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WWE Main Event Results (4/1/14) - WrestleMania Hype, Sheamus vs. The Miz

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WWE Main Event Results (4/1/14)
From the Verizon Arena in Washington, DC
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Sheamus makes his way to the ring, followed by The Miz. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

Sheamus vs. The Miz

Lock up, Miz is taken to the corner. Lock up again, Sheamus takes him down while headlock is still in. Miz puts in a headlock, Sheamus gets out after a shoulder block. Sheamus takes Miz to his knee, two. Back in the ring, Sheamus shoves Miz and delivers punches in the corner. Miz stomps on Sheamus repeatedly. Sheamus clubs Miz twice. Sheamus is sent out of the ring, Miz with a dropkick. Sheamus tosses Miz into the barricade outside the ring.


The Miz takes Sheamus to the corner as they hit each other. Sheamus clotheslines Miz out of the ring. Sheamus is sent shoulder-first into the ring post. Miz kicks Sheamus, cover. Miz jumps from the top onto Sheamus, headlock in place. Miz connects with a neckbreaker, cover and kickout. Miz pins again, two. Miz grabs his nose, and applies a chin lock. Sheamus clubs his way out, only for Miz to knee him. Sheamus runs Miz over, both men down. More clotheslines delivered, running knee to the face. Rolling Senton connects, Miz gets out of the ten clubs to the chest. Irish Curse Backbreaker, nearfall. Miz connects with the DDT, two.

Miz dropkicks Sheamus' leg which is held in the ropes. Sheamus keeps himself from the leg lock, Miz dodges Brogue Kick. Ten clubs to the chest are delivered, and Miz is thrown back into the ring. Sheamus goes up top, Miz stops him and applies the figure four. Sheamus reaches the ropes. Brogue Kick is hit for the three.

Winner: Sheamus - by pinfall (13:38)

Tom and Byron hype John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. A video package airs hyping their WrestleMania match and John Cena's legacy.

AJ Lee will be defending her Divas Championship against the entire diva roster in a one-fall-to-the-finish. A replay is shown of Vickie Guerrero announcing the match a couple weeks ago on Raw.

Renee Young interviews The Bella's backstage. No matter what happens that day, they are prepared despite getting ready Bryan's match and the wedding. One of them will walk away with the title. Nikki faces Tamina next.

Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring with Brie at her side. Tamina enters with AJ Lee.

Nikki Bella vs. Tamina

Lock up, Tamina works on the arm. Nikki counters, delivers a dropkick out of the corner. Nikki wraps Tamina's head in her legs and slams her head against the mat. Nikki hits a hurricanrana and Tamina rolls out of the ring. Tamina takes Nikki down as AJ and Brie watch. Back in the ring, Tamina covers Nikki. Big headbutt is delivered, two. Nikki hits a clothesline and dropkick. Tamina is sent over her shoulders. Nikki plants her face into her knee, two. Tamina boots Brie outside the ring. Tamina super-kicks Nikki. She goes up top and connects with the Superfly Splash for the win.

Winner: Tamina - by pinfall (4:11)

AJ once again raises Tamina's hand and hugs her.

WrestleMania Guest Host Hulk Hogan will be on SmackDown.

Raw Rebound: The Undertaker opened Raw to deliver his final message to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar and Heyman come out. Heyman speaks for Lesnar before Brock heads down to the ring. After circling the ring, Lesnar enters the ring and Undertaker punches Lesnar. Brock gets the upperhand and delivers an F5 to Undertaker.

Randy Orton and Batista fought in a No DQ Match on Raw which ended in a no contest after Daniel Bryan attacked Triple H.

WrestleMania XXX takes place this Sunday on the WWE Network and on pay-per-view. Stay tuned to for the latest news and results.

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