WWE Main Event Results (7/8/14) - Sheamus Retains, Bret Hart Makes Sandow Tap


WWE Main Event Results (7/8/14)
From the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of Main Event!

Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show, hyping The Highlight Reel with Bret Hart.

Eden announces the US Title Match is next. The US Champion Sheamus makes his way to the ring first. Sheamus grabs the mic and says that any night that starts with a fight, is a great night for him. He doesn't need any luck tonight, as he has his lucky boot. And after he retains, he will move on to Battleground and hold both the IC and US Titles. Del Rio pops on the tron and says something in Spanish. Sheamus says anything goes tonight. That means he can beat Del Rio up with a kendo stick. Del Rio tells Sheamus to kiss that title one last time. Del Rio says kicking Sheamus' arse his will be his pleasure, fella.

Last Man Standing United States Championship Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

They lock up and tumble out of the ring. Sheamus sends Del Rio flying into the barricade. Sheamus throws several punches. Del Rio takes control after sending Sheamus into the barricade. They are each slammed into the commentary table. Del Rio is thrown down. Rolling Senton on the outside from Sheamus. Del Rio strikes Sheamus with a kendo stick. Del Rio poses on the commentary table.


Sheamus is down in the ring. Del Rio goes up top and strikes Sheamus with the stick. Sheamus grabs the stick and Del Rio kicks him. Del Rio beats Sheamus with the kendo stick once again. Sheamus knocks Del Rio down as he jumps from the top. Sheamus unloads with punches and clotheslines. Big running knee from Sheamus, Irish Curse Backbreaker follows. Del Rio gets up at 7. Sheamus grabs the stick as ADR begs for him not to hit him. Sheamus unloads with strikes, the final one hits Del Rio right in the chest. The crowd chants "we want tables". Sheamus lifts Del Rio up, Alberto counters with a DDT. Del Rio kicks Sheamus and flies out on to the apron. Sheamus hits the ten clubs to the chest, and then some. Del Rio is shoved out onto the announce table. ADR gets up at 9 outside the ring.


Del Rio is down as Sheamus gets him up with a backdrop. Sheamus grabs a chairs Del Rio strikes with a kendo stick. Del Rio has a small cut on his shoulder and then strikes Sheamus again. Sheamus runs into a running knee. Del Rio grabs another chair. Sheamus blocks the chair and slams Del Rio. Sheamus tries for the Brogue Kick, Del Rio connects with a backstabber. White Noise by Sheamus, both men are down. Sheamus rolls out and grabs a table! The table is set up in the ring, Del Rio connects with an arm breaker and an enziguri. Sheamus is up at 8. Del Rio kicks the leg.

Sheamus runs into the chair shoulder-first and Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker. Sheamus lifts ADR and sends him through the table. Both men are down until nine. Sheamus connects with the Brogue Kick. ADR is down for the ten count.

Winner and STILL US Champion: Sheamus - (17:00)

Breaking News: Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt has been confirmed for Battleground!

Chris Jericho talked to Renee Young backstage about tonight's Highlight Reel and his match with Bray Wyatt.

We see footage from Cena vs. Rollins in the Raw main event last night. Cena wins by DQ when Orton and Kane attack.

Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring for a 6-on-1 handicap match. The rest of the cast of Total Divas enters.

Nikki Bella vs. Natalya, Rosa Mendez, Summer Rae, Eva Marie, & Naomi

Nikki flips Rosa over and works the left arm. Rosa sends a couple right hands to the face and flies into the corner. Summer and Rosa hit a suplex together. Summer pins. Summer takes Nikki to the corner, Eva Marie clotheslines and pins. Summer holds her foot in her face while in the corner. Nikki slaps Summer right across the face. Nikki with a clothesline. Rosa tries to break things up. Eva Marie connects with a DDT for the win. Nattie and Naomi look sad on the apron.

Winners: Eva Marie, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendez, Naomi, & Natalya (2:36)

Cameron comes out and attacks Nikki before being chased to the back by Naomi.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for The Highlight Reel. Look at all the Jericho-holics out there tonight. And I've brought the Highlight Reel to Ottawa for the first time ever. Jericho welcomes Bret Hart. Hart says it's a great thing to be back in the capitol for the first time in a long time and to be on Main Event for the first time. He met Jericho a long time ago, and he mentions the Dungeon. And the battles and titles he's won, Jericho is here. Jericho asks Bret who were some of his greatest rivals. Owen, Stone Cold, Undertaker, the one that stands out the most is Shawn Michaels. HBK's music hits and Damien Sandow is dressed as Michaels.

Jericho says he's so excited to see Shawn here tonight. And then Chris says he's gotten uglier. A big ugly fish, with a beard. Sandow says who was the man that made you want to be a wrestler? Who was your son's favorite wrestler? Me! And after tonight, they will be talking about the Ottawa screw job. Bret hits Sandow and locks in the Sharpshooter! Sandow taps and Jericho has the bell rung. Jericho puts on the HBK wig and raises Bret's hand.

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