WWE Holds Invitation-Only Tryout At Performance Center

WWE Performance Center

Three Olympians and a professional kickboxer - wrestler Robby Smith, kickboxer Chi Lewis-Perry, wrestler Ben Provisor and judo player Travis Stevens - were invited to an invitation-only tryout at the WWE Performance Center.

Dot com wrote an article on dot com about it and we've included an excerpt below:

All four world-beaters have options outside WWE, whether in prizefighting or at the Olympics, and there’s no telling whether any beginner can ultimately develop the complex skillset required of a Superstar. Regardless, camps like these provide an invaluable opportunity for both sides of the table, WWE and the athletes, to see what the other has to offer.

“I’m starting from scratch,” Smith said. “I’ve been Greco-Roman wrestling for 24 years and it’s nice to do something new.”

In arranging invitation-only workouts, WWE’s talent development team targets athletes whose body movements can be easily adapted to the ring. Amateur wrestling has long been a pipeline for talent, and the physical rigors are similar in judo. Kickboxing, meanwhile, might add a brand-new element to the art form of sports-entertainment, Ceman said. The other common trait is that they’re all top-tier athletes.

“We have a mandate to build sports-entertainers, whether refining people with experience or building them from the ground up,” Ceman said. “What is a clear observation is that the more elite level an athlete is, the more success they’re having.

“Fitness models who just think this looks cool, they’re coming in and they’re done in six months,” he added. “On the other hand, you have Olympians who look at it as a good way to apply themselves — that’s the Chad Gable model, and you see he’s thriving with one of the fastest timelines of anyone lately.”

We've included a video WWE posted and embedded it above.

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