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WWE Main Event Results (7/22/14)
From the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of Main Event!

Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show. Stephanie's arrest will be recapped tonight. Rusev will actually take on Jack Swagger tonight, instead of Sheamus.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring for the opening match. A recap is shown of Ambrose attacking Rollins at Battleground. Fandango makes his way to the ring.

Seth Rollins vs. Fandango

Fandango dances in the ring as the crowd chants "You sold out" at Rollins. They trade headlocks and Rollins dodges Fandango's moves only to be caught by a dropkick. Rollins rolls out of the ring. Rollins takes Fandango to the corner with kicks. Fandango is sent face-first into the second turnbuckle. Fandango is kicked back into the corner. Rollins puts in a headlock on the mat. Fandango gets out of the hold and pins Rollins. Fandango takes Rollins to the corner, roll up out of the corner. Buckle bomb and a curb stomp from Seth Rollins for the three.

Winner: Seth Rollins - by pinfall (3:06)

A replay is shown from last night's Raw of Brock Lesnar returning and Paul Heyman cutting a promo.

Jey Uso makes his way to the ring with Jimmy at his side. Ryback enters with Curtis Axel accompanying him.

Jey Uso vs. Ryback

Lock up, Jey puts a headlock on Ryback. Jey is taken to the ropes and then shoves Ryback. Lock up again, waist lock on Ryback. Jey is taken to the corner. Jey catches a Ryback's boot and follows with some slaps. Clothesline from Ryback. Uso slips out of the ring. Jey gets back in and tries for a sunset flip. Ryback tosses Jey over his shoulders. Ryback shoves Jey down for the pin. Headlock on Jey. Jey gets out and gets the sunset flip, two. Jey gets Ryback with another roll-up. Another roll-up follows. They trade blows and Jey is shoved into the corner. Ryback catches Jey from the top and turns it into a spinebuster. Jey gets the Samoan Drop after countering the meat hook clothesline. Stink face in the corner. Jimmy takes Axel out outside the ring. Ryback connects with the meat hook clothesline for the win.

Winner: Ryback - by pinfall (4:44)

Renee young interviews Slater and O'Neil backstage. Slater says he doesn't know what happened two weeks ago, but Slater Gator was formed. Titus says they are not a team. Sit down, shut up, and follow my damn lead. Slater says they will beat their opponents tonight... Slater Gator!

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio on SmackDown. Cesaro will face Dean Ambrose in a No DQ Match.

Titus and Slater are in the ring. Big E and Kofi enter with Woods at their side.

Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E

O'Neil and Kofi lock up. Kofi is taken to the corner. They shove each other and O'Neil slaps Kofi. They trade blows and Titus drops Kofi to his knees before tossing him. Slater tags in and kicks Kofi. Headlock on Kofi, and Slater takes Kofi to the heel corner. Kofi strikes Titus and Heath. Titus tags in and he and Slater argue. Big E comes in with a clothesline. Big shots to the stomach from Big E. Big clothesline follows. Kofi takes out Slater. Tag to Kofi. Big E holds Titus on his knee as Kofi jumps from the top with a stomp. They repeat the move on Slater. Big E stacks Slater on Titus and pins both for the win.

Winners: Big E & Kofi Kingston - by pinfall (3:19)

A replay from Battleground is shown of Rusev beating Jack Swagger by count-out.

Swagger and Colter are interviewed backstage. Colter talks about Russia and America. Boris got by at Battleground. It's a new day and a new battle. Never underestimate the power of a motivated American. We the people!

Titus tells Renee that he's a one man team, and Slater is nothing but bad luck. Titus calls Slater dead weight. Slater says they have chemistry together.

A replay from Raw is shown of the arrest angle between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie was "released" at 4 this morning.

Rusev makes his way to the ring with Lana accompanying him. Lana cuts a promo about Americans. Jack Swagger enters with Zeb Colter accompanying him.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger targets the left ankle right off the bat. They separate. Waist lock on Rusev, elbow to Swagger. Rusev attacks Swagger in the corner. Swagger is taken to the next corner and Rusev continues the attack with a headbutt. Rusev is sent out of the ring.


Swagger takes Rusev into the corner. Swagger is taken down with a clothesline. Rusev stomps on Swagger while on the ropes. Swagger rolls out and Rusev continues the beating as Swagger is shoved into the barricade, apron, and ring steps. Back in the ring, Swagger throws some punches. Rusev catches Jack with a clothesline. Rusev stomps on Swagger's head while holding his left arm. Rusev has a headlock on Swagger. Swagger breaks free and throws more punches. Swagger with a clothesline, big slam in the middle of the ring for a two. Swagger Bomb and Swagger catches Rusev's left foot and applies the ankle lock. Rusev makes it to the ropes.

Swagger hits Rusev with a clothesline from behind outside the ring. Rusev grabs the Russian flag and strikes Swagger, the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Jack Swagger - by DQ (8:24)

Colter grabs Rusev's flag. Swagger kicks Rusev and then waves the American flag in the ring as Rusev and Lana retreat.

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