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WWE Loses Court Ruling Over Unauthorized Merchandise Sales; Roman Reigns Wrestlemania Workout

WWE Loses Court Ruling

WWE made a strong-arm attempt to block the sell of unauthorized merchandise by third parties in New Orleans over Wrestlemania XXX weekend. While the company wished for the suit to remain quiet, with a joint motion to seal it, U.S. District Judge Helen Berrigan issued an extraordinary ruling on Tuesday.

Below is an excerpt from the ruling, with WWE of course the "Plaintiff,":

"The problem with Plaintiff’s request is apparent once one recalls that the order it requests is not directed against a single named, identified, or even described person—all the defendants are John Does, and Plaintiff provides no particular information about the identity of any of them," she wrote. "At best, Plaintiff defines Defendants almost tautologically: Defendants are anyone who would be a proper defendant within broad geographic and temporal limits."

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story and has more at this link. You can also read about the ruling here.

Roman Reigns Wrestlemania Workout

WWE posted the Wrestlemania workout for Roman Reigns at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

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