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WWE Looking To Get Established In China

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Bin Wang and Triple H

The New York Times has a new article online looking at the potential and challenges of WWE expanding into China.

“There is no presence of product over here,” said John Cena. By tackling the language, he added, “I’m kind of a vehicle to leverage what we’ve done.”

Triple H explained how new the WWE product is to the Chinese:

“They’ve never really seen anything like us,” said Hunter. “The athleticism is very real. The story lines and the theater part of it is where they had a hard time with the blurred line of that.”

The WWE Network is not yet available directly to Chinese viewers. For now, the company is working with a service called PPTV, who helps them stream Raw and Smackdown each week. PPTV subscriptions start at less than $3 per month, which is roughly a third of the cost of the WWE Network.

WWE is hoping to grow their Chinese fandom on the back of their first mainland performer, Bin Wang. Wang though believes it’s more about what he can in the ring, not his nationality that will help grow WWE’s presence in his home country:

“People shouldn’t see you for your nationality or ethnic group,” he said. “It’s less about that and more about what you can do, personally, as a warrior and a figure in the ring.”

The complete New York Times article is available at this link.

While Bin Wang makes a good point about people not seeing performers for their nationality, WWE has shown a new commitment at diversifying their talent roster, especially in terms of helping them grow in key markets. WWE continues to scout talent from all of the world, particularly where they significant growth potential such as China.

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