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2015 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Report

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WWE Hall of Fame Results March 28, 2015
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Red Carpet

The red carpet starts with Cole and Maria Menunous discussing the Hall of Fame, Macho Man Randy Savage, and all to come tonight.


Byron with Paige and Fox talking up being able to dress up and show off. Paige is in Doc Martens with her dress.

Then Renee who is with Lilian. Renee in a strapless red dress and very Marilyn Monroe hair! Lilian talks about being licked by The Bushwhackers!

Byron with Jake Roberts, and imparting knowledge to the young guys. Jake says he's been there with Reigns, really pumping him up, telling Reigns it's his time. Jake then talks about Damien biting Savage, and a great Saturday Night Main Event match that went 40 minutes with him. Jake is cussing about how Savage deserves to be there.

Bret Hart with his wife talking to Renee. Bret talks about being overruled, so he's not in a pink tie. He misses Savage the most, other than Owen.

Cole and Maria with Reigns and his wife. Reigns is ready for tomorrow night, speaking quite well. Maria talks about how his uncle is being inducted. Reigns says this is all a celebration. The Wild Samoans are there, and Cole wants to know about the pressure going into tomorrow night. Reigns says it's an opportunity. They have taken over the hotel, family everywhere!

DDP with Renee, and he's all excited to be there tonight. He's all smiles. The only difference between excitement and fear is breathing! So use DDP Yoga! Last year he learned about the iPad. He grew up with ADD and Dyslexia. DDP talks up Jake and Scott in a beautiful way.

Cole with Dusty and Eden! Maria does Dusty's "hard times" promo and Dusty loves it! Maria calls Dusty a genius, as that was all off the top of his head. Eden says she's not allowed to do Dusty promos. Cole makes Dream do one of his own promos!

Renee with Miz and Maryse. Maryse shows off her dress, so Miz acts the heel.

Byron with Piper and his wife. Piper is himself, really goofy and loving it all. Piper says he was the first one licked by Butch.

Cole and Maria with Bryan and Brie. Brie has to be in flats, as Bryan is a tiny bit taller than her. Bryan is presenting the first Warrior Award tonight to Connor

Renee with Booker T and Sharmel in the 360 booth for Vine. Booker T says it's like a spin-a-roonie!

Byron with Cena and Nikki who looks like she's about to have a nip slip! Cena talks up the Hall of Fame, and how great it is to look to the past, and show the new guys all the old guys who opened doors. Nikki talks up Blayze. Cena kisses her on the side of her head as she talks. Cena is thrilled for the Warrior Award. Nikki says it's like prom night, all dressed up, and great to honor those who paved the way for them.

Big Show and his lovely wife Bess with Cole and Maria. Big Show talks about how his buddies are going into the Hall of Fame, and he's still working the road! The Bushwhackers, Nash, Rikishi are all great friends of his. Cole talks up how Big Show looks great now, so Bess must dress him because he never looks this good on the road. Big Show all smiles for being thrown under the bus.

Renee with Christian. Christian says he's been hibernating, getting healthy. He's been on Haven with Edge. They talk Blayze trashing the strap on WCW.

Byron with Henry and his son. He wants his son to be comfortable here, be ready when it's his turn. His son talks about the legends, shows respect, and well spoken! Henry talks about his good friend Rikishi.

Lita in an ill-fitting black and white dress. She talks up Alundra and the trashing of the strap on WCW. Maria loves the dress, then they talk about Lita's shoes that are black with fake bones printed on them. Uber high heels.

Renee with JBL who climbed a ten hour mountain this week! JBL lived in Schwarzenegger's hometown in Austria. Ron Simmons is JBL's date tonight. They were audio-bombed by Hacksaw.

King talking about the questions about King hosting. Cole talks about how great King looks tonight. He's with his girlfriend who looks great! He doesn't remember how many years he's done this hosting gig. McMahon added a lot to King's speeches tonight.

Renee with Jimmy and Jey and Jey's kids. Jimmy talks about it being a monumental night for the Anoa'i family. Renee says the whole family looks similar. Jey says they're all there to support Rikishi!
Byron with Ron Simmons who says Byron only needs to say he needs protection from the APA. He says this is one of the most enjoyable times of his career because he can talk to fans. Simmons talks about trailblazing, and working with some of the best. People keep stepping in front of them!

Orton and his girlfriend Kim with Cole and Maria. Orton talks up Rollins' skills and that they plan to steal the show. It's Orton's 12th WrestleMania in a row, and he's blessed to be there.

Renee with Hulk Hogan, his girlfriend, Brooke, Brooke's boyfriend, Nick and his girlfriend. They talk about how Savage is part of the family, and it's sad that he's not there.

Michael Hayes is with Maria and Cole. Hayes wants to talk to Maria, not Cole. Hayes is in a sparkly blue jacket and Maria thinks Cole is jealous. Hayes says most aren't willing to give what it takes to be in the Hall of Fame. They talk NXT and how great the wrestlers are there.

Renee with Warrior's wife and daughters. They talk about the Warrior Award and Connor. That Warrior would be so proud.


All about the face vs face match between Hogan and Warrior at WrestleMania, and all the beauty surrounding it.


For the newest Terminator movie to be coming out!

Hall of Fame Starts


Opening video for all being honored tonight.

King to the stage to huge "Jerry!" chants. He goes all Warrior, Bryan, Flair, Hogan, and Schwarzenegger. He wasn't great, but not horrible. They are starting with Rikishi. They show a video for Rikishi.

King introduces the Usos to induct their father.

They give local props, then talk about all the crazy characters Rikishi had, until he found the right character that fit him. They show off Rikishi's ass. They were 13 and freaking out that their dad was wearing a thong! That ass put them through college, bought them holiday gifts, food, BBQ, their home. They're glad they didn't get stink faces! They call out Booker T for this. But they're there for Rikishi's hard work, dedication, sacrifices, his passion for the WWE. That passion took him from a poor kid break dancing for some change to a WWE 2015 Hall of Famer, baby!

Rikishi out in a tux, a lei, and a fresh bleach job!

Rikishi gives them crap for their speech. The fans are loving Rikishi. He wants the camera to zoom in on his ring, but it's behind the mic, so they drop the mic to show it, getting a laugh.

Rikishi says that this is the dream, and now reality. He talks about his Anoa'i family, and gets bleeped for saying WWF. He calls them the Samoan Dynasty. Over 5 decades, numerous members have been on the Wwe roster, including High Chief Peter Maivia, Afa and Sika, Samu, Rock, Yokozuna, Tonga Kid, Umaga. "Umaga!" chants. Manu, Usos, and Roman Reigns. Reigns gets some heat. All hail from one family that I have been proud to be a part of. He continues talking up his family, and his lovely wife. Rikishi goes on to thank the fans who give him love back with a "Rikishi!" chant.

He's choking up. He talks up Black Pearl and Gangrel. He says he's been in the business for 31 years, talking about the giants with huge hearts that afforded him to live his dream. It's in his DNA, his entire being. He mentions missing so much, the birthdays. But he remembers every match, hotel, plane, train, pyro and stinkface. And remembers every fans' face worldwide. Butwill remember this moment most of all. He honored to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, where he was born and raised. "Rikishi!" chants.

He speaks in Samoan. He was back there stretching. "Let's do this for the people, twins." Out comes the shades, they put the yellow shades on Rikishi, and they dance together! One brother is great, does the worm, the other can't dance well at all. They go all out, then pose at the end together.

King back to the stage, and the show a video of Larry Zbyszko, the same from Raw about working with, then turning on Bruno Sammartino.

King introduces Bruno Sammartino, but they bleep out each time anyone says WWF.

Sammartino out looking great! After watching that, can you believe I'm inducting him tonight? (smile) He talks up the inductees tonight, then goes on about Zbyszko. Zbyszko was only a kid, found his house, stalked him a bit to learn how to wrestle. Always asking to be trained. Sammartino tells him to stay in school. He does this for two years, finally worked out with him and saw his talent. When he graduated high school, Sammartino told him to go to college. He'd help him get into wrestling, and called Sammartino before he called his parents that he'd graduated from college! It was time for Sammartino to keep his word. He started in Pittsburgh to get experience. Sammartino went on and on about Zbyszko's greatness and his whole career.

Larry Zbyszko comes out, hugs Sammartino, and looks humbled. Zbyszko looks great, if a bit thin. He talks about how he couldn't help driving Sammartino crazy to get into the business. He talks about Freud, dreams become the reality of your wishes. Your wish becomes your life's dream. His dream at 16 was to be a pro wrestler. He wanted to be like his hero, Bruno Sammartino. "Larry!" chants. At 16 he was one of the biggest wrestling fans alive. His dad hated it, but took him. He had his license, a $300 car, and his mother knew his dream. His mother made sure he got Sammartino's address. One day he could see, through the hedges, he saw Sammartino out by his pool. He couldn't help it, he got out of the car, and it felt like a giant hand of destiny pushing him. He crawled through the hedges, all messed up, and looked at Sammartino, all scrawny and pimply, and Sammartino kept a straight face. He introduced himself, said Sammartino was his hero and he wanted to be a wrestler. We all know what happened from there. He started Zbyszko on his career that was undesirable, unbelievable. On the road with these characters, with Blasse, Andre, Strongbow and so many others. He's lucky that he didn't get tossed out, but taken under Sammartino wing. He doesn't know why it happened that way.

After all the years of having the reputation of having a big mouth, says Zbyszko, but he's struggling for words. After that first day, his dream was going to happen, come hell or high water. Right when he was going to be a pro, then Sammartino broke his neck and hung up his boots. But he wasn't ready to go out yet. He knew that something wasn't complete, and the old school era wasn't going out this way. Zbyszko says he's overwhelmed, and obviously is. "So much for trying to think of a speech, it ain't workin'!" "Thank you Larry!" chants.

I've matured with age, have knowledge, wisdom and a big mouth, I can't put together the words enough for me to thank Bruno. But he doesn't want to hear this, but he's gunna. "From the bottom of my heart, thank you sir, for letting a young boy's dream come true when you didn't have to do it!"

There's one other guy, Vince McMahon Sr. Zbyszko drove him nuts, but believed in his dream, and the old school era went out rocking the world. Nationwide TV and PPV came from that. 47 years ago he found a rabbit hole in a bunch of hedges and Bruno opened that door to pro wrestling for him. He walked out of that rabbit hole, and Bruno was there again, opening the door that let him out. "I'm standing here wearing the same ring as my hero. This is a perfect ending to an outrageous dream I had. Now this dream is over and I can go home and become again what I was, one of the biggest wrestling fans alive. I'm hooked. I'm coming home after a hard day of golf and watch a new generation to is hanging onto a new global network era exploding in front of us. I'm proud to be part of that history. I get to be a wrestling fan." He talks up the fans, wants it logged forever in cyberspace, every cast everywhere, archived by all secret agency.

"I have felt the love of standing in the ring with millions and millions of fans chanting my name..."

"Larry!" chants.

"Mean Gene announcing me as wrestling's living legend, and for that moment I became like my hero, my dream coming true. I've felt the wrath of fighting my way out of riots. Overturned in a cab, shot at, and stabbed in the ass by the greatest fans of all! WWE 'Universe', you are what's awesome, and I hope all your dreams come true too. Thank you!"

King sets up for the Alundra Blayze video.

Nattie out to induct Blayze in a smoking dress. Nattie talks about little girls wanting to kick some ass. She talks up Blayze and how she showed up to fight, and was a revolutionary. One act of defiance changed the direction of sports entertainment forever. Throwing the WWE Women's Championship in the trash on WCW. It was part of the start of the Monday Night War. This one act started a revolution.

Nattie called Arn to tell him she was inducting Blayze. Blayze was a perfectionist and took many takes. Arn ended up running for his life, Blayze after him with her heels in her hand. It's those moments that make Nattie proud to be inducting her.

Alundra Blayze out to standing ovation, looking amazing! "Bet ya never saw this coming, did ya? Neither did I!" After 21 years, what took you so long. Wahoo McDaniel wanted her to work with Sherri Martell in AWA. Blayze gives huge props to the Fabulous Moolah, who she inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Talked up Mr. Perfect and DDP. She said DDP is a future Hall of Famer! She keeps talking about being Madusa, and brings up that her truck better be ready next week. Big love to Paul Heyman. She claims to be the first Paul Heyman Girl. The Dangerous Alliance. Stone Cold Steve Austin, she had a crush on. And Arn, don't come up, this is her time. Rick Rude. Her voice breaks as she talks about Macho Man Randy Savage. Talked about Team Madness, gave Nora Greenwald a shout out. Also talked about mending fences with the WWE. She thanks her Army husband, sitting next to Steamboat. She hasn't seen him in a year, but they arranged for him to come back for this. "USA!"chants for him. She asks for all military and veterans to stand and be recognized.

Let's get to some fun shit. Address the elephant in the room, talk about the Title. She was sitting on the toilet talking to Bisch offering her a WCW contract. It started a war, one she didn't know she'd start. She fired the first shot of the Monday Night War by throwing away the Championship in the trash. "What the hell was I thinking?" She didn't think she should, but she did. She did it for job security. It was used to get the WWE's attention, mission accomplished and the defining moment of her career. She will always be the bitch who threw away the Title. She's lived with it for every day of the past 20 years. She's at peace with it, and so should you.

Nattie brings out a trash can. She digs into the can. "Bra and panties? I hated that crap! BBQ sauce? I hated that night, but damn good BBQ sauce JR." She pulls out Bisch's book for heat. Lastly she pulled out the pink strap. "WWE, the Title's home where it belongs."

King talked up and showed video of the unveiling of the Warrior Award. Dana Warrior and their girls were there for the award, and cried.

King talks up Warrior. The statue is behind King on stage.

They go to video of Warrior being inducted, and clips of his ring work narrated by that epic speech of his. This award is to honor a true hero, someone with spirit of a warrior.

Connor Michalek is the first winner.

They go to video about Connor, showing him with Superstars, specifically Bryan. Of him knocking out and pinning Triple H. Steph talking about Connor, crying. Connor passed away within weeks of WrestleMania, he was 8.

Dana comes out with a big Warrior mask award in hand. Her pink paper matches her dress. She's terrified up there, but it's an honor. She talks about her husband's epic speech – as she called it. She talks about the sadness that almost swallowed her with the loss of Warrior. She thanks her daughter, and the camera shows they're both crying. Fox is also in tears. "The most awesome thing I'll ever do is be your mom."

Dana says that if we donate a million dollars in a month, she will be crazy, run to the ring, shake the ropes, and maybe even body slam someone. And she knows that someone, brother. Just kidding, much love.

Dana announces Bryan who comes out to "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and is already in tears. He's trying to control the crying. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. He appreciates that, but all he's done in front of the fans is fiction. If he's inspired us, that's great, but inspiration is very real. Somebody who inspired me was Connor. When I first saw Connor it was on a YouTube Video. "Connor!" That's right, chant for him. In that video, he wanted to meet me. They made it viral, and though he's never on social media, and the arrangements were made. Have you ever met someone and they just steal your heart. Not just because he was cute and charismatic, which he is. He's tried to come up with what that was. He was so funny, quick witted, but what really spoke to Bryan was his strength. When you got to meet Connor, he was amazing. At 3 was diagnosed with brain cancer. He lived over half his live in and out of hospitals, getting chemo. It's a horrible process. Despite that, and most Superstars got to meet him, you didn't get that. He was full of life and confidence. I was doing the "NO!" thing at the time, so Bryan talked to Connor who didn't like all the "YES!" because Bryan didn't want him to. Bryan asked Connor if he could put Bryan in the "NO!" lock. "I could put anybody in the "NO!" lock." Bryan talks about how Trip couldn't get Connor to hit him. It was because Connor knew he'd hurt Trip. But Trip taunted him, and BAM! If you asked Hunter, he'd say for an 8 year old, he packed a punch. "Connor!" chants. "I wish you could have seen Claire through my eyes at the end of WrestleMania last year. In front of 70,000 people, and there was Connor, despite being very sick, sat though a four hour show and all smiles. He was in his father's arms. And, to give you perspective, seeing that gave me a sense of what's truly important. It wasn't what I was doing, but the love between a father and son. And you could see the life in Connor's eyes and his Dad's eyes, being there to hold his son." Connor, in 8 years, inspired so many people. "Thank you Connor!" chants.

Bryan announces Steve Michalek to accept for Connor. He comes out, they hug. Steve to the podium. "Connor!"chants. Steve is struggling, in tears, and thanks Connor, because only for him could he do this. He thanks Dana, your children have to be put before your own grief, something he's learned as well. He thanks Bryan, the man who was his son's hero. Steve says his favorite Superstars was Warrior. Bryan has that same energy and passion of Bryan, so it's fitting that Connor's favorite Superstar was Bryan, and that he gave this award to his son. He thanks Steph and Triple H for starting Connor's Cure.

They were told that Connor wouldn't make it to WrestleMania, but he did, and made WrestleMania history. Thanks to the WWE, the WWE Hall of Fame, the Warrior Award, Connor's legacy will live forever.

Steve brings out Jackson, Connor's little brother. "I wuvz you Connor!"

Everyone on their feet, and in tears.

King on stage to start The Bushwhackers video.

King announces Laurinaitis to the stage. He gets only heat.

Laurinaitis is in all black, including shirt and tie. "People Power!" chants filter through. He talks about who we meet along the way shapes who we are today. Dusty sent him to Florida to carry the Sheepherder's flag. They shaped his career from the start. They started together in 1968 in New Zealand. He roomed with them and has some really bad stories about them.

They come out marching, even though one has a cane. Luke and Butch are all in character as they stare. Butch with a cane, much shorter than he used to be, and Luke with a serious dye job. They talk up Kowalski and Andre. They also mention High Chief Pete Maivia. They call out Piper to stand up. He marches to the stage, shakes Butch's hand, then marches back to his seat. Then they call Ted DiBiase, and he does the same! They also call to Stu Hart, but since he's not here, they call out Bret who marches up, and shakes their hands. One more, at SummerSlam, in a 6 Man Tag, partnering with Hacksaw! Hacksaw with a 'Hoooo!' Lots of "Whoas, and lots of Hooos!" Someone fancier than them, Butch's wife Helen. Butch thanks his daughters at home for understanding when he was following his dreams on the road. He thanks Luke, couldn't have a better partner for 34 years. Luke thanks the WWE 'Universe' for the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame. It all ends with a licking.

King says that was awesome, then announces the next inductee video. Tatsumi Fujinami!

King announces Flair to induct Fujinami.

Flair out to great pop, all smiles, and looks better than he has in months. He's honored to be here at the Hall of Fame Ceremony. He thanks the WWE Superstars and Divas who have welcomed back. He's done a lot of things, 2008 to now is the best. Everyone looks great and he's honored. His daughter is involved, so he's super involved again. Tonight he has the honor to induct a great Japanese wrestling legend. The conditioning over there was unbelievable compared to here. It was built for failure. He invented dragon sleeper and dragon suplex. Flair calls for Vader to stand. Fujinami and Vader went back and forth with Vader to become Champion. Flair says he's been friends with Fujinami since 1979. He loves Muta, but Fujinami is the best Japanese wrestler there is.

Flair keeps it short and inducts Tatsumi Fujinami who comes out and hugs Flair. Fujinami looks fantastic, even though he has to put on reading glasses like much of the others who have been around for so long. He's so proud to be there, and thanks WWE for this great honor. Fujinami keeps his speech very short due to the language issue.

King out to announce the video for the next to be inducted, Macho Man Randy Savage.

King announces Hulk Hogan to induct Macho Man Randy Savage to the WWE Hall of Fame. Hogan out in a tux, black bandana covering his dome. Hogan talks up Savage. "Thank you Savage!" chants.

Hogan talks about how intense Savage was in real life as well. WrestleMania III was a magic night, and calls it the Superdome, then Silverdome, and points to his notes, showing the slip was on purpose. Hogan and Andre The Giant were great, but Savage stole the show. Savage pushed Hogan to be a better performer, because Savage raised the bar. He was the Macho Man 24/7. he sounded like that all the time, no matter what they were doing. No matter what they were doing, Savage pushed you that much harder, made you better at everything you did. There wouldn't be Hulkamania without Savage forcing Hogan to step his game up. He just continued to push everyone around him. Savage was there for Hogan 24/7. Savage deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Genius, Leaping Lanny Poffo comes out to accept for his brother, Macho Man Randy Savage. Lanny goes into The Genuis. (Sorry, without DVR, I couldn't catch all he said, word for word, but if anyone wants it, let me know, and I will get it for you. I'm a HUGE Lanny Poffo fan, so I don't want to not do his poetry justice. He writes it all himself, and deserves to be honored for the work he does, not me half-assing it.) "Randy Savage!" chants. Lanny tells everyone that we have a curfew. His mother can't be there, she's 88. Wasn't she great in the DVD. Lanny thanks Randy's wife for making Savage so happy. Lanny breaks into tears. Warrior got to say what he wanted until he died, Savage didn't get that chance. As one of the closest to him, I will do it for him. He had no biological children, but was great to Lanny's child, and his wife's children, but unstoppable heart. He worked with the kids in the Special Olympics. Randy loved those kids like Mr. T loves his mother. Lanny reads Savage's favorite poem Lanny wrote about the Special Olympics. (Again, I'll post it if you want it.)

Lanny would take Savage to Special Olympics events, reading his poem, announcing Savage, and Savage would do all he could, and WWE would send tons of merch for Savage to give away, all signed by Savage. Lanny ends with another great poem for his brother, Macho Man Randy Savage.

King announces the video for the next inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

King announces Triple H to the stage to induct Schwarzenegger. Trip says this is his favorite night of the year. One minute you're crying, the next you're laughing. He talks up Schwarzenegger, has some facepalm moments, then introduces Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger to the stage with a, "Get to the choppuh!" and "It's not a toomuh, not a toomuh at all!" Schwarzenegger talks about idolizing Trip, an athlete who is also a promoter, businessman and health advocate. He goes on to thank the WWE into the Hall of Fame. Bruno Sammartino was the judge for his third competition. Then he went and watched Sammartino in the ring, and realized the power of Sammartino, so much compared to himself. He thanks the fans for being there for him, for without the fans, he would be nothing. He truly believes America is the land of opportunity and was received with open arms. Thank you America. Thank you America. Thank you America. I'll be back!

King out and quickly announces the last video for the final inductee, Kevin Nash.

King announces Shawn Michaels to the stage. HBK out in a snazzy vest with his tux. HBK thanks King for going through all of his names, because the last thing they need is this show to go too long. HBK pulls out his speech, then rips it up and tosses it aside. One of them will be in trouble when they go backstage, it will happen. He saw Vinnie Vegas on WCW. HBK asked Scotty Steiner who he was. Scotty calls Nash on a pay phone. Nash is under contract. Nash goes to Ole and says he's not liking this, wants to go back to bouncing. Grabs his papers, goes to another office and faxes it to J.J. Dillon. The next day he flies to New York. HBK wants him as his bodyguard, and might need one in real life, no one likes him. They've been friends ever since.

They were having fun and getting over. And McMahon, who I wasn't supposed to mention, so he will be in trouble back there. McMahon thinks Nash is getting white hot. They decide to strap him and HBK is tweaking that he's the one who brought Nash in! So Nash beats Backlund for it. He then thanked HBK for being there for him. Nash, by his actions, changed the industry. Everyone has guaranteed contracts because of Hall and Nash. Nash wanted to make money, and treated it like a business. Without Nash no guaranteed contracts, and no nWo. Without nWo, no DX. Without DX there wouldn't be a lifetime of merch checks keeping HBK afloat for the rest of his life.

HBK announces Big Daddy Cool, Kevin Nash who thanks HBK for giving him that to follow. HBK is the Michael Jordan of us, top of the line. He put me over, so I guess I don't suck. If not for HBK, he wouldn't be there. He doesn't see anything between Diesel and Nash, because then there would be no nWo. He's been blessed with some of the best workers in the world to work with. He's not the best dancer, but can follow, and thanks everyone who pushed him. People say he got into it for the money, and that's true. Yes, the night went long. He put 23 of his food trucks around the arena, so please eat on their way out. Night of Champions was his first match. He went in with long black hair, and they decide on a purple mohawk. His partner was greener than him. Three weeks later they told him to grow his hair out.

Dusty pitched Oz to Kevin, but really? A rubber mask with a dunce cap? He wasn't a whiner, but a bit of quitter. Oz sucked, Vegas caught HBK's eye, somehow. His first night in the WWE he helped HBK win the IC Title. So he did more in one night in the WWE than three years in WCW. Their generation made some steps, but the new guys have taken it tenfold. He's not thanking everyone, because he will forget people, but has to thank his wife. Rick Rude told him to keep his wife out of the business to keep her happy. He did, and they've been together for 27 years. Without her, he would implode.

He was talking to Flair earlier. There's two real things in this business – winning your first Championship, and being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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