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WWE Main Event Results (8/19/14) - Big Show vs. Rowan, Sheamus In Action

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WWE Main Event Results (8/19/14)
From the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona
Reported by CJ Blaze of

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of Main Event!

We see a video package play recapping the big matches and happenings at SummerSlam. Michael Cole and Byron Saxton are on commentary this week. Sheamus comes out for the opening match. Curtis Axel enters without Ryback. Before the match starts, Cesaro comes out in a suit and goes to the commentary booth.

Sheamus vs. Curtis Axel

Lock up, Axel is taken to the ropes. They separate and Sheamus goes back at it as Axel hangs in the ropes. Waist lock on Sheamus, Sheamus flips him over. Headlock on Axel, shoulder block follows. Hip toss by Sheamus, followed by a body slam. Axel rolls out of the ring. Axel gets back in and takes Sheamus to the corner with kicks and punches. Sheamus throws punches and Axel gets slammed again, two. Sheamus is pulled into the ropes head-first. Axel gets clotheslined and holds onto the apron when Sheamus pulls him. Axel with a running knee, Sheamus falls out of the ring. Axel gets a pin, one. Sheamus is thrown into the corner and then placed up-side-down on the turnbuckle. Axel kicks and holds grabs his head while hanging there. Sheamus falls off after Curtis kicks him in the head, two.


Axel has a headlock on Sheamus. Sheamus tumbles out of the ring but gets right back in the ring. Axel counters the battering ram and hits the Perfect Plex, two. Axel kicks and strikes Sheamus as Sheamus crawls around the ring. Sheamus gets furious over the slaps and he goes on the attack with clotheslines and a running high knee. Suplex from the US Champ. Sheamus clubs Axel on the chest ten times. Rolling senton from Sheamus. Sheamus connects with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus - by pinfall (9:31)

Cesaro gets up and grabs Sheamus' US Title. Cesaro throws it in the ring and walks off.

Triple H comes on and announces that John Cena will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

Nikki Bella comes out for the next match. Emma enters.

Nikki Bella vs. Emma

Lock up, Emma is shoved. Lock up again, Nikki takes Emma down. They get back up and Emma has a waist lock in. Roll up on Nikki, kick out. Another roll up, kick out. Emma takes an elbow and kick from Nikki out of the corner, two. Nikki has a headlock in. Emma takes Nikki to the corner. Nikki takes Emma's head and slams it against her knee, headlock in place. Nikki throws Emma into the corner. Emma locks in Dilemma on the ropes. Nikki dodges a crossbody and throws a big right hand. Nikki hits the backbreaker for the win.

Winner: Nikki Bella - by pinfall (3:33)

Big Show and Henry are interviewed backstage. Show talks about Rowan being the same size and says their match is going to be ugly. Henry talks about winning before walking off.

Slater Gator is in the ring for a tag match. Los Matadores enter. El Torito and Hornswoggle are at ringside, Hornswoggle is dressed as a cow.

Slater Gator vs. Los Matadores

Slater and Diego lock up. Diego with a shoulderblock. Diego gets in a crossbody. Slater is taken to the corner. DDT and Fernando comes in with a senton. Fernando dodges Slater's moves and then connects with a hurricanrana. Slater gets in a clothesline and tags Titus. O'Neil drops Fernando to his knee before tossing him across the ring. Titus slaps Fernando and tags Heath. Flapjack by Fernando. Diego tagged in and takes Slater down. Diego flips onto Slater and Titus is taken out. Slater is rolled up twice. Slater plants Diego with a DDT for the win.

Winners: Slater Gator - by pinfall (4:21)

Hornswoggle and El Torito toss Slater out of the ring. They run off when Slater Gator tries to get them.

Luke Harper appears and cuts a promo about how a giant will come crashing down tonight. We see footage of Rollins vs. Ambrose from last night's Raw.

Seth Rollins appears for an interview backstage. Rollins says it's on the WWE Universe's hands because they chose the stipulation. Lots of heroes have fallen on tough times lately. Cena, Jericho, Jack Swagger. They all let us down at SummerSlam. Swagger appears and confronts Rollins. They talk about talking tough to each other. Rollins says he won his match at SummerSlam, while Swagger was taking a nap after his match. Rollins challenges him to a match, but not tonight. They will face off on SmackDown.

Big Show makes his way to the ring with Mark Henry at his side. Erick Rowan enters with Luke Harper at his side.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

Lock up, headlock on Show. Show powers out and shoulder blocks Rowan. Rowan is clotheslined out of the ring. Big Show is slinged into the post. Back in the ring, Show catches a boot from Rowan and throws him down. Rowan is slapped on the chest in the corner. Rowan gets clubbed again. Rowan takes out the knee. Rowan snaps the knee and clotheslines Show, two. Knee drop from Rowan followed by a right hand to the head. Rowan runs at him in the corner, cover for a two. Rowan grabs Show's nose. Show gets up and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Rowan boots Show for a two. Henry gets the crowd clapping as Rowan drives his fists into Show's head. Show takes another boot, followed by an elbow from the top.

Rowan slams Big Show, nearfall. Show gets up and connects with the KO Punch for the win.

Winner: Big Show - by pinfall (6:31)

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