WWE Looking At Different Tiers For Network Subscribers

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George Barrios, who is WWE’s Chief Financial Officer, participated in a presentation at the Bernstein Global Future of Media & Telecom Summit in Boston this past Tuesday. When asked about the possibly of new tiers and pricing being introduced for the WWE Network, he stated the following:

We’re comfortable with the price [of the WWE Network] for the current offering. We like the simplicity of being able to talk about one price around the world. We feel good about that. As you look got to the future, anybody with any business background knows that if you can segment the demand curve, you can generate more revenue. But I think it’s less about raising the price; it’s really about creating different offerings or tiers within the product. Can you create a lower-price tier, for example, that allows people who aren’t ready to consume 180 hours a year, but want to consume some? Can you put a product there? And similarly, given that we are a 360-degree company that touches our audience in a variety of ways, can you do something through that at a higher price-point? [Those are] things we think about, work on and give a lot of thought to. I could see us doing something along those lines.

The quote was transcribed by Brandon Howard via his Twitter account.

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