WWE Live Results (7/10/14) - Tokyo, Japan Cena vs. Bray Wyatt


Wrestling News World reader Hiroaki Kawafuji attended Thursday's WWE live event in Tokyo, Japan. He sent in the following live report:

-Match 1 : Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz
The crowd booed Miz and cheered Ziggler. Miz went for the Figure Four but Ziggler made it to the ropes. Ziggler hit Zig Zag after a super kick to get the pinfall victory.

-Match 2 : Kofi Kingston & Big E defeated Luke Harper & Eric Rowan
Kofi tried to hit Trouble in Paradise but Harper caught him, but Kofi hit a schoolboy for the win. After the match, Harper beat down Kofi and Rowan hit a jumping body press on Big E.

-Match 3 : Adrian Neville defeated Sami Zayn to retain the NXT Title.
Neville hit red arrow for the win. After the match, they shook hands.

-Match 4 : Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Kane and Seth Rollins by DQ
Rollins hit Reigns with the MITB briefcase. After the match, Rollins hit Ambrose with the briefcase. Kane’s big boot accidentally hit Rollins, Ambrose took the briefcase and hit Rollins with it.

Match 5 : Paige defeated Alicia Fox. (Fan's Choice Match)
(Editor's note (updated 8:51 AM EDT on July 11, 2014): Paige DID NOT have the WWE Divas Championship belt, as first noted. Our correspondent made an error.). Fans chose the non-title match. Paige locked PTO and Fox tapped out.

Match 6 : RVD defeated Cesaro with Paul Heyman
Before the Match, Heyman cut a promo. RVD hit five star flog splash for the win.

Match 7 : John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt with Wyatt Family to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Cena evaded Wyatt's chair attack and hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win. After the match, Cena celebrated and said he had been able to retain the title thanks to WWE Universe of Japan. Cena thanked the fans to end the show.

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