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WWE Main Event Results (9/2/14) - Dolph Ziggler In Action, Rosa Mendes Loses Again


WWE Main Event Results (9/2/14)
From the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska
Reported by CJ Blaze of

Welcome to WNW's live coverage of Main Event!

Damien Sandow is in the ring dressed as The Miz. Before we get things started, congrats to The Miz for his victory last night on Raw. Miz is shooting a movie and tonight, Sandow is hosting MizTV. Sandow has prepared a monologue. What is the true meaning of Christmas? Dolph Ziggler cuts him off and makes his way to the ring. Byron Saxton and Michael Cole are on commentary.

Sandow has footage of Miz pinning Ziggler on last night's Raw air on the tron. Ziggler, sitting in the chair, says you're out here pretending to be Miz? He got lucky, Sandow calls it skill. Sandow: How dare you come on my show and say this! Ziggler: You're show? Really? They have a Really? battle before Sandow cuts him off. Sandow talks some more and says maybe he really is a fan of The Miz. Or, he's just waiting until The Miz beats Ziggler for the title at Night of Champions. Sandow shoots down Ziggler's claim that he will remain champ. You could go back to being Bret Hart, Magneto, or maybe... you can go back to being the ballerina. Sandow goes for a swing and Ziggler hits a dropkick. Sandow throws the robe thing down and walks away.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

We come back from break and they are having a match. Sandow beats on Ziggler and throws him into the corner. Sandow hits a knee drop, cover. Elbows to the chest, and a headlock is in place. Sandow sends some punches and pins again. Headlock in, Ziggler powers out. Sandow dodges the clothesline and works the right arm. Sandow wraps his legs around Ziggler from behind. Ziggler throws some punches and then is tripped into the rope. Sandow connects with a suplex, cover. Sandow tries for the figure four, but Dolph rolls him up. Sandow gets in a pin and headbutts. Ziggler creates some separation. Sandow goes into the steel post shoulder-first. Ziggler nails a couple clotheslines, followed by a neckbreaker. Sandow rolls Ziggler up. Dolph connects with the Famouser, nearfall.

Sandow hits Miz's vintage back/neckbreaker combo. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler - by pinfall (6:19)

Cole and Saxton talk about Stephanie McMahon and Nikki Bella. We see footage of the in-ring segment from last night's Raw. Jerry Springer will be on Raw next week.

Natalya and Rosa Mendes make their way to the ring. Summer Rae and Layla are in the ring.

Natalya & Rosa Mendes vs. Summer Rae & Layla

Summer shoves Rosa. Rosa takes her down and then hits a dropkick, pin. Summer is tossed out of the ring. Layla tries to get involved. Back in the ring.... Rosa's butt is shown on the screen, thanks to Layla. Layla puts a submission in on Rosa. Rosa is tossed into the heel corner. Layla stops the tag. Nattie is getting mad, Summer pins Rosa. Layla is back in and locks in a hold on the ropes. Nattie gets the crowd clapping and Layla hits a dropkick, two. Summer fails at a leg drop. Nattie tagged, clotheslines Summer, suplex. Summer is flipped over and Nattie runs over her with kicks. Summer with a huge slap. Layla and Nattie collide with a double crossbody. Rosa tags in. Layla kicks Rosa across the face, shoves Nattie, and pins Rosa for the win.

Winners: Layla & Summer Rae - by pinfall (4:58)

We see a preview for Season 3 of Total Divas. We then see footage of last night's opener from Raw with The Highlight Reel, Triple H, and John Cena.

Stardust and Goldust make their way to the ring. Jey Uso is "injured" after Raw. Los Matadores make their way to the ring.

Stardust & Goldust vs. Los Matadores

Stardust and Matadores start. Stardust is taken to the corner. Matadores trade tags and works Stardust's arm. Stardust is taken down, pin. They work the arm of Stardust. Goldust tags in, taken down with an arm drag. Matadores tag and pins Goldy. Goldust has his left arm in a hold. Goldust rolls out and gets back in. He's holding his arm a lot. Goldy tries for a sunset flip, Matadores stops him and covers him. Matadores works the arm and kicks it in the ropes. Matadores double team on Stardust. One of them flies out onto The Dust Brothers.


Matadores hits a dropkick on Stardust. Matadores tagged in, taken to the corners. Goldust beats on him in their corner. Stardust saves Goldust, and Matadores flies into an empty corner. They double team with stomps on Matadores. Stardust puts in an arm hold. Matadores tries to get some space with Goldust, but he's dragged into the heel corner. Goldust has an arm hold in. Stardust gets taken down by Matadores with an springboard elbow and dropkick. Matadores rolls Stardust up, two. Matadores flips off of the turnbuckle on Stardust. Stardust hits his finisher for the win.

Winners: Goldust & Stardust - by pinfall (12:40)

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