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WWE Joins New Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign


The WWE has joined a new anti-cyberbullying campaign alongside the Cybersmile Foundation. The two will work together to provide a more inclusive internet and attempt to put a halt to online bullying and harrassment. The press release is below:

We are excited to announce that for the month of March we have teamed up with WWE to promote diversity online, while raising awareness of the support services that Cybersmile offers to those needing help with any form of online negativity. Throughout this month, WWE and Cybersmile will publish exclusive interviews, videos and giveaways aimed at highlighting and celebrating all that a truly diverse internet has to offer – while imparting important advice for victims of online abuse.

WWE superstars will be contributing personal messages of advice and inspiration as well as exclusive interviews discussing cyberbullying, self-confidence, online safety and much more! In its entirety, the campaign will be exploring and promoting the issues of diversity and inclusion, while encouraging tolerance, understanding and respect for each other. Cybersmile and WWE want to remind everybody that no matter what other’s might say or think – each of us are unique stars in our own way.

With online abuse and cyberbullying being such a prevalant issue for young people around the world, the joint campaign also aims to reach those in need of support or advice for their online abuse problem.

To be a part of this amazing campaign, join in the conversation on social media using the #WWExCYBERSMILE hashtag. We will also be announcing a HUGE #WWExCYBERSMILE giveaway TOMORROW (March 2nd), so follow us now @CybersmileHQ in case you miss out!


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