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WWE Main Event Results (2/19/14) - The Shield Wins Tag Team Match, Cameron vs. Aksana, Kofi vs. Axel

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WWE Main Event Results 2/19/14
From the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Reported by CJ Blaze of

Sin Cara and Los Matadores enter kick off this week's show once again. The Shield enters after. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

The Shield vs. Sin Cara and Los Matadores

Ambrose and Fernando start with a lock up. They counter moves, Fernando hits a springboard elbow. Diego hits a dropkick. Rollins hit with arm drags, Sin Cara tagged in. Cara kicks Rollins, jumps from top and turns it into an arm drag. Diego works on the left arm, Fernando hits a dropkick and covers. Rollins tags Roman who turns Fernando inside out. A couple of big elbow drops, cover. Ambrose comes in off an elbow drop. He sends a couple right arms, holds him in the corner. Rollins strikes the chest of Fernando. Fernando is thrown into the opposite turnbuckle a couple times. Tag to Sin Cara who hits a couple cross-bodies, hurricanrana, jumps out onto Rollins. Ambrose hits a suplex on Cara. Roman nails a perfect dropkick on the apron.


Ambrose pins Cara, kickout. Dean has Cara in a headlock, Cara counters with a springboard elbow. Rollins gets in and connects with three suplexes. Reigns taunts Cara before punching him. Roman puts in a headlock. Cover on Sin Cara and kickout. Rollins backdrops Sin Cara and flies into him in the corner. Seth pins, kickout. Sin Cara rolls Rollins up for a nearfall. Roman stops Cara from a tag. Sin Cara hits Reigns with a DDT. Ambrose and Diego get in, Diego hits a crossbody. Hurricanrana follows onto Ambrose. Ambrose rolls him up, kickout. Diego flips off the top, Rollins and El Torito get involved. Ambrose gets hit by Fernando. Cara and Diego are hit with a double Spear from Reigns. Ambrose holds up one of the Matadores for Reigns to super punch. Rollins hits the Black Out for the three.

Winners: The Shield - by pinfall (14:58)

A Legends' House video package airs.

On SmackDown: Sheamus vs. Christian

A video package airs showing Cameron's moments on Total Divas.

Aksana vs. Cameron

Aksana kicks Cameron off of the apron before the match. Aksana drops a knee to the face of Cameron. Cameron throws some elbows before Aksana throws her down. Aksana shoves her knee into Cameron while on the ropes. Headlock in place, Aksana throws her down. Cameron rolls Aksana up, kickout. Cameron takes her down and. Outside of the ring, Fox gets slapped. Cameron hits a bulldog. Aksana drops Cameron down to her knee. Cameron rolls Aksana up for the three.

Winner: Cameron - by pinfall (3:13)

Byron and Tom hype the Elimination Chamber match. A video package about the Chamber airs. Exclusive: Cole asks Triple H about Bryan and whether he's been sending Kane out. Bryan is an underdog, and the fans like that fact. There will be a lot of high-profile players in that match. No matter who wins, The Authority will make that person the new face of WWE.

Bad News Barrett talks. He's not the only one who's incredibly high. But he's afraid he has some bad news. He rambles on about the Olympics. No matter what gets legalized here, Americans will always stink up the joint.

Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring. Curtis Axel makes his way to the ring with Ryback.

Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel

Ryback distracts allowing Curtis to attack from behind. Kofi hits a dropkick, clothelines, and the Boom Drop. Axel gets out of the ring. They go to attack Kofi when Mark Henry makes his way to the ring for a tag team match.


Kofi kicks Axel in the corner several times. Kofi kicks Axel several more times. Axel takes Kingston down, Kofi hops over Axel a few times before hitting a clothesline, cover. Axel connects with a clothesline from behind. Axel drives his knee into Kofi, another cover. Axel slings Kofi over the ropes and out of the ring. Mark Henry and Ryback share some words. Axel covers Kingston back in the ring. Kofi dodges an elbow drop from the top. Kofi nails a clothesline from the top, and a couple more in the ring. Crossbody off the top, nearfall. Axel hits a gut wrench, pin. Kofi sends Axel to the outside. Ryback grabs Kofi causing a disqualification.

Winner: Kofi Kingston - by DQ (10:10)

Mark Henry tries to get Ryback, but he slips out. Kofi flips out onto Ryback and Axel.

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