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Earlier in the week WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson passed away and the show started with WWE superstars past and present standing outside in silence to honor Pat then the 10 bell sound off went off after Corey Graves and Michael Cole said a few quick words about the passing of the legend.

Kayla Braxton then stood in the ring and introduced Roman Reigns who then entered the ring alongside Paul Heyman and Jey Uso ahead of an interview. Later in the night the trio would return so Reigns and Uso could face Otis and Kevin Owens in tag team action. Reigns then said if Braxton was going to introduce him, she should do it right even though she included a lot of titles and accomplishments but the ego of Reigns has been the best part about his heel champion character.

All the Reigns and Uso stuff was from last week was then recapped. Braxton then asked if Reigns feared Kevin Owens since he avoided a confrontation. Reigns then did not answer the question he just called it a stupid question and just went on about how stupid Braxton was and asked for another question. She then asked if Jey Uso was being used by Reigns as a pawn. Reigns then once again responded with that Braxton was blowing her big chance to interview him and then asked Heyman her Talking Smack co-host to talk to her but he did not get much in before Owens interrupted and came out.

Owens always the impatient one then asked to fight right and Jey answered yes but Owens then said he was not talking to Jey but to the head of the table Roman Reigns. Owens then challenged Reigns to a TLC match at the TLC ppv. Reigns then did not really accept then left and Owens then called him a bitch! Reigns stopped then continued to leave showing restraint. Jey Uso was then shown apologizing for challenging Owens and stepping out of line once again. Reigns then accepted his apology but also said there would be consequences for his actions.

A Bayley versus Natalya match then begun with Belair on commentary. Bayley while dominating Natty was more focused on Belair and kept antagonizing Belair which came back to bite her when Natty took advantage and threw her into the steel steps. A sharpshooter won Natty the upset while Belair got in the face of Bayley and taunted her rubbing salt in the wound.

A touching tribute to Pat Patterson was then played after a mini tribute was played, the commentary gave some words and showed the original Intercontinental Championship since Patterson was the first holder of the title. “My Way” by Frank Sinatra played during the tribute with Patterson being shown signing it at certain parts in the tribute video. The Pat Patterson tribute match then occurred which pitted three former Intercontinental Champions, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, and Big E against the current Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn and two other former champions, Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match was fast paced an action packed in the beginning and after Zayn distracted Bryan allowing Ziggler the legal man to attack, Bryan once he got momentum back used a suicide dive to attack Zayn as punishment for his interference. Bryan then went off against the other two opponents until the legal man Ziggler kicked Bryan off the turnbuckle down to the ringside floor. Zayn used more treachery when he hid in waiting after tagging in then charged in when Bryan was downed and distracted but Bryan evaded and put Zayn in a submission, but it was not enough. They kept going back and forth until Bryan finally got the winning quick roll-up pin. It was a fun match and after the faces won and were about to leave they went back to fight more which led to the heels agreeing to charge together but Ziggler staying back only to be put in a three on one situation after Zayn and Nakamura were thrown out. This then led to Ziggler being slaughtered.

Owens then was interviewed about his actions earlier and he talked about how Reigns changed and was no longer the humble man he once was. Kalisto then opened a door and interrupted while wearing a fedora which he did not know he was wearing or what it was. Owens then because he could not say asshole on television, he hummed the sounds of the word. Otis then joined in and talked about how the pair were going to bulldoze threw Reigns and Uso.

A split screen interview with both the Carmella and Sasha Banks was next up on SmackDown and Carmella was about to start but Banks then interrupted saying she talked last week so now it was her turn. The smack talk was great and lots of callbacks and personal shots were thrown. Carmella talked about how Banks worked so hard to get to the WWE while she entered on a whim and got great with half the work. Banks of course before that mentioned how Carmella has constantly had help mentioning a man with no chin, James Ellsworth and R-Truth, Banks then offered Carmella a title match at TLC and after that Carmella chuckled said bye and snapped her fingers ending her feed.

King Corbin then got his rematch when he once again got to face Murphy, but Corbin came out with The Forgotten Sons but without Ryker to make sure he had help since Murphy had the Mysterio’s. It is important to note at first called Forgotten Sons in this segment and instead called Corbin’s mystery helpers even though they were not masked so it was clear who they were. Cutler and Blake were then called by their names after they faced off with the Mysterio’s outside the ring. With a distraction from Cutler and Blake, Corbin was able to get the win and he exited with his new faction members looking back at Murphy smugly.

Street Profits then talked about the main event in a way reminiscent of when they were just the gossipers of RAW. Roode then went up to them and said how they should deal with their own business and how after Ziggler and Roode won last week they should be champs. Cesaro then chimed in saying he and Nakamura were the best tag team on SmackDown then all four started arguing over each other before things transitioned to the entrances of the main event which had Owens and Otis face off against Reigns and Uso.

After Owens and Otis entered Jey Uso entered and he waited briefly for Reigns but Reigns did not come and Jey then had to fight alone so I guess when Reigns said there would be consequences this is what he meant. Luckily Jey did not have to fight alone for too long because a few minutes into the match Reigns came to the ring with Heyman. Jey then started crawl to tag and he did not tag but Reigns entered anyways and went right after Otis who was on the apron and he absolutely brutalized Otis and even battered Otis with the steel steps. Owens then went to attack Reigns from behind but then Jey jumped onto Owens stopping his attack of the Tribal Chief. The match then resumed with Owens being the outnumbered one since Otis was taken out of the match by Reigns brutal attack. Owens seemingly won the match when he used the Stunner on Jey but Reigns broke it up and after he continued attacking Owens with a Guillotine submission leading to the match being ended because of him not returning to the apron. Reigns and Uso then got chairs and started brutally attacking Owens with them. After Jey Uso splashed onto a chair that was on Owens Reigns then attacked his cousin to send him a message because Reigns late arrival was not enough of a punishment. 

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