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WWE Interested in Signing Top TNA Star

Eli Drake

It is worth noting that TNA star Eli Drake is not currently scheduled to appear for Slammiversary on July 22nd in Toronto and has not committed to staying with the company at this time.

Drake has been receiving some interest from WWE after his previous experience in NXT left him with a really bad taste in his mouth due to former head trainer Bill DeMott and his antiquated and, quite frankly, abusive ways of "training" people.

Drake had the following to say about the possibility of going to WWE:

"It really depends. I am looking at all my options. I am very grateful for the opportunities Impact have given me and putting me on the stage they have put me on. I also have grown my bank account enormously! I'm doing well on that front. So I'm very grateful for it. But at the same time, I am a businessman, I am going to look into any opportunities that are afforded to me and anybody who wants to talk and wants to throw numbers my way and anything like that, of course I am open to that. Will I stay with Impact? That's a definite possibility. It could be a likelihood, I really don't know. It really depends on what else is out there. But I am interested in any opportunity that comes my way, that's for sure."

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