How WWE Kept Jake Roberts' Return Secret, Putting Over CM Punk, Wants To Work Royal Rumble Or Wrestlemania

Dot com featured Jake "The Snake" Roberts in a new article posted at this link to discuss his return to WWE at last week's "Old School" episode of Monday Night Raw. Below are the highlights:

  • Diamond Dallas Page called Jake on Saturday and told him WWE wanted to speak with him about an opportunity.
  • WWE flew Roberts into Washington instead of Baltimore. They hid him in one of the busses until 10 minutes before his return on the show. He was told what he'd be doing on the show at approximately 5 PM, after being there for four or five hours. Roberts said the down time was good because it gave him time to reflect about where he'd been and what got him there. WWE provided him a number to call if he needed anything as well as food.
  • Other than DDP, Mark Carrano from Talent Relations, the person that booked his travel, Triple H and Vince McMahon were the only people aware of his return. They smuggled him into the Gorilla Position. Roberts said shaking Vince's hand again was "really big" for him.
  • Roberts told the official WWE website he really appreciates CM Punk so much more than than he ever has. He put him over for kneeling down over at the side and allowing for him to have his moment on last week's show. Roberts said he's an "old fart" who screwed up what he had and Punk didn't have to do that.
  • Jake said he would love to appear at Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania XXX later this year because he wants to leave the business on his own terms.

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