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Why WWE Isn’t Pushing Cesaro

Steve Austin asked Vince McMahon why he felt Cesaro wasn’t connecting in their interview that aired after this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Below is an excerpt from our coverage by Sean Hopkins:

Austin asks where Cesaro isn’t connecting. McMahon says not quite with the charisma or verbal skills, and he’s not sure about the Swiss style. Cesaro needs to be able to project his presence. He’s got a great physical presence, but lacks ‘it’. Austin says he likes Cesaro after the split with Swagger, and the pairing with Heyman. He says he may have gotten lost in the shuffle because of lost momentum. He asks what he can do to further his cause. McMahon says he’s not so certain, but he’s not giving up. He’s a great in ring talent, and there’s something missing, and he can’t put his finger on when to go to the dance.

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