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WWE Hall Of Fame Results (3/31/17)

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Welcome to the WWE Hall of Fame 'Open Thread' and basic results and discussion.

Hall of Fame Results
Friday, March 31, 2017
From the Amway Center in Orlando, FL
Reported by Kendra Bunyon

DDP's video starts with the most beautiful moment of Levesque calling him and telling him that he'd be inducted this year. DDP told Paul that he loved him. Tears in all eyes. A great opening video for one of the best in the industry.

Eric Bischoff comes out to induct DDP. Bischoff sold DDP's heart, passion, everything great that is Page.

DDP's Diamond Daughters are all lovely, but the man in the middle speaks of his start and all the fun stuff, as well as what we love from DDP. He is the anomaly, but hurting that Dusty Rhodes isn't there to be with him tonight.

Shout outs to the biggest names, and he worked with all of them, but they were also his mentors and friends. DDP makes everyone want to be a better person.

Jerry 'The King' Lawler out to kick off the video for the Rock 'N' Roll Express! And that video reminds us just how great they were, and what they did for tag wrestling.

Jim Cornette acknowledged that his speech was highly anticipated, and would never live up to it, but he had his pages of notes and hoped to be done by Saturday night. At only 9:08pm EST Cornette ends his great speech and brings out the Rock 'N' Roll Express.

Rock 'N' Express sold it big time, and while they didn't outright retire, it seemed like their swan song.

King announced the Ravishing Rick Rude video which was lovely and touching.

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat came out to give the induction speech for Rude. Steamboat, as always, was endearing and honest.

Rude's wife, son, and daughter came out to accept the induction. His son spoke and stole our hearts the way his father did as a consummate heel.

Beth Phoenix's video reminded the fans of just how great she was when she was dominating on the WWE.

Natalya came out, was in tears from the start, and pushed her cat on Instagram. She talked up Beth in a lovely way.

Beth talked up everyone who helped her, including Molly Holly who not only gave Beth a box of ring gear to get her started but also paid Beth's tuition at OVW so she could follow her dream. The love Beth showed for everyone who helped her, worked with her, married her, or was birthed by her was inspired. She about brought the house down, even when the WWE turned everything to Edge in the middle of her speech. Their older daughter wasn't impressed by any of it.

King announces the video for this year's Warrior Award, Eric LeGrand. The video was, as expected, beautiful. Dana Warrior comes out to present the Warrior Award.

Eric LeGrand came out and stole our hearts with his enduring spirit and love of the wrestling industry.

King announces Teddy Long's video, and it showed all the greatness, and bumbles that are Long. APA comes out to induct Long. JBL tells us a lot of things about Long that weren't all common knowledge but showed us what a great man Long is.

Long told stories but got serious talking about his love for his wife and family, before trying to form a tag match for APA.

What a wonderful video for Kurt Angle!

John Cena out to induct Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle gave the best, most self-deprecating speech the WWE HoF has ever seen. He ended the night with much laughter, heart, and destroying his suit drinking two quarts of milk.

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