WWE Legal Storms WrestleCon, NXT A Third Brand?, Layla Wants Her Title Back


Photo credit - WWE

WWE Legal Invades WrestleCon

WWE had a legal team shutdown some vendors at Wrestlecon in Secaucus, NJ on Sunday that were selling their DVDs, t-shirts and other merchandise without permission, PWInsiderreports. The vendors in violation were presented with a legal order and had their merchandise seized. They were given a court date where they will have the opportunity argue their case as to why their merchandise should be returned. This, however, comes at the risk of having to pay damages. WWE also had a list of copyrights and trademarks to prove they were being infringed upon.

NXT a Third Brand?

Ricky Steamboat says WWE wants their NXT developmental territory to be a third brand like Raw or Smackdown. You can watch his comments in the video embedded below:

Layla Wants Her Title Back

Layla told John Pollock she wants the WWE Divas Championship back. You can watch her comments embedded in the video below:

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