WWE Live Results (6/2/13) Augusta, Maine


Below are quick results and comments from Sunday night's house show in Augusta, Maine -

R-Truth b. Cesaro R-Truth really got the crowd pumped up, and Cesaro showed a lot more personality than we've ever seen from him in the WWE! The match lasted about 12 minutes.

Bray Wyatt b. Ryder Ryder was solid, but Wyatt stole the match, and possibly the show for me. The match was just short of 10 minutes.

Tons of Funk & Dactyls b. Prime Time Players & Bellas Humorous match, but the ring work looked solid. Naomi looked great in the ring. This match lasted over 10 minutes from entrances through dancing.

Jericho b. Fandango For being the local boy, Fandango didn't get any pop, but the fans loved Jericho! They worked the ring over 10 minutes, closer to 15 from dancing to exits.

Ted DiBiase b. Hunico Maddox came out to Vickie's voice saying EXCUSE ME, then brought out Hunico. DiBiase was over with the fans, and they had some great moves, but not the best match on the card.

Ted DiBiase b. Maddox Maddox demanded DiBiase back to the ring to face him. Hunico held DiBiase for Maddox, but then DiBiase ducked, Hunico took the hit and DiBiase rolled Maddox up.

US Title Match - Sheamus b. Barrett via DQ This was the sleeper of the show. They looked solid, just long and boring! Too long! Barrett attacked Sheamus with the belt, but ended up eating a brogue kick after the bell.

Tables Match for WWE Title – Cena b. Ryback Cena stole the show! Being so local, and he worked the crowd hard, even the heat was just out of habit. Ryback sold his serious intensity, better than on TV. Johnny Fabulous (John Cena Sr.) was in the front row, so when Ryback was in control outside, he grabbed a mic and called Fabulous a jackass.

I will be discussing certain moments of the show on this week's RAW Is Blogged. Make sure you check it out and see who really impressed, and who changed my mind about him as a person, and who really disappointed me. Also, certain things make house shows special compared to televised shows, and I'll discuss those further. See you there!


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