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WWE Live Results (10/19/13) - Monterrey, Mexico

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Alberto Del Rio

Wrestling News World reader Christopher (Franz) Kreuzer attended Saturday night's WWE live event in Monterrey, Mexico and sent in the following live report:

For the first time ever, WWE brought a decent production to this city. They brought lighting production as well as some screens including a mini titantron.

Lilian Garcia came out to announce the opening of the show.

- R-Truth beat Damien Sandow. They made the effort to speak very good Spanish, which got them kind of over as well as some decent heat on Sandow. I found it entertaining.

- Zack Ryder beat Wade Barrett.

- Los Matadores with El Torito beat Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre. I thought that the fans would go crazy with them as they have a very high flying style, similar to the Lucha Libre style that is typical here in Mexico. It took them a while to get the crowed fired up, but they ended in very good style and El Torito got over with the crowd.

- AJ Lee defended and retained the WWE Divas Championship against Natalya.

- Alberto Del Rio defended and retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Sin Cara. I know it was a house show, but it made no sense for Del Rio to defend the title against someone like Sin Cara. It was weird that most of the crowd were booing Sin Cara and cheering Del Rio. I know both are Mexican, but Sin Cara used to be idolized in a John Cena fashion in this country. Rey Mysterio made the save after Alberto was trying to unmask Sin Cara. It is worth noting that they used the name "Mistico" as well as "Rey Mysterio Jr." during some of the promos. I thought they were going to mention Alberto's luchador name, but they did not.

- Intermission...go buy souvenirs and stuff...

- Tyson Kidd beat Hunico. Hunico got over as he connected well with the crowd. He showed very good wrestling skills as did Kidd. I think the problem with some foreign wrestlers in WWE is the language barrier. Even though some can speak it fluently, it is hard for some to deliver some good promos. As an example in the show, Lilian Garcia was speaking Spanish fluently, but botching her tongue every 2 seconds.

- Luke Harper & Erick Rowan w/Bray Wyatt beat The Prime Time Players. I thought PTP were going to get cheered, but everyone seemed to be excited about seeing the darkest faction nowadays in the WWE.

- CM Punk defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman in a non-title match. This match had John Cena reactions. Not the "Cena sucks!" era by the way. CM Punk was received like royalty with the most cheers of the night.

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