WWE Introduces New Model For "Big Four" Pay-Per-Views


What WWE did this year at SummerSlam and will do this weekend with Survivor Series will continue at Wrestlemania 33 next year and beyond. The new idea for “big four” pay-per-view is to have a WWE NXT TakeOver show, the big four pay-per-view and then television the following week all in the same city.

There will be an exception this weekend as WWE NXT TakeOver (Saturday), Survivor Series (Sunday) and Raw (Monday) will emanate from Toronto and next week’s Smackdown (Tuesday) will take place in Ottawa but you get the point.

We reported earlier today that WWE is bringing the model to Houston, Texas for Survivor Series 2017 as you can read those details at this link. And we've already mentioned the similar plans for Wrestlemania 33 weekend next March/April.

The reason why is beyond obvious. WWE wants to separate “big four” shows as something different, provide a large economic impact to host cities to get them to bid on their shows and try to laser target areas where they can generate hype, selling WWE Network subscriptions in the process.

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