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WWE Live Results (1/23/15) Trenton, NJ - Results & Photos

WWE ran a “Supershow” live event on Friday night from the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, New Jersey. Daniel Bryan wasn’t on the show but there was plenty of star power, with Chris Jericho returning to work Cesaro. Jericho cut a promo, where there was a mention by the crowd of him teaming with CM Punk last time out in Trenton.

The “fired” workers, who returned on Smackdown, were back on the road with the company.

Below are match results:

1) Dolph Ziggler b. WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett in a non-title match

2) Darren Young b. Tyson Kidd

3) Erick Rowan b. Luke Harper

4) Chris Jericho b. Cesaro

5) Ryback b. Kane

6) Roman Reigns b. WWE United States Champion Rusev w/Lana via disqualification

7) Natalya & Paige b. Camero & Alicia Fox

8) Dean Ambrose b. Bray Wyatt

9) John Cena b. Seth Rollins in a Street Fight

Below are photos:

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