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WWE Live Results (3/7/14) - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Wrestling News World reader Alyssa Dmyterko covered Friday night's WWE live event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for us. Below is her complete report:

* Kofi Kingston defeated Damien Sandow, whom insulted the crowd before the match, telling us to "act like Americans"

* Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz. Ziggler and Miz hugged it out after the match

* The Usos successfully defended their tag team titles against the Rhodes Brothers. All four men raised each other's hands after the match

* Christian cut a promo about loving being back in his home country. He then went on to defeat Alberto Del Rio

* The Shield defeated The Wyatt Family in what in my opinion was the match of the night. An interesting note is that after the match was over Seth Rollins stayed back to high five the fans. I don't know if this is a common house show occurrence with him, but he was definitely playing the babyface.

* The Bella Twins defeated Aksana and Alicia Fox in a match voted by the fans

* Batista vs Big Show was announced next. Before the match could start Batista was attacked by a fan at ringside. The attacking fan was quickly taken down by security after a brief resistance and was kicked out of the building. Batista went on to defeat Big Show by count out when the Giant couldn't manage to roll back into the ring before the ten count. After the match Big Show came back and hit Batista with a knock out punch. (See also - Fan Incident Involving Batista At WWE Live Event In Winnipeg)

* Daniel Bryan defeated Kane in a steel cage match. Half way through Daniel Bryan accidentally knocked out the ref, allowing Kane to avoid getting pinned, but Daniel pulled through in the end, getting the three count and celebrating with the crowd from on top of the cage to end the show.

Biggest pops:

Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler

Most heat:

Damien Sandow

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