Thomas Fenton Reports

With the anticipation announcement of NXT moving to USA on Wednesday Nights for 8-10 expected within the next 36 hours (likley during RAW on USA). We are now able to further confirm that as of today the plan is for the NXT Takeovers to be renamed eventually and will run head to head against the AEW PPVs

As of today the schedules will all have to be changed. It is also unknown if the big NXT events will also be held the weekend of the big four WWE events. WWE does not want to oversaturate the audience, but does want to run the big shows head to head.

 In addition (and as we discussed for weeks) this  roster for WWE’s NXT show will have a much different look and will be it's own brand. Paul has tried to keep details locked, however, with any signed details and information leak.

Wrestling News World will continue to update you with more information as details are discovered. Stay tuned to WNW for all of your wrestling news updates. 

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