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WWE Main Event Results (6/24/14) - Believe In Roman Reigns

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WWE Main Event Results (6/24/14)
From the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Reported by CJ Blaze of

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of Main Event!

Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show and announce that Roman Reigns will be interviewed by Renee Young later tonight.

In the ring, Dolph Ziggler is on a ladder by the MITB briefcase. He talks about climbing the ladder and succeeding. Two years ago, it was me. I climbed that ladder, grabbed that contract, and it was the greatest moment in my career. Most importantly, claiming that prize led him to the night after WrestleMania 29 when he became World Champion. A "let's go Ziggler" chant breaks out. Because of us, it was the greatest moment of his life. Somehow, someway, lightning is going to strike twice. This Sunday, it's not about stealing the show, it's about taking what's mine.

Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring for the six-man tag match. Kofi follows. Swagger enters with Zeb Colter at his side. The Intercontinental Champion enters and Rollins follows.

Dolph Ziggler, RVD, & Kofi Kingston vs. Seth Rollins, Bad News Barrett, & Jack Swagger

Kofi and Swagger start, waist lock on Swagger, Kofi is taken to the corner. Kofi connects with the monkey flip and a kick to the face. Ziggler comes in with an elbow drop, cover. Drop kick, cover. Barrett with a suplex on Ziggler, two. Headlock on Ziggler. RVD comes in and kicks Barrett, Rolling Thunder connects, two. RVD with a kick to the face, goes up top and it distracted by Swagger. RVD is thrown out of the ring.


Rollins hits a suplex on RVD, two. Swagger strikes RVD and follows with a belly-to-belly. Swagger Bomb connects, two. Headlock on RVD, RVD gets out and goes for a tag but no luck. Barrett with a neckbreaker, two. Barrett shoves RVD's face into the ropes with his foot. RVD is booted onto the apron. Swagger with a headlock on RVD. RVD counters with a couple kicks. Kofi and Rollins tagged in. Rollins flies into an empty corner, dropkick and clotheslines from Kofi.

Boom Drop connects, sets up for TIP. Rollins dodges but is caught with the SOS. Ziggler takes out Swagger, RVD and Barrett get sent out. Kofi is rolled up, kickout. Curb stomp from Rollins for the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins, Bad News Barrett, & Jack Swagger - by pinfall (7:49)

Swagger throws Kofi out of the ring and locks in the Patriot Lock on Ziggler. Barrett takes RVD out with a ladder. Ziggler takes Swagger down before Barrett hits him with the ladder. Swagger is hit with the ladder, followed by the Bullhammer.

Backstage, Fandango walks up to Layla with a rose. Fandango says he would never do anything to betray her. She's the only one to dance their way into his heart. They kiss before the segment ends.

Daniel Bryan will appear on the Money in the Bank Kickoff Show.

Footage airs of Vickie Guerrero getting "fired" last night on Raw.

Fandango and Layla dance their way to the ring for a singles match. After the commercial break, Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring.

Fandango vs. Bo Dallas

Summer Rae runs down to the ring and makes out with Summer Rae. Layla attacks Summer and Fandango tries to split them. They get out of the ring while still fighting. Fandango gets back in the ring and runs into the Bo-dog for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas - by pinfall (1:35)

Bo says that women are interesting creatures. He knows they will figure it out, they just have to bolieve!

R-Truth and Xavier Woods make their way to the ring for a tag team match. Ryback and Curtis Axel enter.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel 

Truth and Ryback lock up and go to the corner. Truth dances, headlock follows. Woods tagged in and strikes Ryback. Woods kicks Ryback some more before being caught with a slam. Big suplex from Ryback, Axel tagged. They trade blows, Axel connects with a big running knee. Knee to the back of the head of Woods. Headlock on Woods. Ryback tagged in. Ryback takes Woods to the corner for several slaps to the chest, covers him but the ref is distracted. Headlock on Woods. Woods gets out but is sent back down to the mat.

Woods is cut off by Axel, tag to Truth. Truth connects with the inverted suplex. Truth flies into the corner, DDT for a two. Woods is taken out by Ryback. Axel connects with the swinging DDT for the win.

Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback - by pinfall (5:49)

Ryback grabs a mic and says that Goldust and Stardust caught them off guard by their win. Ryback challenges them to a tag match at MITB. Axel calls them cowards and when they are done with them, they will just be dust in the wind.

Renee Young is in the ring and welcomes Roman Reigns down to the ring. Young says the table is set, someone will grab a piece of history and walk out champion. Roman says The Authority has a huge bull's eye on him and he doesn't feel safe. He tells Renee to take off her heels in case she needs to run. Roman says when he was with The Shield, they ran the yard, and now he still runs the yard. When he wins the titles, he will be at the top and believe that. Renee brings up Orton. Roman calls him a spoiled brat. He's not here to wipe his ass, he's here to kick it!

What about Kane? Roman responds by saying everyone is scared of him, but he's not and he's ready to attack. Triple H appears on the tron. Sounds like you want everyone to believe in Roman Reigns. But I know a man that believes in no one. Roman will face Kane on SmackDown.

Kane comes down to the ring. They punch each other, Kane chokes Roman, but gets out. Kane is clotheslined out of the ring.

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