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WWE Hall of Fame "Open Thread" - Live Results & Discussion

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Hall of Fame 2014
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Red Carpet Starts

Cole is with Maria Menunos to host the Red Carpet for the WWE Hall of Fame. They talk up Maria's only match, then throw is over to Renee. Both of the women are dressed beautifully, and glammed up in a huge way.

Renee talks to Reigns, and he talks up when his father Sika was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and how different it is now that he's a WWE Superstar.

Byron is talking to Miz with his wife Maryse who is in a lovely red and sheer dress with pat Patterson behind them. Miz keeps talking as Hogan shows up with his wife. Miz talks up the electricity of it all, but they cut away from him quick to go to Renee.

Renee is with Hogan, his wife, Brooke and Nick are also there. Hogan talks about being The Man at WrestleMania since he's hosting.

Byron with Pat Patterson. Patterson wishes he was going in today rather than years ago, it's so huge now. The company in the HOF is unbelievable.

Renee with Orton. Orton compliments Renee, then talks up the Hogan chants. Orton talks about inducting his father in 2005, and the respect. Orton shows serious respect to the legends. They specifically keep Orton's girlfriend out of the shot until the very end.

Summer Rae and Fandango are with Cole and Maria. Fandango talks about facing Jericho last year, but this year in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is a huge task and he's looking forward to it. Cole goes on talk about Total Divas and reality shows. Fandango compares himself to the Fonze when it comes to women!

Byron with the Usos and Naomi. Naomi talks up Lita in a huge way. Split screen shows Piper.

Renee with Booker T and Sharmell who looks beautiful! She talks up last year when Booker T went in, but Booker T is all about Lita being inducted.

Cole and Marie with Ziggler who is all cleaned up and slicked back. He talks up Hogan and the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Ziggler flirts with Maria. He talks about being 5 years old and wanting to wrestle to being on the red carpet and laughing with Piper, it's crazy!

Byron with the Usos and Naomi. Naomi talks up Lita in a huge way. Split screen shows Piper.

Renee with Booker T and Sharmell who looks beautiful! She talks up last year when Booker T went in, but Booker T is all about Lita being inducted.

Cole and Marie with Ziggler who is all cleaned up and slicked back. He talks up Hogan and the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Ziggler flirts with Maria. He talks about being 5 years old and wanting to wrestle to being on the red carpet and laughing with Piper, it's crazy!

Renee with Piper and his son Cole. Piper is all smiles and talks up the show. He's looking most forward to heating Mr. T's speech, and he will go after Mr. T! Piper carries his heart on his sleeve and happy that Mr. T is going into the Celebrity Ward. Piper kisses his son on the head and is so sweet, then kisses Renee on the head.

Byron with Alicia Fox who is looking beautiful in gold and green sequins. She wants to know what the point of trains on dresses are and she doesn't want to trip. Byron brings up Lita and Fox hopes for a spot for herself someday.

Cole and Maria are invaded by King and his girlfriend Lauren. King puts an arm around Maria as well, so he has a woman on each arm. They laugh at King's WrestleMania match with Cole. Then King talks about what an honor it is to host the Hall of Fame and can't wait for speeches – Jake 'The snake' Roberts and Warrior. King talks about how Shatner inducted him, and that's his favorite moment.

Renee with Nattie, Kidd, and Nattie's sisters. There's only 4 of them from the Hart family, but Teddy is in the city. Renee asks if Nattie is staying far from Summer Rae. Nattie says she's professional, and will stay away, and let Summer Rae talk about herself as she does.

Byron with Tamina in a black halter gown that shows her looking va-va-va-voom! She's so excited to be there and seeing the inductions. The Rock's mother and daughter are also there, split screen with SCSA. Rocky's mother talks up her father being in the Hall of Fame, and how Rock will be inducted someday. Rock's daughter was stiff, but excited.

Big Show with Cole and Maria. Big Show cleans up well, circus is in town and he stole the big top for this. He's nervous about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but excited. He talks about Andre's shoes are huge to fill, but he's doing the best he can.

Renee with Austin! He has no tie on, and his two top buttons are open. He's been taunting the fans and looking forward to WrestleMania. He wants to see Wyatt vs Cena. He respects both Taker and Brock, if anyone can break the streak, it's Brock, but he wants 22-0. He's been putting together podcasts, and hanging with fans. He talks up his own WrestleMania matches, and check them on the WWE Network. Austin laughs at Cole's singlet.

Byron talks to Cody and his wife. He talks up inducting Dusty into the HOF. Watching these guys he admired growing up, it's so motivating. He doesn't care how late it goes.

ADR with his young son and cousins talking to Cole and Maria.

Renee with Hacksaw! He's all fired up. He talks up Legends House. Piper was his roommate! But Atlas was the biggest pain in the butt!

Byron with Zeb twisting his handlebars. He's wearing a vest and tie, no jacket. He talks up honoring the greats, guys he competed against years ago. He's excited to seeing Razor Ramon, Jake 'The snake' Roberts and Carlos Colon. Split screen shows Ted DiBiase showing up. Cesaro shows up in a suit with cream shirt and tie.

Cole with Cena and Nikki. Cena is excited for the interesting speeches. Cole asks if Nikki and Maria have kissed and made up from last year. Nikki wants a rematch against Maria. Maria is excited for that. Cole asks Cena about Bray. Cena talks about how historic this WrestleMania is, but new talent will be making their mark heading to the future. Cena wants to make a statement that he can still hang on that stage. Trip and Steph arrive to a string of heat. Steph in a beautiful and classy red gown.

Byron with Cesaro. He thinks of himself as a throwback, and respects everyone in and going into the HOF. He says this year is an unbelievable class! Cesaro says he would have been good against Warrior back in the day because their styles would work together.

Cole and Maria with Trip and Steph. Steph taunts Cole that they love Maria. Steph goes to corporate mode and talks about how much she loves the HOF each year. It's a true celebration. Trip talks up Hogan, Warrior, and this is what 30 years of WrestleMania is about. He's a huge history buff, so this is the best night of the year for him. Bringing Bruno and Backlund back was great.

Renee is with Santino, his girlfriend and his daughter. They take a Twitter pic together.

Byron with Arn! Foley just arrived with his daughter. Arn talks about how special this event is, and it's an honor like no other. This is the end of the rainbow as a talent, and if you don't aspire, you're spinning your wheels.

Cole with Bruno Sammartino! Bruno as cordial as ever. Cole talks about Bruno's statue. Bruno wishes he could express his feelings for it all in words. "YES!" chants as Bryan and Brie show up. Bruno talks up respecting Backlund as a person. He's excited for Taker, and the WWE WHC.

Renee with Bryan and Brie. Bryan is a bit slicked back, but looks odd in a suit. Bryan is so excited for Warrior and Jake 'The snake' Roberts. Brie is so excited for Lita. Tomorrow is huge for Bryan. Bryan says you're busy all week, but it's been a lot of fun and he's prepared for tomorrow. Brie says Bryan nailed it, but they're hydrating – Bryan shows his water bottle – and they get their workouts in, plus some alone time to digest.

Cole and Maria on stage talking a bit, but send to Byron. He's with Ted DiBiase. Ted is the classy man he always is. He talked up all the guys before him, and what a humbling experience it is. They talk up the WWE Network, and the memories that will be shared to the fans tonight. He's had a blast meeting fans this week.

Renee with Ryder. Ryder talks up the guys he idolized, now watching them on the stage. Ryder says he wasn't born for WrestleMania 1, but was at 10 & 20. He's trying to get his career back in line and Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal will help.

Maria says she was a huge fan of Warrior growing up. Cole talks up Jake 'The snake' Roberts. At her birthday parties she'd wear a snake for Jake 'The snake' Roberts.

Byron with Sgt. Slaughter. He talks up the HOF. He's looking forward to the Ultimate Puke and wants to hear what he says, and leaves the ego at home! He talks up the honor it is to be there.

Renee with Sandow in all black with a gold tie. He's very classy and talks up the HOF and names most of the inductees and talks up Colon.

Byron with Foley and his cheap pop. Foley asks for the camera to not look to him during Jake 'The snake' Roberts' speech so no one sees him crying.

Cole thanks Maria, and sends to the Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame Starts


A lovely video showing all those being inducted this year. Then to the one man – Andre – and now grown to include the biggest names in the industry. They show clips of the greats through the years.

Jerry Lawler

King is the host of the WWE Hall of Fame, and he's out talking up tonight's celebration. A high flying extreme Diva to a Superstar who showed such charisma and intensity.


Big WrestleMania video showing all the greats, and the biggest moments through the years in WWE, all set to Kid Rock's Celebrate.

Jerry Lawler

Did I mention a high flying extreme Diva?


All about Lita. Clips of her in the ring, with Divas and Superstars talking her up in huge ways.

Trish Stratus

King introduces Trish to the stage! Standing ovation for Trish. Trish talks up Amy, and when she was asked to induct her into the HOF. Amy is the God Mother of Trish's child. Their career paralleled together. They started about the same time, ended about the same time, but Trish's first and last matches were with Lita. They went their own ways, but when together it was epic. Their biggest was main eventing RAW. In 2000 we saw Lita and was hooked. She was cool and dressed like the girls at home, maybe a bit more, but the girls saw something in Amy. She's most known from her time with Team Extreme. She was an equal 1/3 of the group. You wanted to hang out with her. Their 7 years in the WWE, and after, they are tight. She's an awesome chick. 4 times Women's Champion, New York Times Best Seller, showed new ways to wear a thong, her work with animals, making her long dress debut, my nemesis, partner in crime, Amy Dumas, better know, Lita.


Lita out in a long red lace dress, but looking cooler than ever! Everyone on their feet for Lita! I'm going to take this in a minute. We're our own breed, but your entire career is like a big roast, but this is the time to soak it up. Thanks for this moment, I'm super into it.

"Thank you Lita!" chants.

Let's have some fun tonight. You hear about the time I called the travel agent. I wanted to be a pro wrestler, so I was going to Mexico. Where in Mexico? Where is Lucha Libre popular? I don't know, Mexico City? I had official business, becoming a pro wrestler. I had a $20 here and a $20 there, especially in her bra. She pulls the $20 out of her bra to show she still does this. She's in Mexico, no clue where to go, ends up Arena Mexico. Bought a ticket to watch. Dirt floor, three rings, and an elephant comes out, it's a circus. It's normally there, but two weeks a year for the circus. She makes it to the show, Lita thinks she's in! The commentators invite her to the booth, but she wanted to be in the middle of it! They were all bonded in that arena, watching something special, like at WrestleMania XXX. That's what hooked her. She proved she wasn't leaving, so they brought her in and she took pictures of her first bruises. Her big debut on TV came up, Val Venis was a big name there with her, and a guy leaves his mask, so she took it! This all happened because of Rey Mysterio Jr. (Rey is all giddy.)

I didn't grow up in pro wrestling, but once I saw Rey and knew I had to do this. Her first show in Macon, GA. REYJR1 on her license plate! She took notes that first night. So they headed to the hotel to try and find the wrestlers. She was about to leave because she didn't see Rey, but she saw Arn Anderson. She talked about being a wrestler to Arn. He wouldn't let her leave until she met Rey! Pretty awesome! Before she knew it, they were at the front desk. Arn has a stare down with the desk clerk, Penny. How do you tell a Horseman it's okay? You don't! The elevator opens and it's Rey! Arn told them his work was done and they each owed them a Miller Lite. She calls Arn up for his Miller Lites! Well, they are brought to Arn. Trish and Lita have wheatgrass shots. Arn stands and says, "This is to you princess!"

Arn is double fisting Rey, what's up with that? Rey gets to Arn, pops his and they toast Lita!

Rey, years later as a co-worker was great to Lita. Then she goes to an ECW show and gets a 6 month stint there. Heat Wave 99 was her first PPV. Roadkill and Danny Doring. Her first PPV and first of many wedding proposals. Doring proposes with a condom. Love ECW. Not to be undone to my marriage to the Rated R Superstar. I go on record as the most Slutacular wedding dress! Then Kane! Kane comes to me and says he will beat up her boyfriend unless I carry his demon spawn. Then he beats up the boyfriend and puts her in the boiler room. Gene got the catchphrase of his life! This woman made something for Lita, but not sure she could give it to her. It's a knitted baby blanket. The woman didn't realize she wasn't really pregnant. Also, Glenn isn't a demon and a favorite person to work with in her career. Lita still has the blanket in case she has a demon spawn.

On the road and she was called to be on Dark Angel. Lita didn't know who James Cameron was. She went to tape, was dropped on her head, and she knew something was really wrong. A stunt person was hired to do her moves. When she was back with her WWE people, and a doctor told her to go to the hospital, her neck is broken. She straps on a hard collar, and went to the release date of her bobble head! She did the session and went to the hospital. She watched RAW in the hospital, and not happy. She's told to lay down, she needs emergency surgery. Cough, sneeze, trip, you might be paralyzed. She needed surgery and would never wrestle again. She decided she needed to talk to Stone Cold. This is the bubble they live in. She doesn't want a doctor, she wants advice from Austin. Austin took her to Youngblood, she will have surgery, then BBQ. Youngblood fixes her as she wears her SCSA tank into surgery, then go to BBQ, she's back to work in the WWE.

I've got a list of thank yous. She doesn't know how she did all she did. She starts talking about the people who helped her get into wrestling and couches to sleep on. Funking DoJo! Dreamer! Dreamer told her she got fat at one point. Victoria! They had some great matches, the first Divas Steel Cage Match! Toyota has blown my mind, an amazing woman. Luna Vachon had my back. Taylor, Dr. Tom and JR! Always there for me. Mick James! Essa Rios! Team Extreme! Huge honor to be in the TLC Club! Hardy Boyz Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian. The crew, some of the same faces from when I started! Thinking about Frank right now. My bestie Trish. We are the perfect yin and yang together. My most proud accomplishment is our friendship. Her Mom and brother. Never heard I was going to fail from them. They have never asked me for any autographs. That's priceless. Monster Jack and Anthony for being here for me. Thanks to the punk and hard rock scene. These bands still inspire me. Find your punk rock, your lucha libre, your pro wrestling. I could do what I wanted to do, be what I wanted to be, so I am.

Jerry Lawler

King talks up Jake 'The snake' Roberts.


A lot about Damien, but also Jake 'The snake' Roberts!


King announces DDP and the fans are wild. He comes out in a black suit and shirt, white tie, looking better than ever. The fans chant for him. He's so proud, humbled and honored to be there. There's some sort of divine intervention. Tonight's his 58th birthday and he couldn't have a better present to not only see one of my boys, but two of my boys! Rising up to receive the recognition they so sincerely deserve. Thanks Hunter. Without Dusty Rhodes, there would be no DDP. For 20 years he's been my mentor and friend. I didn't have just one, I had two of the greatest to be mentors. I was lucky enough to live with Jake 'The snake' Roberts in 1994. I was let go from WCW, but sometimes a negative turns into a positive. No one believed in a 36 year old rookie, but these guys did. He talked to Kimberly and looking for a place to stay. Couldn't he stay there for a week or two and help me? Kim said, okay, but no snakes in the house. Over those next few months, I learned more by Roberts critiquing their matches. Then Roberts got him booked on the road. One night he heard this laughter, then again. DDP sees Roberts on the floor with a 12 foot black cobra! What is he thinking? I run down the hall, then realize it's Kim laughing! Roberts was going to Asia, so DDP got on that too! Roberts was all about big problems – snake's gone! Roberts was not scared of the snake, but of Kim! Snake was in the bathroom, so they go look and hits the cobra. No worries, will be out in the morning. In the morning he will chill out. Three days later, Roberts came back. Bottom line, he wasn't living with me anymore, but he never stopped teaching me. Roberts made DDP to figure out it all. It's a debt that I've been working on paying back ever since (chokes up). Our next inductee isn't just one of the best ring psychologists, he wrote the book on it. Everything that purpose. Interviews mesmerizing, ring work flawless. Feuds with Steamboat, Rick Rude and Savage will go down as some of the greatest. His talents and contributions are undeniable.

18 months ago we started another journey of living together. The resurrection of Jake 'The snake' Roberts. 18 months ago was to be on this stage, tonight. We're here, thank you God. Dreams can come true if you put the work in. Jake 'The snake' Roberts has put the work in. never underestimate the power you give someone by believing in them, or yourself by believing in you. Our next inductee, my mentor, my friend, my brother, prodigal son, the one, the only Jake 'The snake' Roberts!

Jake 'The snake' Roberts

A huge hug and tears from both men as everyone is on their feet.

"Thank you Jake!" chants.

All of a sudden, I forgot what I was going to say. I know what I'm going to say. I've always loved pro wrestling, and hated ties, and always loved the men who did pro wrestling, because they're special men. When I was coming up, I saw a lot of people you don't know who they are. The list goes on and on. These men had such love for what they were doing. It was a passion beyond belief. Myself, I hated wrestling because my father wrestled and I never seen him and blamed wrestling. It wasn't the truth, it was the man. He was hell bent on being a wrestler, and I would hate wrestling and be damned if I didn't do the same things. I walked away from my family because I fell in love with wrestling and didn't have a minute to spare because I loved wrestling. I should have shared my time better. There's nothing on the planet like wrestling. Getting into the ring and look out there, control all those emotions. A child smile, make an old woman pull a knife to cut your stupid ass! I can't say that – that was close. See Dallas, I'm getting better. I've got to filter some things. Fuck with people's emotions. It's what we do! Sometimes we finish too soon or get the timing right. You do anything you want. You don't know what that high is like until you've done it. It's addicting. I'm 58, and not lying like Dallas, look at him, he's at least 60. it hurts because I can't play anymore. I can get a few cheers, DDT someone, I can do that. Where's Steamboat? Just kidding! He's not 60 yet.

"You still got it!"

No, I don't. You're wrong. My heart and mind still want it, but it reaches a point where you can't do it justice. Because when I fell in love with the ring, I couldn't cheat on her. That's the only woman I never cheated on, and I'm ashamed of that. I was a rotten SOB. I messed my head up, then drugs and alcohol to medicate the pain you've shared with your family, and that really sucks. You're tired of lying to your kids. (tears) You don't want to carry on. Your career's gone. All you have in your heart is shame and pain, can't do it anymore. What do you have left? Not much. If you're alone, you make bad choices. I was jealous of my friends that were gone, why not me? I didn't want to commit suicide and hurt my children that much more. One person sticks his hand out – DDP. It wasn't going to be a job just anybody could do. I was hell bent and didn't want to live, but DDP is a sorry, stubborn SOB. He's the most positive and won't shut up! Dallas saved my life, I know that. I'm so grateful that he saved me. He used the fans to help. I had used my money on drugs and needed shoulder surgery. DDP talked about the fans, and they chipped in 30 grand over night and showed me people do care. I was given an innate amount of talent by God, I'm ashamed I wasted a lot of it. But I'm so happy tonight. I'm so happy, because I've got special people here, called family. I have a hero, my hero is 18 months old. Bring him up here. (The boy is handed up to Roberts. He weighed 1.8, his sister weighed 1.7, and they're both fed by tubes, but they will be at WrestleMania 50. Besides, he's already got the outfit. I want to get back to my family. Please stand, you're my heroes. I love them, they gave me a second chance. And God bless the WWE, because they gave me one too. Thank you very much.

Jerry Lawler

Hornswoggle and El Torito on stage running around. King yells at them to stop, get out of here. Go! El Torito kicks the ground, charges King in the jewels. King sells it well.


A video for Mr. T, his stardom, and work at WrestleMania.

Mean Gene Okerlund

King announces Gene to the stage. Time is marching on, but two guys chased me with shovels! I couldn't miss this one, and WrestleMania tomorrow, I had to sneak out of the home, but I'm here. I'd like to introduce a gentleman into the WWE HOF. He's a personal, long time friend, Mr. T! WrestleMania 1, a goodie. In that main event Mr. T teamed with Hogan, against Orndorf and Piper with Bob Orton in the corner. Blew the roof off. Tomorrow will be a day to remember, Austin shaking his head, knows what I mean. Mr. T had a storied career. That jewelry. And he'd never give out his barber's name. He's had a great run, done tons of things. Please welcome T Jr.!

T Jr. comes out and beautifully introduces his father, Mr. T!

Mr. T

Mr. T comes out in a black tux, but no gold. He thanks everyone, lets out a deep breath. Thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here and stand among the greatest in wrestling. It's with much humility that I stand with the Class of 2014. I'm grateful and honored, but let me pray to God for making this possible for me. (Mr. T prays aloud on the stage.) Thank you. Tonight as you honor me along with the other HOFers, let me allow me to honor my dear mother. Please indulge me. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I promise I won't be too long and bore you. My story isn't unique, but somebody might be inspired and a wayward teen might find his way home. I thank God for my mother as I have 7 brothers and four sisters and my mother raised us all by herself. With God, and with God all things are possible. I'm the baby boy. We grew up in poverty. Crime and drugs around us, but not in us, because we respected our mother. I'm telling you this story so you know how far we've come. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. We were down, but never out. Nobody can keep a good man down. I worship the ground she walked on, under it all, is an old fashioned mama's boy who just happens to love his mother very much. Every time I think of her, whatever you think of your mother, whatever causes the emotional wheel to turn, I feel the same. Mothers are one of God's greatest creations. Thank God for mothers. Nobody makes as many sacrifices as a mother. For every sacrifice she made, God blessed her. My mother remembers when she looked like the girl from Iponema. My mother didn't forget that 9 months later when she looked like the girl on her way back from Iponema. For everything negative, God rewarded her with credits. Those pains she endured in labor, God said she was due credit. Every effort she put into raising her family, she earned credit. In 1984 I recorded a song Treat Your Mother Right. I dedicated it to her so she knew he loved her everyday. He rattled off all holidays he loves his mother, and got ("What?") between each. He worked them. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

I'm just trying to tell you how I feel about my mother! (clapping) Thank you mother. "This is awesome!" chants. Thank you mother for all you done in spite of your hardships. I come from good stock and good fruit don't fall far from the tree. I come from slums, but it's not where you come from, but where you're going that counts. We was poor financially, but rich spiritually as mother taught us good values. My mother taught us to stay in school, study hard, don't talk back. Don't hang with the wrong crowd and study our Bibles. Work hard to get what you need. When we needed discipline, she whipped our behinds. "Thank you mother!" chants. When I got sick, my mother never left my bedside. All I ever wanted to do was be a good son to my mother. When I was 9 I drew a picture of a house. I'm going to be big and strong, a football player and boxer, will buy you a house and pretty dresses. God willing, and I did buy her that house and pretty dresses. I wanted my mother to know she didn't struggle in vain. I wanted her to know I heard her and felt her love. That her love was like a blanket on a cold Chicago night, and was stronger than any peer pressure or gang influence. I wasn't afraid of a whooping or jail, but I loved my mother too much to dishonor her. I would rather die and burn in hell then disrespect my mother.

I want to thank my 7 big brothers for me to follow. They didn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. They played football, wrestled, boxed. They was rough and tough, but they had to be living where we did, but they were no criminals. Into the military, police officers and firemen. I want to thank my only daughter Lisa who couldn't be here because she's studying to be a doctor. I want to thank my son, T Jr. and congratulations on your masters degree.

Kane's music and out he comes. Mr. T asks if it's time? Sorry, they tell me my time is up. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Jerry Lawler

After listening to Mr. T's speech, I love your mother too. We all love Mr. T's mother. Speaking of mothers, mine said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. After what happened a few weeks ago – Kane.


A lovely video for Paul Bearer.


I hated to run Mr. T off, but all his talk of his mother dug into my Daddy. William Moody was born in Mobile, AL. By the time he was a teen, he was a regular, as were some of his friends. Moody got his first job as a ringside photographer. He joined the Air Force and stayed on the Gulf Coast. Then he was a funeral director. In one of the ironies of our industries, Paul Bearer was a mortician. He debuted as Mr. X. That didn't work, so he became the manager, Percival Pringle III. In 1990 everything changed! Moody went to WWE and joined Taker, as his manager. Paul Bearer was born. As great and awesome as Taker was, but Bearer made him so much more, into the greatest wrestler in history. Taker, with Bearer as the keeper of the urn. But the closest relationships bring the greatest rivalries, using Vader and Mankind. Then Bearer told Taker he knew a deep, dark secret from his past. That secret was me. Kane, Taker's long forgotten brother. I'm biased, but I think it's the best piece of epic storytelling WWE has ever done. I've been on the road with Bearer. It was the most fun and easiest. I only had to show up. I was converted into a reluctant country music fan. The only trouble we had, from when it was revealed that Bearer was Kane's father, he never let me forget who my daddy was. Bearer was sick, but I had to wear ski masks to sneak into arena. I'm driving in wearing a ski mask and driving a Caddy. Suddenly Bearer is well, opens the window and screams, "It's a miracle, Kane can drive!" Of all those he managed, I owe my career to Paul, because Kane wouldn't have existed.

Paul's time ended, but he stayed around, and return, always to his own demise. This past spring he joined Judy Moody in eternal rest. At his funeral so many fans put out their hearts. Paul is what we all aspire to be, an international Superstar. He played a big role in Taker's match at WrestleMania 29. Bearer would have thought it was great to be there one more time. Tonight we pay him the ultimate tribute as we induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here to accept on behalf of their father, Michael and Daniel Moody.

Moody Sons

They come out looking like their father. They thank the WWE 'Universe' for being able to share their father with all of us. We can't leave until this final thing is said, "Oh yesss!"


The lights go out, and GONG! He comes out slowly, urn in hand. He looks up at the tron over his head with the famous picture of Bearer. Taker holds the urn high in the air, then to one knee with his head down, bowed at the urn.

Jerry Lawler

This was an all time favorite.


All about how cool it is to be the bad guy.

Kevin Nash

King introduces Nash who comes out to nWo music! The Bible says... (laughter) That gray hair is a sign of wisdom, and there's a lot of guys bouncing around in the ring tonight, so the guy I'm inducting told me to speed it up. I was brought into the WWE to lead the Vinny Vegas gimmick and be HBK's bodyguard. At that point HBK was working with Razor Ramon. Each night I got to sit ringside and watch two of the greats of all time do their magic. But also in the car, the organic process. Going forward I got in the ring, going against Razor Ramon for the IC strap. After Razor Ramon had worked with HBK, he now has to take the Jolly Green Giant and raise money with him. Scott was a mentor in the ring. Razor Ramon took me where I needed to be and made me a lot of money. Sean, Razor Ramon and I drove town to town and talk the woman down to $45 and we'd triple heel. We didn't want to be in a single room and we'd be safer that way. I remember when HBK was inducted, and nothing would be more emotional. I was born with a biological brother, and I got four more brothers in the business. HBK brought me in, Scott kept me here. I didn't think anything would be more emotional than Shawn going into the HOF, but this is very emotional. I'm putting in another brother, Razor Ramon.

Razor Ramon

Out comes Scott Hall in black shirt and pants, white jacket, and a smile. He and his bestie hug. Then a toothpick to the camera! (serious pop) Hey yo! When I was 8, I attended my first pro wrestling show and I was in love. When I was in my first match, no matter how my real life was, when I stepped through the curtain I had control, and I was digging it. As my career developed. Razor Ramon would say, better than you, chicho. I learned that stepping through that curtain I could have a relationship and it was powerful. I've always treasured that, so thank you to all the fans here and around the world.

"Thank you Razor!"

I've was lucky to work and be mentored by great talent, to them, I say thank you. In my lifetime I've learned (choked up) Hard work pays off and dreams come true. Bad times don't last, but bad guys do.

Music and out comes Waltman, HBK, Trip and Nash. Lovely hugs from all of them. They laugh together, then pose as the Wolfpack!

Jerry Lawler

Bad News Barrett cuts King off. Barrett talks about how we honor those with incredible careers, but I'm afraid I've got some bad news. To the Superstars, drink it all in, this is the closest you will get to the WWE HOF! Thank you very much! Cody is on his feet clapping and laughing. King out and announces the next inductee.


A lovely video for Carlos Colon.

Primo & Epico & Carlito

"Carlito!" chants. I'm used to bingo halls and high school gyms, that sounds nice, thank you. I see how the talent meeting went, between Razor Ramon and Warrior, put in colons. And we got our time cut, it's like I never left. This is why I didn't want an open mic, this is about my Dad and I love him. Primo starts talking about his father's humble beginnings in Puerto Rico, but was raised in Harlem. He started training at 14, but promised he's graduate high school. Graduated Monday, Tuesday was in the ring. He went territory to territory. Her performed for great promoters. All over the world. In 1973 he went home to Puerto Rico. When he came home he founded Capital Sports Promotions and brought the best talent of the time. Andre, Yokozuna, Harley Race, Funks, Piper, Dusty, the list goes on. Puerto Rican wrestling was exploding into the Caribean. You know of ECW, but I have a feeling Heyman got his ideas from Colon, because some of the brutalist matches were in PR, and that's not talking about the fans. It's with our great honor we induct our hero, Carlos Colon!

Carlos Colon

Hugs with the boys and Carlos on mic. His blading scars are very obvious. When I step into the ring first time, I never in wildest dream thought I'd be here accepting induction into WWE HOF Class of 2014. I started going territories and countries to find greatness. In Canada I met Nancy who stood by me through it all. Life on the road isn't glamorous, and then we drove. I was on a 3000 a week guarantee, miles that is. All that time to build a family tradition. I wouldn't be here if not for my colleagues. It's a who's who of legends. Abdula the Butcher, Flair, Dusty, Wild Samoans, and so many more like Pedro Morales.

He slips into Spanish and I can't follow that, sorry. I love you mother, there you are. More Spanish. Nancy, I love you. And more Spanish. Thank you very much.

Jerry Lawler

Our final inductee.


Big video for The Ultimate Warrior.

Linda McMahon

King introduces Linda who comes out with a smile. Hasn't this been a fantastic evening. When Warrior asked if I'd induct him tonight, I said I was flattered and honored to do so. I also said this is my favorite event to honor past wrestlers and inspire some of you to reach for this. He is truly a unique individual, he believes it so much that he changed his name to Warrior. He believed in the principles of living the life of a warrior. When his music would hit and he'd charge the ring, his hair flying, the paint glowing from the sweat, his cheeks puffing. Picture that charge, he broke the land speed record, but then ran around the ring a couple times and needed to down shift before hitting the ring. Then, pumping the ropes and the ring would shake. Truly an inspirational character. He was a loner on the road, passionate about his performance, and not the easiest guy to be around, or convince that his wasn't the right way. When he came back for his last time in the WWE, he wanted me to be his contact because I understood his philosophy. Sometimes he'd almost boil over and call me. A couple times on speaker, I turned the volume down, and got work done as he vented. But that's all he needed, time to vent, then we'd have a great conversations. One time he called me Mom, and I told him he was being a petulant child and she'd put him over her knee. They both laughed. He has no tolerance for whiners or excuses. He's a devoted husband, father and patriot. A true WWE icon and legend. He said if your first thought of the day was, I can't, then you surely won't. Brought to the stage by his daughters, may I present Warrior.


Hugs and kisses for both of his little girls, then they headed off the stage holding hands with Linda. He then snarles/snorts into the mic. The most anticipated speech in the history of sports entertainment. I want to say to my wife, you came into my life in 96, then things unraveled, we got married, have beautiful children, thank you. He then addressed his mother. He remembered when he was 11 or 12 when Dad left without looking back, you got a job and didn't say anything negative. I got my work ethic from you. Thank you. Then to his daughters, I told you Mr. McMahon and WWE does awesome stuff, isn't this awesome? The most awesome thing I do is be your father. I'm glad Linda mentioned the sweat, it give me the pass on this rag, I do sweat. I was hanging with the young guys back there, after all the blows and shots, I couldn't believe it was happening. I was talking out loud to myself, or talking to my hands like The Ultimate Warrior used to do. This young guy said it's so fabulous, it's a dream come true, being inducted into HOF. I'm not talking HOF, I'm talking DDPYoga! If an 800 number pops up, scratch it down for me. I thought it was a DDP infomercial. It's great to see DDP helping those fix their self destructive ways. Since I put this deal together with Paul, all his effort is another story for another day. It's like that DVD never existed. I was with media people and making a joke of what Paul said, I only met him for 5 minutes with this asshole. I said, for only meeting this asshole for 5 minutes, you sure learned a lot. One girl in the back laughed and then the rest did. If you want to do something great in your life, maybe you should practice my brand of self destruction! After 18 years of exile, come back and headline HOF the night before WrestleMania XXX!

"One more match!" chants

Now you're being kind, and that's cool. It isn't going to happen, but bigger things are. I want to thank a bunch of people. I haven't interacted with someone in this business who hasn't taught me something. Everyone taught me something. A few hours of training in a racquetball court. Then met Dutch Mantel and Jerry Lawler. Ted DiBiase, Dr. Death, Steve Williams. Ted always left his adam's apple hurting. He gave a wave to Ted. Then to WCCW, started the Dingo Warrior gimmick. Bruiser Brody was there. Talking to New York, talking to WWF. (bleeped) I wish they could put the F back for us guys who can't remember. I can't believe they got their asses kicked by those wildlife people!

I got a match for WWE, then up to New York. Jose Estrada, Steve Lombardi. Steve got my green punishment. The boys have a good bullshit detectors. There was a lot of discussion about me not being one of the boys and an a-hole. I was angry when I saw the DVD, it broke my heart. When new guys came in, if they didn't have the personality to cut it with the boys. If you couldn't lock up your bag tight and keep the bulldog poop out, they didn't last. I was a good guy, I am a good guy, and when those things were said about me... I want to thank the Superstars you never see. To make this – not a new gimmick, the invisible man, or anything – all the people behind the scenes for 25-30 years. They're the Superstars who make this happen. The ring guys who set up the ring, tear it down, drive it, set it up, then ask if they can help in any way. When I think of HOF and honoring people who make this work. 30Th WrestleMania tomorrow. I said the other day, it's WrestleMania XXX, but you're working on 31, and 75 will happen and Vince will live forever. I think it would be good to have a category to honor these people. I suggest to take one, the Jimmy Moranda award. Before you could get merch everywhere, he drove the truck, set up and sold. I want to see a Jimmy Moranda award next year.

I may not be here this evening if not for The Ultimate Warrior fans. It's cliché, but true. I'm Warrior, the one and only The Ultimate Warrior. The Ultimate Warrior fans are legendary! All these years you've waited to speak your voice. You fought over the years. You wanted a fun memory, and I'm here because of you.

"Thank you Warrior!"

No! No! No!

"YES!" "YES!" "YES!"

Well you taught me something, I've been out of the business way too long. When people thank me, I turn it back, thank you for the life I had. Thank you for the opportunity to be me. Nobody else, fortunately when I was in the business it was all on merit. The reason I had a chance was I had manners and respected the guys who had been there. I remember how great it was to know that what I put into it was worth something and counted for something. That's an incredible thing, you can determine you success by how much you put into it. I heard them, but couldn't control myself. Vince McMahon didn't tell me to stop anything and use my creativity and go as far as I could with it. When people met with Vince and came out bobble headed. Bad News Brown had his meeting and came out bobble headed. Psychology with Vince is a whole other level. I made notes and went in and told McMahon this is what we can do for each other. I wasn't even on TV, but went to him with a list of ideas. Then I got a meeting whenever I wanted. Engage your activity, go out and experience the magic. All of it was magic. I miss traveling and working with the guys. It was awesome to be larger than life, play make-believe and be a tough guys. Few are legitimate, the rest of us play that role. Go out and play a character you believe in, to be a hero to people. Have people get behind you. I remember my first Make A Wish, where's John? He does more good with those kids than anyone. I also know you're an Ultimate Warrior mark. I met with the kid, I could see my reflection in his eyes, the power of that. The gift of that. We get to do that. A few months ago Ray Lewis retired. He was a fan. They put him in The Ultimate Warrior gear on. Wrestlers don't put on other gear, but the others put on wrestling gear. That's how powerful it is to be a WWE performer. Me, I understand the responsibility in the WWE, then you should go out and handle life and not bail on life. WWE give you a gear bag. I still use mine. They are tools to succeed in life in other ways. It's weak when you don't present what you present in the way. People say Warrior doesn't respect the business. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about the business. That gear bag gave me everything I needed to make my life work, and I appreciate that.

I want to thank everyone for blowing up in the ring. Guys made fun of me for blowing up in the ring. I'm blown up now. You can do so much more than you think you can. In the WWE gave me incredible experiences. I want to say, you know, everybody out there is thinking about what I'm going to say and act up here. A lot of people talk about the guy who didn't know where to draw the line from his gimmick to real life. Social media, everyone is working their gimmick, but I live mine. That's why it's so popular. I figured that if I can go to the ring and if you want fans to be inspired, then why not use it to inspire your life, and that's what I've done. You don't need to applaud for that. Is he going to rant, point fingers and pick on people? Nobody said shit to my face and I was respectful in every way. The DVD was just wrong, that's all. It made me angry, but it was hurtful. I want to say that I'm honored to be inducted along with the other guys and the lady. Also proud to be brought in as an ambassador in a multi-year deal. Looking forward to that too. A lot of characters make this business work, and The Ultimate Warrior was one of them. Vince, in 1991 he wrote me a letter. Hey Vince, this check for the supplemental money is not going to bounce, will it?

In that letter he said I was a legend in my own mind, but you're a good fortune teller, Warrior is a legend today. I'm proud you fought for me to be inducted into the HOF. No more match (to the one chanter). A couple more things and I'm done. It's not easy when you're an athlete and you need to step down. The WWE needs people who have their time here, when they're done, they help the next level step up. To the young guys, your time will come, you need to use this time to figure out those great things you will do beyond. Thank you for coming to see me, enjoy WrestleMania, goodnight.

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