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WWE Goes Kayfabe In Latest Roman Reigns Update

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The biggest story of the weekend is the status of Roman Reigns. WWEannounced on Saturday afternoon that Reigns was rushed to a Nashville, TN hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for an incarcerated hernia. He's off Sunday's Night of Champions card and will miss "closer to 6 weeks."

Reigns was hospitalized Saturday night but was expected to be released on Sunday if all went well. Dot com updated their coverage with some quotes from WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann:

"I was in contact with both Roman and the surgeon who performed the operation in Nashville [Saturday]. Roman had developed acute abdominal pain in his hotel room [Friday] night after his match," Dr. Amann told "This wasn't related to a specific injury that occurred in the ring. Roman has had a pre-existing hernia for some time, which unfortunately had become acutely painful, which led to him going to the emergency room in Nashville. He was found to have a large hernia that was unable to be reduced, which means pushed back into the abdominal cavity. As a result, it was necessary to perform an emergent operation to open up the hernia sac and try and push it back into the abdominal cavity."

"At the time of the surgery, surgeons found a loop of small intestine was caught in the hernia sac, which would account for the pain and discomfort that Roman was having earlier in the evening," Dr. Amann explained. "The surgeons released the hernia sac so the intestine could be pushed back into the abdominal cavity. Once they were satisfied blood supply had returned to the intestine after releasing the hernia, they went ahead and completed the procedure. A mesh was placed over where the hernia had occurred to prevent future occurrences."

As for Reigns' return to the ring, here's what Amann said:

"Roman has been transferred to the recovery room and is doing quite well. The plan is to keep him overnight, give him IV antibiotics to prevent infection and make sure the intestinal function returns to normal before discharging him from the hospital. If everything goes well, that should be [Sunday]," Dr. Amann said. "Most of the time, the recovery time for something like this in terms of returning to physical activity is between four and six weeks. This was a pretty significant hernia, so it will probably be closer to six weeks."

How Reigns' hernia differs from a sports hernia, according to Chris Amann:

"This is a completely different type of hernia than sports hernia," Dr. Amann said. "A sports hernia usually refers to a tear in the lower abdominal wall that attaches to the ligaments. That type of tear typically occurs from repeated activity or sports. Roman had what’s called an inguinal hernia. It can sometimes come from sports, but sometimes people are born with these. It is treated differently than a sports hernia."

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Richard Reacts: I have a sneaky suspicion there were never plans to do Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. I talked about this in the latest WNW Premium Mailbag, explaining it might have been why WWE gave the match away on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw. I also found it interesting that Amann said that Reigns "developed acute abdominal pain in his hotel room [Friday] night after his match." Reigns didn't work Friday in Charleston, WV but instead, his match against Rusev that was taped on Tuesday aired on Smackdown.

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