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WWE Hall Of Fame Results And Open Thread Discussion

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Welcome to the WWE Hall of Fame results and Open Thread Discussion. I'm planning on keeping things basic tonight, not going into deep detail, and having fun in the discussion with whoever is planning on joining me. It's going to be fun to see Sting, and the rest of the Class of 2016.
Renee talked to Flair on the red carpet and he was all choked up about Charlotte.

Cathy talks to Miz and Maryse who is wearing a stunning green gown.

Sasha looks like a lady. Normally she's hot, athletic, full of heart, but in her black gown and blingy necklace, she looks like a lady.

King's girlfriend Lauren seemed to be taking it all in stride, but her son was so obviously having a blast.

Sammartino with Renee, and he's no aging at all!

Ziggler talks up this event and how great it is to see all the legends that aren't collected other than for this event and WrestleMania weekend.

Dana and her girls are with Cathy, talking up Warrior, Joan Lunden getting the Warrior Award. Dana came across so beautifully here, really a lovely soul.

Renee with Ryback in a blue suit and black shirt. Interestingly they flash to Kalisto who is also in a blue suit with black lapels. He's working hard to be big and lean for tomorrow.

Orton with his wife with Byron and Maria. He teases us about tomorrow tonight. An RKO outta nowhere at WrestleMania 32? Orton's hands are all over his wife, holding her quite close.

Road Dogg sounds horrible, but his wife and daughter are adorable. He talks up NXT Takeover in a huge way. That Shane and Taker have a lot to do, as do Trip and Reigns, also Ambrose and Brock. He thinks those are the big matches, but Trip is his friend and will retain tomorrow. He sends out a happy birthday to his 25 year old son.

Corey Graves and Lita are on the red carpet together. Lita likes hearing the real stories from people. They are all excited about Hayes' suit tonight.

The Usos with Naomi who is wearing a short silver sparkly dress with long sleeves.

Slaughter is looking very gaunt, but still delivering with the camo accents. He's rooting for the underdogs tomorrow, especially Ambrose.

Sheamus with Byron and Maria. He's all suited and capped, beard braided, which Maria loves. Maria is offering to braid Sheamus' beard for him. They get distracted by yelling, of course it's Hacksaw. Sheamus is excited about Stan Hansen, he really looked up to him, so he's very excited to see him inducted.

Sami is a bit beaten up from NXT last night but is so thrilled with how it went down and how everyone reacted. Making this jump from NXT to WrestleMania is huge. You only get your first WrestleMania once. It hasn't fully hit him yet.

Emma and Ryder are so cute today. Ryder doesn't like roller coasters. He threw up. He was in the stands watching HBK and Ramon at WrestleMania 10, so this is huge for him. Emma is very excited to be back.

Big Show and Maria are chatting as Byron is announcing him. Big Show is in full comedy mode. He knows some of the surprises for tomorrow, but won't say anything because he doesn't know anything. He talks up Sting as a leader of the guys backstage when there weren't a lot of leaders. And, if he was president, free donuts for everyone.

Kalisto is wearing a gold hood, and his wife is wearing a black hood with gold trim to match.

Dudley Boys in matching tuxes and flowers clipped to their lapels. They are inducting Jackie tonight, and they talk her up in a huge way.

Renee with Ambrose in a suit and shades. She calls him on it. He sounds like he's had a few already, or he's being silly because it's Renee and it's a time to be more relaxed. I think the shades are for a reason.

Stone Cold Steve Austin talks up Dusty Rhodes and how much he loved him as a performer when Austin was a child, to touching his career, and as a friend. Austin talks about his Broken Skull Challenge and gave a tribute to Dusty at the end of a show recently. He then talks about Stan Hansen and the Fabulous Freebirds, how great they were.

Cathy with Booker T and Sharmel who looks lovely.

Nikki seemed to run from the camera earlier, but is right there talking to Renee with Brie.

Reigns with his wife, but showed no passion or excitement about anything.

A beautiful opening video package for all the previous inductees, and those being inducted tonight.

King out to open the show, then they go on to start with Godfather. A solid video about Godfather's career, with his peers talking about him, his character, and why everyone loved seeing Godfather in the ring, beyond the hos.

APA out to induct Godfather into the HoF. Ron Simmons is all chatty, much more than damn! They both agree that they still have the munchies from riding with Godfather. They cannot tell most of the stories, because it's a family. JBL keeps starting stories and Ron stops him. Ron tells his wife that none of this is true! JBL then talks to his wife. They don't even know Godfather… They decide that they couldn't have had a better third partner, one of their best pals.

Godfather comes out dancing, dressed in a suit with flashy accessories – hat and cane as well, and everyone is on their feet. He even has a couple hos out dancing with him. Godfather with his catchphrases, and says how much he misses us. He thanks his parents first. He then thanks his kids and grandson. He's very much who his character is. Come to Vegas to see him, and have fun. He's going to party and let the rest talk, keeping this short. One more catchphrase and he's gone to dance with the hos again.

King talks about Stan Hansen. They go on to show a great video package about Hansen. Heyman was more afraid of Hansen than the boogeyman, because Hansen broke Sammartino's neck. JBL calls Hansen the best cowboy wrestler of all time.

King announces Vader to induct Hansen. Out he comes and off comes his jacket so he can work the crowd. He leaves it crumpled on the floor. He says he needs to be prepared for Hansen's lariats. He talks up Hansen in a huge way. The cardio was insane. His resting heart rate was in the 30s, so you couldn't keep up with him in the ring. Vader talks about crashing on Hall's hotel floors without asking, all to save money. Vader talks about his eye popping out of the socket, sitting on his cheek. They got it back in and finished the match. He got the hell knocked out of him and hasn't been the same. He put on silly glasses, one with a spring eye hanging down. That's what Stan did to him. Vader then got quiet, soft, sweet, announced Stan Hansen.

Hansen out to everyone on their feet for him. A big hug between Hansen and Vader.

Hansen thanks God and others, but has to thank JBL for mentioning his name, keeping his name out there through the years while he's been retired. There's so many opponents he'd like to talk about, because that's what it's all about. We're all trying to take it and make it. He talks up Bruiser Brody and how they hoped they'd meet the right women, and they did. He thanked his wife, and then his kids. He thanks Terry Funk for breaking him in. huge props to Bob Backlund and his athleticism. It all started at the Sportatorium, booked against Chief Peter Miavia. Then there was Rick Martell who he faced a lot. He talks up Sammartino. Hansen was mentioned to Bruno, so Bruno and Vince Sr. called him. 25Years old and brought to MGS from Texas to wrestle. He was a little nervous and broke Saammartino's neck and all the air went out. But Bruno has never held that against Hansen. He'd call and thank Bruno every couple months and thank him for the opportunity. Hansen brings up Andre and what a smart man he was. Andre heard about Hansen and took him as an opponent. They had a great match in Japan. He owes his career in Japan to Andre. He worked 26 years for Giant Baba. He and Brody ran roughshod over Japan in the 80s. He's honored to be in Texas.

King out to announce the video package for Jackie. She was the first African American WWF Women's Champion. King announces Bubba Ray and D-Von to induct Jackie.

They wanted to induct Jackie, and she wanted them to be the ones to do it. She's the first person they've inducted, it means so much to them. It's great that they're in her hometown. There's a lot of stories they cannot tell, but the one word that they think of for Jackie is tough. Mae Young and Moolah tough. They banter about tables, D-Von tells Bubba Ray to get his own tables. Jackie is one of the boys, and one of the cheapest people they know. Mid-sentence, you see a toll booth, she's asleep, a mile down the road, she's awake again. They are close friends with Jackie, and will be friends for life.

Jackie Moore comes out giving Bubba Ray and D-Von crap the whole way. Sweet hugs for both guys before they head off. She's all smiles, and her teeth look great from being knocked out in TNA. She loved wrestling on TV. Saw an ad to learn, was there and started to learn. Quickly worked around the country, then to the WWE. She's reading her speech and sounds a bit robotic, but keeps it short. She thanks the fans who reply in turn. She thanks family and friends, especially early on. She thanks Trish, Lita (there), Molly (there), Terry, Victoria, and Sable. A lot of guys too, but too many to mention. She thanks the WWE and everyone she worked with. (Nidia was sitting with Lita.)

King announces the video for the Fabulous Freebirds. Both Trip and Austin saw the Freebirds and knew what they wanted to do with their lives.

New Day out dancing and clapping. The fans are loving them. “New Day rocks!” chants fill the arena. They are on and selling it well for the Freebirds. They are silly and serious, then get a “Freebirds Rock!” chant going to bring them out.

Hayes and Garvin dance around like crazy men, as if they were still young, then are out of breath. “Freebirds Rock!” chants, then Hayes says they need oxygen and haven't danced like that in a quarter century. Hayes give New Day huge props. Thank you, goodnight! Hayes is all about the office pool for under 45 minutes. Garvin took over an hour and half. Garvin still cannot catch his breath. They talk ages, who they worked with, then went onto stories about their brothers and how much they miss them. Garvin would give anything to have them with them. Hayes says they feel the presence of them tonight. Hayes called out their two sons. Hugs all around. The sons get to talk a bit about their fathers and wrestling. Garvin and Hayes tell more stories about the Freebirds, biker gangs in clubs, and bar brawls with all exits seem to be locked. Everyone on their feet, “Freebirds rock!” chants. Garvin talks about his father building a housing development in Tampa and how all the big names lived there at one point or another, because it was cool. Percy Pringle threw a flaming chair into the pool, the place almost burnt down. Garvin thanks his wife, kids, friends and fans. Out shopping with his mother when he's about 9 shopping for pants and sees a cute girl. His mother asks for the husky dept and it was all over for him. He thanks everyone, including the writers (HUGE heat). We have no idea how hard everyone in the WWE works. No one doesn't work overtime to make sure we get a product that puts a smile on our faces. They live for putting smiles on our faces. Huge props to Afa and Sika, the Anoa'i family on their feet. He thanks his two ex-wives. Clair stood by him, then Lori did the same. It was their fault, they married him. Recently he's learned a lot from the McMahon family. Paul and Steph helped get him in a better place. Steph always has his back the sister he never had. Shane keeps him up at night, when you settle down. Linda is the only one not crazy. He asks Linda if he almost peed on her in an airplane once? Linda nods. Hayes said that would have been on him. Marriage didn't work because he was married to this business. He talks up his NXT guys and the fans love him for it. He give everyone listening a pep talk. He talks about his dog, he loved her and misses her every day. JoJo Hayes was a black lab. Love each other every single moment. He calls out Kevin Von Erich.

Kevin talks up family. The Freebirds were brothers. My brothers were from the same mother, and we won't talk about that. Kevin talks about how he lost his family. He has his boys stand up. He thinks he's the luckiest man on earth. They beat each other pretty bad, but it made good TV. God bless Texas!

Hayes sings Badstreet USA! Out in the stands, shaking hands, high fives, singing and seeing fans and wrestlers alike.

King out acknowledging that it's hard to follow the Freebirds. He starts the video package for Big Boss Man.

Slick out to induct Big Boss Man. Slick looks chubbier, but still really good. He then goes on to his speech for Big Boss Man. He gives Big Boss Man huge accolades and announces his wife and daughters to accept for him.

His daughter Lacy talks up her father. To her growing up, this was normal, but in reality, it really was pretty cool. Rikishi's stink face, riding on Big Show's father's casket, and he loved those things. His wife steps up with the nightstick, talks up Ray and how great he was. She thanks everyone for honoring him.

King out trying to be cool announcing Snoop Dogg's video package, and failed.

Solid heat for John Cena. He's looking quite thin, but that be because the last time I saw him in the ring was watching WrestleMania XX this morning and he was jacked up back then. The fans are really ripping Cena a new one, and he's just waiting. He steps up to talk, they get louder. Finally he steps up and starts talking. Cena mentioned drugs a couple times in his speech.

Snoop Dogg takes a selfie of the audience. He's pretty serious, thanking the WWE, the Universe, and allowing him to be part of the WWE 2016 HoF. He talks about being a fan of Orton, Henry, DX, HBshizzle, SCSA and Taker. He gives a shout out to his cousin, Sasha Banks. He talks about introducing her around backstage when she was a teen. He's so excited to see her fighting tomorrow. His grandfather took him to see Andre and Gorilla live. He mentions my buddy Tony Atlas, and Rocky Johnson, JYD, Dusty Rhodes, and Flair. He loves being part of this family, and then raps for the fans.

Video package about the Warrior award, and Joan Lunden. They go through Joan's career and her fight through cancer.

King announces Dana out to the stage with her Warrior action figure in hand. She thanks everyone and the WWE for all they've done for her and her girls. She thanks the warriors out there, and talks about Warrior's legacy living forever. She goes on to talk up Joan Lunden, reading most of her speech, but barely stumbling.

Joan comes out and shares a warm hug with Dana. She's a bit in awe of where she is, and that she's following Snoop Dogg! She's honored and deeply humbled. Her credibility soared in her house because his kids are such huge fans. She's not a wrestler, but she's had to learn to take a hit and get back up. She gave a great speech, but Joan has always been a great speaker.

King announces the video package for the final inductee, Sting. King then introduces Flair to induct Sting.

Flair starts off mentioning the two Hall of Famers that were lost this year. Flair thanks the WWE for presenting the statue of Dusty. He wishes Piper's wife was there tonight as well. He then thanks Vince, Linda, Hunter, Steph for it all. Flair busts out crying. He shouts out to Charlotte who gets solid heat. If Snoop can recognize Sasha… He said he raised Charlotte to be a wrestler. Then onto Sting. They make him outline his speech (heat). Better to follow he guidelines then walk back there! Sting had it from the day he walked in. Flair goes on and on about everyone but Sting.

Finally Sting is announced and comes out. About a year ago he made his debut on Raw. He knew little about the industry when he got into the industry. Warrior and him left California in an 83 T Bird, looking for Waffle House. Scattered, covered and smothered. $26,000 in debt, then a year later he was making money, new car, facing Flair. At one point over 400 companies making things with his likeness. Sting airfresheners. So many have said they got into the industry because of Sting. Rollins, Sting in the ambulance, but Rollins kept stopping them, “Sting, I was you for Halloween!” I'm sure lots of you dressed as me for Halloween. White Castle of fear, Leon? Kevin Nash, peak of my career, stoic sting. nWo hits the ring, both Nash and Sting down on the mat, check on each other. Both are fine. Then, a big leg tossed over Sting's legs, and a quiet voice, “Sting, you think we can spoon?” The place erupts in laughter. So many changes to my character. Can I say Joker Sting? (pop) So much was said about him, he made some bad choices backstage, but his personal life was crumbling. He was pinned by God and found the light. He says he has bragging rights because he worked WrestleMania, and now officially a WWE HoFer. He thanks Hellwig. He was intense and challenged him. He wouldn't be here if not for him. “One more match!” chants. “Undertaker!” chants. Sting thanks Brice Yang, Jeff Cavalier, Rossy Jim Ross, and even Michael Hayes. All four of them took me under their wing. Road Dogg, you need to know that it was him who reminded him to bring his Life Alert necklace going into the ring with Rollins. And Flair, who made him in the first place. Mom and Dad taught me great work ethic. (Dad yells, “You're welcome!) His family, his brother who is his pastor. His kids, he thanks them all. He's to his one year anniversary and thanks his wife Sabina, his trainer who got him through the year. “Thank you Sting!” No, I'm going to thank you. Thank God for all of you. On this night, at this moment, I'm going to finish my wrestling career under the WWE umbrella. I'm officially retiring tonight.
He puts on shades, grabs his bat and says, “This isn't goodbye, it's just see you later.”

Keep reloading for more fun from the WWE Hall of Fame.

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