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Happy Sunday wrestling world! Welcome to Live Coverage of Hell in a Cell! Who can walk out of San Antonio on a good note? Can Becky Lynch defeat Charlotte for the Smackdown Women's Championship? Will Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler retain their tag team titles against Shield brothers Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose? Can Roman Reigns keep the Universal Championship from The Monster? Will AJ retain against Samoa Joe? Stay tuned for tonight's show!


Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show Results

The New Day (c) defeats Rusev Day - Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships

That wraps up the Kickoff! It's time for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view! Go get some popcorn and your favorite drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy - Hell in a Cell Match

Off the bell, Hardy wasted no time going at The Viper. Orton quickly turns it around and gains some control. He sends Hardy crashing into the cell from the apron. Hardy blocks Orton from driving his face into that cheese-grater-like cell wall. Hardy looks underneath the ring and pulls out a table! Orton stops him and gives Hardy a clothesline.

Orton sizes Hardy up but Hardy, using that creativity, slides the table into Orton's ribs like a surfboard. Orton goes crashing into that cell wall! Orton quickly gains control back. The chair is set up outside of the ring and Orton wants an RKO. Hardy counters and sends Orton into the cell wall, once again. He delivers poetic justice! It's in Hardy's ball park.

They get back in the ring and Hardy is wearing Orton out, for sure. Hardy climbs to the top but The Apex Predator meets him up there. He drops a superplex on Hardy and he got all of that one! Both men are definitely feeling this HIAC as fatigue is kicking in with pure agony. Hardy looks under the ring and pulls out another ladder. He sets it up on the outside, but upside down. He wants the suplex, Orton counters and drops Hardy right down the middle of that open ladder! He gets him back in the ring for a two count.

How much does Jeff Hardy have left? Orton goes back to the outside and pulls out a steel chair. He drives that chair right in the injured back of the Enigma. Orton knows the history of Hardy's back injuries as he continues to target that lower part of it. He's systematically destroying Jeff Hardy! He sets Hardy up in between a ladder in the ring and wears him down.

Orton puts in the hold and Hardy wants to get back in this one. He creates the separation and builds the momentum! Hardy looks to delete Orton and sets up the Twist of Fate. Orton counters with the slam for two nearfalls. That lower back of Jeff Hardy has to be in pain! Orton goes back under the ring and takes out a toolbox! What in the world will he do with a screwdriver?! He gets back in and tugs at that ear gauge! Orton puts the screwdriver through Hardy's ear and twists it! Hardy in screaming in pure agony! He gets to his feet and lowblows Orton.

It's all legal, too. Hardy uses his own belt to whip Orton. He picks the chair up and drives it, repeatedly, into the back of The Viper. He sets up for the Swanton Bomb and Orton knocks him off the top. Orton's back in bruised and cut up from the metal-studded belt shots from Jeff Hardy. He sets Hardy up for the Apron DDT and immediately sets up for the RKO. Hardy counters and delivers Twist of Fate.. He puts the banged up steel chair on top of Orton and delivers the Swanton Bomb! Orton kicks out! How?!

Cameras have zoomed in on Orton and he appears to also have a gash in his leg as well. Hardy goes and pulls out another table and another ladder. What could he possibly be thinking? He sets up the ladder and table, putting Orton on top of it. He slowly climbs and grabs the top of the cell. He swings, hanging from the top and goes flying face-first into the table. Orton moves and demands the referee counts him for the win!

WINNER by pinfall: Randy Orton

As a result of the fall, Jeff Hardy is being carried out of Hell in a Cell on a stretcher.

AJ Styles vows to take down Samoa Joe. He defends his WWE Championship later on tonight against The Samoan Submission.

Smackdown Live Women's Championship - Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (c)

Both women start off looking for control of the start of the match. They're both receiving big pops from the San Antonio crowd. Charlotte counters Becky into a Figure-8 setup but Becky counters into her own submission. Neither woman can lock their respective submission holds.

Becky gets control of this one and is going after the left arm of the champ. This new Becky Lynch is looking like championship material tonight! Charlotte tries to flip the script, it's not happening. Becky goes back to work on that arm. Charlotte fights her way out of the hold. She builds the energy and is going to work.

She's giving Becky the signature Flair chops. Becky tries to fight back but Flair is too long for her. They trade moves back-and-forth and Charlotte is holding that injured arm for dear life. She locks the Dis-Arm-Her in but Charlotte slides to the outside of the ring to break it up. Lynch left it locked in for 4 more seconds. She climbs back in the ring and looks to go to work. Charlotte hits her away and goes for the spear. Becky flips the momentum into the pin and gets the count!

WINNER and NEW champion: Becky Lynch

The New Day are celebrating their match victory from tonight's Kickoff Show. They look forward to defending their titles in Australia.

Raw Tag Team Championships - Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre (c)

Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler start the match off trading maneuvers. These men have been in a feud for the better part of this year which has seen the Intercontinental Championship go back-and-forth between the two men. Ambrose gets the tag to his Shield brethren and they display tag team chemistry on Ziggler.

Rollins comes back in and Ziggler has to get out to catch himself. He tags McIntyre in. McIntyre doesn't watch Rollins, he wants Ambrose. The Psychopath and The Lunatic! These two are definitely going at it. Seems like they could make for a pretty nice feud somewhere down the line for a title of some sort.

Rollins gets back in and McIntyre immediately goes to work on him. He's wearing the IC Champion down! Ziggler wants a piece of the man that took the belt back from him and is toying with Rollins in the process. His mouth may have caught up to him there. Rollins fights back but Ziggler quickly turns Rollins' momentum into a sleeper hold. Rollins goes for the tag to Ambrose but Dolph sticks his fingers in Rollins' eyes to stop him.

Both men are laid out as Rollins tries to get his eyesight back. Ziggler tags McIntyre in, Rollins throws him out of the ring. McIntyre pulls Ambrose off the apron and gets back in to go to work on Rollins. While the official was distracted, Rollins tags Ambrose in, but the ref stops it since he didn't see it. The champs get Rollins in their corner and beat him down.

Rollins and Ziggler are on the top rope, Rollins fights the champ off. Ziggler tags McIntyre in once again and Rollins knocks him off. He gets the tag to Ambrose! Ambrose comes in with the ridiculous energy! He's stomping away at McIntyre. He climbs to the top but is stopped by Ziggler. Off the distraction, McIntyre knocks Ambrose off the apron. McIntyre wants to throw him into the steel post, but he gets counters and goes face-first. Ambrose sends Ziggler into the barricade and gets McIntyre back in the ring.

He goes to the top but McIntyre catches him with the belly-to-belly, sending the Lunatic Fringe into the corner. Ambrose gets free and tags Rollins back in with Ziggler coming in as well. Rollins has the energy! He sets up for the suicide dive to the outside but McIntyre and Ziggler catch him. Ambrose follows him out and sends everywhere crashing!

Rollins and Ziggler make it back in at 9. Neither man can get the set energy. Rollins catches Ziggler and flips him into the falcon arrow. He sets up for the Curb Stomp but is countered. Rollins catches Ziggler's fameasser and sends him into the corner. Neither man can keep the other down!

McIntyre tags back in, Rollins delivers superkicks! Ambrose and Rollins want the double superplex on the Scotsman. Ziggler comes to the rescue. Ambrose and McIntyre go at it. Ambrose gets knocked off! McIntyre boots Rollins and Dolph pins him for the win!

WINNERS and STILL champions: Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler

Over the last few months, Samoa Joe has pressed AJ Styles' buttons. He has even made it personal towards the champ. Tonight, they will go at it once again for the WWE Championship. Who will walk out of San Antonio with the title?

WWE Championship - AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe

Styles immediately goes at Joe off the bell. Joe locks him up to stop his energy and starts jabbing away at the champ. They trade chops and punches. You can just see the emotions on Styles' face. He gets Joe to the outside and gives the drive-by knee to Joe. He's going to work on Joe on the outside. Styles gets back in and gives him the baseball slide! Joe might be out.

He gets the challenger back in the ring and sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm. Joe slides back out to ringside to avoid it and catches his breath. He looks for the springboard dive to the outside but Joe counters with kicks. He starts wearing the champ down and is giving him heavy duty blows. Styles tries to fight his way back but Joe takes his legs from under him.

Joe is back to wearing the champ down and is moving like a cruiserweight. No man Joe's size should be moving as fast as this 280 pound monster. Styles gets some breathing room and goes to work on Joe. Joe, lightning fast, knocks Styles off his balance and the champ goes ringside. Joe delivers a suicide dive and there was nowhere for AJ Styles to go! 

Count of 4, Joe looks for the pin and gets the two count. He's back to wearing the champ down in the middle of the ring. He gets Styles to the top rope but Styles, quick as we all know, slips out and pulls Joe off the rope. He starts with the vintage strikes and picks the energy up. Styles can't keep Joe down. You can never count Joe out!

Joe gets it back going with the technical moves, one step to the next. He wants to dismantle AJ Styles. He goes back to wearing him out. Styles is on spaghetti legs after the corner forearm. He counters Joe and gets him on the shoulders to drive him into the canvas. 280 pounds! Joe kicks out at two. Styles sets up on the apron and delivers the 450 for the nearfall.

What does Styles or Joe have left? "You're mine!" Styles says as he sets up for the Styles Clash. Joe counters and flips him into the corner turnbuckle, followed by a sickening, impactful clothesline for the nearfall. Joe was 0.2 seconds away from becoming the new champion.

 He sets up for the finisher but Styles counters. Styles has been busted open at the mouth. They trade kicks! Neither man can stay down. They're both digging deep. Styles counters Joe and sets up for the Forearm. Joe counters and locks in the Coquina Clutch! AJ can't find the ropes and is fading. Joe pulls the champ down but Styles flips it into a pin with the Clutch still locked in. Joe's shoulders are down and Styles gets the 3 count!

WINNER and STILL champion: AJ Styles

Joe thought that he had won as it appears that Styles had tapped out. This feud may be far from over.

One feud that's still continuing is Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Tonight, them and their wives will go at it in a Mixed Tag Match.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

The two men start things off and neither man can get the advantage. Miz is playing mind games with Bryan. He ends up ringside and Bryan tags Brie in. Of course, Maryse, by rule, has to come in automatically. Maryse immediately tags Miz right back in so Bryan has to get back in.

Brie definitely wants a piece of Maryse! Miz goes to work on Bryan, wearing him down in the middle of the ring. Bryan tries to pick the energy up but Miz stops it. He puts the signature backbreaker/neckbreaker on Bryan for the two count. Miz goes back to work on Bryan and is mocking him with his own Yes! kicks. He gets Bryan to the top and Bryan blocks a superplex. He psychs himself up and goes for the diving headbutt but Miz moves.

Bryan wants to tag Brie in but Miz isn't allowing it. Bryan gets Miz to the outside and tags Brie in. Miz stops Brie from going after Maryse and Brie goes to work on Miz instead! She baseball slides into Maryse and picks up the momentum. Miz breaks up the nearfall after the dropkick. Bryan comes to his wife's rescue. They both set up for Yes! kicks to their opponents. Once again, Miz and Maryse move and try to make a run for it. The Bryans go after them and Brie gets Maryse back in the ring. She goes back to work on her and rolls her up. Maryse flips the pin and keeps Brie down!

WINNERS by pinfall: The Miz & Maryse

Since Alexa Bliss cashed in her MITB contract the night she won it, she has locked herself into a feud with Ronda Rousey. Rousey stopped at nothing to win the Raw Women's Championship! Bliss wants the title back. Who can escape HIAC with the title? Should be one for the books!

Raw Women's Championship - Alexa Bliss w/ Mickie James & Alicia Fox vs. Ronda Rousey (c) w/ Natalya

Rousey already starts off overpowering the former champ, Bliss. Bliss is actually bringing more of a fight to the champ. Rousey counters Bliss and goes after that arm like she did at Summerslam. Bliss' friends come to the rescue and distract Rousey, buying Bliss some time.

Rousey gets her back into the ring and Bliss tries to capitalize from another distraction. Rousey sends her crashing into James and Fox on the outside. Bliss gets herself going by dropping Rousey. She's wearing the champ down! Bliss is wearing those injured ribs down. As Rousey gets the energy back, Bliss nudges those ribs again and goes back to work.

Rousey tries to get back into it but can't get an edge. Bliss is keep the champ down! Rousey looks hurt. Bliss pulls Rousey into the corner and holds her from the outside, pulling her ribs into the steel post. With the referee's distraction, James and Fox do the same and here comes Nattie to the rescue! She suplexes Alicia Fox on the outside! James tries to mess with the champ and goes crashing into the steel post.

Bliss gets back to wearing the champ down but Rousey builds up some adrenaline! She's going to work on the challenger. Bliss stops Rousey in her tracks with a kick to the midsection. Rousey counters a punch from Bliss and drives her into the canvas. She locks the armbar in and makes Bliss tap!

WINNER and STILL champion: Ronda Rousey

Samoa Joe is backstage arguing his case with the referee that was involved in his match. And he's doing rightfully so! Joe should be the WWE Champion. Paige interrupted and let him know that he will get his rematch at Super Show-Down in Australia which takes place in 3 weeks. 

Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman have battled in historical matches. Tonight, they will battle it out in one more. This time, it will be in the hostile environment, the Hell in a Cell structure! Who will leave HIAC as the Universal Champion?

Hell in a Cell Match for the Universal Championship (Officially, Braun's MITB Cash In) - Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns (c): Special Guest Referee - Mick Foley

Both men start off showing off that pure hatred for one another. Roman is already hearing it from the WWE Universe. Braun is overpowering The Big Dog, throwing him into everything he can be thrown into around the ring, including that steel cell wall.

Strowman runs Reigns into the cell once again, wearing the champ down in the process. He picks up the steel steps but Reigns knocks him back down with a drive-by kick. Strowman catches Reigns once again. Braun looks for a weapon under the ring and digs out a kendo stick before dropping it and picking up a steel chair. Reigns picks up the kendo stick and shreds it against the Monster. Braun stops him and headbutts him.

They end up back in the ring and Reigns tries to beat the Monster down with the steel chair. Strowman literally caught the chair and ran shoulder first at Reigns, going into the steel post. Reigns can't keep him down. He delivers multiple superman punches before Strowman catches him with a chokeslam and an extremely near fall.

Strowman argues the count, claiming it was 3. Reigns capitalizes and wants to get himself back into the match. He delivers another superman punch off a counter, followed by a nearfall. Reigns goes to the outside and pulls a table out from under the ring. Strowman is back on his feet on the outside and Reigns is in disbelief! He sets up for the spear around the ring but Strowman drives the steel steps into Reigns. He gets the steel steps in the ring and drives it into Reigns once again for the nearfall.

"WHY WON'T YOU STAY DOWN YOU MORON?!" says Strowman to the champ. He picks the steps right back up and drives them into the chest of Reigns, laying there on the ground, and throws the steps out of the ring as if it were a toy. Strowman goes for the pin and Reigns kicks out, once again, at 2.8! What more does the challenger need to do?!

He picks the table up and props it up into the corner. He's demanding Reigns to get up. He sets up for the Powerslam but Reigns jumps off the Monster's shoulders, delivers two superman punches and a spear into the table for the two count.

Don't look now, McIntyre and Ziggler are coming and they want in! Reigns' Shield brothers come to the rescue and attack them. They nearly chased them out of the arena. There's a brawl on the outside! Ambrose and McIntyre go at it while Ziggler climbs the cell. Rollins chases him and McIntyre climbs up! They are all over Rollins! Ambrose finds a kendo stick and climbs up as well! He's going to work on them with the kendo stick, that Lunatic Fringe. McIntyre finally catches him and they go to blows. Everybody's laid out on top of the cell with the two competitors still inside of the cell.

Ziggler makes his way down the cell but Rollins wants to keep him up. He fightts him off but Rollins starts to climb down with him. They're fighting it out on the side of the cell! They trade it out until both men fall off and onto the announce tables! As they lay there, The Beast, BROCK LESNAR MAKES HIS WAY OUT! LESNAR'S HERE!! He breaks the door of the cell off the hinges!

He's got that look in his eyes and Heyman sprays Foley in the eyes. Lesnar attacks the two competitors with the broken pieces of table and takes control of the two men! He delivers an F-5 to Strowman! He picks the champ up and delivers the F--5 on top of Strowman. Nobody is safe from The Beast!! He's heading out, finally. A referee comes to check up on the two and calls off the match. Neither man can continue the fight.

No Contest

Wow, what a way to end a championship match huh? Safe to say, this feud is far from over.

Hope you all enjoyed tonight's show! See you tomorrow for another awesome night of Live Coverage on Monday Night Raw! Have a wonderful night and a great week of work! Good night Wrestling World!

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