WWE Main Event Results (1/29/14) - Del Rio vs. R-Truth, Big E and The Uso's Win Tag Match


WWE Main Event Results (1/29/14)
From the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

R-Truth makes his way to the ring rapping. Alberto Del Rio enters next. Tom Phillips and Alex Riley are on commentary.

R-Truth vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio kicks Truth, shoulder block. Hip toss from Truth, Del Rio is tossed out of the ring. Truth flips out onto Alberto. Back in the ring, Del Rio stomps on R-Truth repeatedly. Truth punches Del Rio multiple times in the corner, two. Del Rio sends Truth into the opposite corner, followed by a big kick to the side. Del Rio jumps from the top, cover. Headlock in place, Truth gets out and rolls Alberto up. Del Rio covers him. R-Truth is tossed out of the ring.


Del Rio sits Truth up on top and kicks him, two. Headlock in place, Truth gets out and connects with a clothesline, cover. Del Rio focuses on the arm, another cover. Truth hangs upside down from the turnbuckle allowing Del Rio to kick him. Truth hits a big dropkick from the top. Both men are down, they slowly get up. Truth hits a couple clotheslines, followed by an inverted suplex for a nearfall. Del Rio connects with the back stabber. Truth hits a DDT, cover. Del Rio hits a big enziguri in the corner, nearfall. R-Truth counters with the scissors kick, cover for a two. Del Rio stomps on Truth from the top, pinfall for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio - by pinfall (13:55)

Alicia Fox and Aksana were talking to Tamina when The Bella’s walk up. They bring up their recent wins. Natalya walks up and offers a hand to Tamina who she fights tonight. Natalya calls her a sir before walking off.

Christian returns this Friday on SmackDown!

Natalya enters and high-fives fans. Tamina enters with AJ at her side.

Natalya vs. Tamina

Tamina throws her jacket at Nattie and takes her to the corner with punches and kicks. Clothesline from Natalya, Tamina slams her leg against the apron, cover. Tamina continues to work on the leg using submissions. Tamina flips Nattie over and stomps on her. Samoan Drop connects. Nattie rolls her up out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Natalya - by pinfall (3:16)

AJ leaves commentary and attacks Natalya. Naomi and Cameron make the save, they hit a suplex on Tamina while AJ watches.

WWE.com Exclusive: Triple H tells Michael Cole that Cody Rhodes and Goldust will get their Tag Team title rematch this Monday on Raw inside a steel cage!

Raw Rebound: John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Sheamus def. The Shield to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match.

The Uso’s make their way to the ring for a six-man tag team match. IC Champion Big E Langston joins them as they face 3MB.

The Uso’s and Big E Langston vs. 3MB

Slater and Jey Uso start. Slater wraps his arms around Uso, Jey works on the arm. Headlock in from Heath, big shoulder block. Jey slaps Slater, clothesline follows for a cover. Jimmy gets tagged in and pins Heath. Mahal gets rolled-up, kickout. Big E tags in and drops Mahal to his knee several times, cover and kickout. Jey Uso flips Mahal over and hits a small clothesline. Big E flips McIntyre over his shoulders. Drew gets shoved into the corner and beaten on. Big E flies across the ring onto McIntyre. 3MB is tossed out, and everyone flies out onto them as they got to commercial.


Jey gets kicked by McIntyre. Slater comes in and stomps on him repeatedly. Mahal gets in and covers Jey. Jinder locks in a head hold. Jimmy comes in and hits a headbutt, two. Slater slams Jimmy into the ropes, two. Slater puts in a headlock on Jimmy. Slater connects with a neckbreaker, cover. Mahal hits a couple knee drops on Jimmy. Jimmy hits a big flip off the turnbuckle onto Mahal and McIntyre. Big E connects with clotheslines to Heath. Big belly-to-belly slam followed by a splash. Uso’s super-kick Drew and Jinder. Big E hits the Big Ending on Slater as the other two hit the splash for the win.

Winners: Big E and The Uso’s - by pinfall (14:24)

The show ends with the winners dancing.

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