the tribal chief. The match ended in disqualification when a frustrated JEy used a steel chair, but Owens turned the assault around and instead used the chair and did a lot of damage on Jey while constantly calling out Reigns. The show ended with Owens sitting at the announce table and slapping it, asking where the head of the table was and saying he would be waiting… Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens? Uhmmm yes please.

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