WWE Main Event Results (7/1/14) - Ziggler Steals The Show And The Win


WWE Main Event Results (7/1/14)
From the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of Main Event!

Brandi Rhodes makes her debut tonight as the new Main Event announcer as Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are on commentary.

Cesaro and Paul Heyman are in the ring. Cesaro has a patch over his right eye after his injury last night on Raw. Heyman brings up Lesnar ending The Streak. Heyman says that Cesaro vs. Ziggler can't take place this evening. Paul tells the fans to bo Kofi, not him. Footage airs of Kofi pinning Cesaro last night and Cesaro attacking him after the match. Dolph Ziggler interrupts Heyman and talks about winning MITB, how he cashed in and became champion, and is a former Intercontinental Champion. Ziggler tells Cesaro to man up as Big E interrupts.

Big E says he is a former Intercontinental Champion and he has a chance at redemption. Ryback and Curtis Axel interrupt. Ryback talks and hands the mic over to Axel until RVD comes out and says we all have our accomplishments. The point here is that we are all good, but only one of us is good to be---. They start to brawl, Ziggler, Big E, and RVD stand tall in the ring.

Footage airs of The Miz and Chris Jericho returning last night on Raw. Chris Jericho will be on SmackDown.

R-Truth and Xavier Woods are in the ring. Harper and Rowan enter.

R-Truth vs. Xavier Woods vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Woods slips under Harper and lands a dropkick. Truth tagged in and hits a dropkick before being booted. Rowan tagged in, body slam. Rowan grinds his fingers against Truth's face. Truth gets some punches in and tags Woods. Woods strikes Rowan and gets in a DDT, two. Rowan delivers a big spinning kick. Harper takes out Truth. Rowan with a side slam for the win.

Winners: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan - by pinfall (2:33)

Cameron and Naomi make their way to the ring. Footage airs on AJ returning and beating Paige last night on Raw to win the Diva's Championship. Nikki Bella enters. Stephanie appears on the tron and says she knows it's unfair that Brie left her so she's giving her a new partner. Alicia Fox enters,

Cameron & Naomi vs. Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox

Naomi and Nikki lock up. Nikki connects with a dropkick. Naomi is thrown back in the ring and Cameron cuts Nikki off. Cameron is tagged and she pins her. Cameron holds Nikki in the ropes. Nikki gets out of an arm hold and goes to tag Fox, but Fox moves. Cameron gets the pin on Nikki for the win.

Winner: Cameron & Naomi - by pinfall (1:35)

Sheamus tells Renee Young backstage that he promised he would be a fighting champion. He's giving the opportunity to anyone at all to challenge him Friday. Del Rio walks up and says he will take the US Title and then the Intercontinental Title at Battleground.

A video package airs of Triple H and John Cena's opening Raw segment from last night.

Cesaro and Paul Heyman are interviewed backstage by Renee Young.

Dolph Ziggler is the first to enter for the main event. Big E and RVD entered during the break. RybAxel enters next, followed by Cesaro with Paul Heyman.

Dolph Ziggler, Big E, & RVD vs. Cesaro, Ryback , & Curtis Axel

Ryback and Big E collide, Big E is taken to the corner. Big E with a clothesline, clubs to the gut. Shoulder block from Big E, belly-to-belly slam follows. Big E works Axel's arm, Cesaro tagged in. Big E tosses Cesaro in to the ring. Ziggler tagged in and taken to the corner. Ziggler rips off the eye patch and Axel is tagged in. RVD kicks Axel in the head, Rolling Thunder connects. The faces clear the ring.


RVD strikes Axel and pins him. RVD is thrown in the corner and Ryback takes RVD down. RVD connects with a dropkick. Punches and a kick in the corner. RVD is tossed into the corner by Ryback. Cesaro kicks RVD, two. Headlock is in place on RVD. Van Dam gets out but is put back in it again. RVD tries to get the tag, but no luck. Axel stomps on RVD multiple times in the corner. Ryback and Axel double-team. Ryback with a suplex. Cesaro kicks Ziggler off the apron and RVD kicks Cesaro in the face. Axel keeps RVD from getting the tag.

Ryback has a head hold in place on RVD. Ryback jumps from the top but RVD moved. Ziggler and Cesaro tagged in, Ziggler takes Cesaro to the corner for punches and a neckbreaker. Cesaro catches him, Ziggler counters and hits the Famouser. Big DDT on Cesaro. Axel breaks the pin. Big E is in and out, RVD kicks Ryback. RVD goes up top and is shoved out by Cesaro. Ziggler connects with Zig-Zag for the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler, Big E, & RVD - by pinfall (11:00)

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