WWE Main Event Results (3/11/14) - Little Rock, Arkansas

WWE Main Event Results
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
From the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas
Report by Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

We're live from Little Rock, Arkansas on the WWE Network. Tony Chimel is the ring announcer with Byron Saxton and Tom Philips on commentary.

Tag Team Match
- Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback

The entrances:

Diego and Fernando allow for Torito to lead the way down to the ring. He bounces around in the ring and into the arms of Los Matadores. Curtis Axel and Ryback are out next and Axel announces he's in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in a video pre-tape.

The start:

Ryback starts for his team and pushes Diego to the mat. Ryback tries to get control but is countered.

Mid-match notes:

Fernando makes a blind tag and works the arm of Ryback. He whips Ryback off the ropes but he counters and goes for a legdrop. No one home and Fernando hits a back elbow drop. He walks into a knee from Ryback and Curtis Axel tags in. Axel works over Fernando in the corner, chopping him. Hurricanrana by Fernando but Axel counters by whipping him face-first into the corner. Axel follows with a clubbing blow from behind.

Axel covers him for a two count. After some more offense, Ryback tags in and buries his knee into the face of Fernando. The referee pulls him back but Ryback argues. Ryback uses a right hand and pins Fernando into the ropes with his leg. He kicks Fernando in the chest and gets a two count. Ryback applies a submission hold on the mat. As he wrenches back, the crowd cheers for Los Matadores. Fernando chops him and lands a right but Ryback whips him off the ropes in a counter. Fernando countered but Ryback knocked Diego off the apron to prevent a tag.

Ryback hit more offense and tagged in Axel. Sidewalk slam into a backbreaker from Axel onto Fernando then an elbow off the ropes for a two count. Axel applies a sleeper hold on Fernando in the ring. The crowd gets behind Los Matadores. Axel goes off the ropes and when Fernando tries to drop him over his head, Axel kicks him down to the mat with his knee.

Ryback tags in and lands a suplex. He dusts his hands off and stomps Fernando in the corner. The crowd chants 'Goldberg' as Fernando fights Ryback back but he walks into a shoulder block. Ryback went for a splash but Fernando got out of the way. El Torito got on the apron as Axel tagged in. Diego made the hot tag and went off the ropes to attack Axel. He hits a dropkick on Ryback, sending him off the apron.

Cross-body from Diego off the ropes onto Axel. He charges Axel in the corner but Axel throws him up on the turnbuckle. Axel is sent flying and Diego goes to the top rope and connects for a cover. Fernando attacks Ryback on the outside, as Axel inadvertently kicks Torito into Ryback on the outside.

The finish:

The distraction allows for Diego to roll Axel up in the ring and pin him for the three count.

Winners - Los Matadores when Diego pinned Curtis Axel

WWE Divas Championship Match
- AJ Lee w/Tamina Snuka (c) vs. Natalya

The entrances:

AJ Lee, the champion, is out first with Tamina. She skips to the ring as a the camera shows a little girl in the crowd with a replica Divas title belt and a sign that says "future Diva." They roll footage from last Friday's episode of Smackdown.

AJ Lee gets on the mic and says she is so bored. The crowd boos as she says Natalya has yet another shot at her title. But have no fear, she says she will beat her again and prove that she has no competition. AJ vowels to show why she's the 268-day Divas Champion. 268-forever.

Natalya comes out alone with her sleeveless ring robe. Tony Chimel does the formal in-ring introductions. Natalya from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee.

The start:

The referee calls for the bell and we're underway. AJ Lee skips into Nattie but she nails a side headlock takedown into an immediate submission hold. AJ breaks out but Nattie goes and hooks it right back in on the mat. AJ gets to her feet, Nattie goes off the ropes and hits a shoulder block on AJ. Finally, Natalya rolls her up for a quick cover.

Mid-match notes:

Natalya takes AJ Lee down another time with a side headlock takedown. She re-applies the side headlock submission she's used a couple times now. AJ Lee counters with kicks as the cameras show a shot of Tamina on the outside. AJ Lee counters by working the left arm of Natalya but Nattie counters into another submission maneuver on the Champion's leg.

AJ Lee is working the shoulder of Nattie, Natalya is working the knee of AJ Lee. AJ breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. AJ Lee retreats to the apron and the referee starts to count. Nattie tells her to get into the ring and they circle. Nattie takes AJ down for a cover and picks her up for a scoop and a slam. She locks in an armbar submission but AJ counters with a hiptoss takedown.

Nattie counters and sets AJ Lee on the apron. AJ hits a right but Nattie goes for a dropkick, sending AJ off the apron. The dropkick missed but they sold it on announce as it grazed her. The show went to commercial break.

Back from break and AJ Lee has Nattie in a submission hold. During the break, Natalya crashed off the ropes. AJ covers Nattie for a two count. Natalya counters by going for a slam but before she can release it, AJ locks in a submission hold. AJ is still targeting the shoulder of Natalya. AJ finally falls on her, covering her for a two count.

Natalya kicks out but AJ lands more offense, including some stiff right hands. The crowd boos as AJ Lee skips around the ring. AJ off the ropes and delivers a clothesline on Nattie. Two count from AJ Lee on Natalya. AJ Lee had a submission hold but Nattie countered and landed a dropkick from the mat. Both women are rattled but AJ Lee gets to her feet first.

Nattie punches her in the corner and follows with a kick. The Divas Champion battles back with kicks and beats Nattie in the corner. AJ Lee puts her foot into the throat of Natalya but has to break the hold at four. Nattie lands a big right hand and starts to beat AJ in the ring. Nattie sells hard. AJ kicks Nattie in the midsection. AJ locks in a submission maneuver in the center of the ring, the crowd gets behind Natalya.

Natalya uses her strength to counter out but AJ Lee locks in a sleeper hold. Nattie throws AJ Lee off her. AJ Lee charges the corner but no one home. Snap suplex from Nattie on AJ Lee. And another. Baseball slide dropkick from Nattie on the Divas Champion. She follows with a spine-first scoop and slam. Natalya covers AJ Lee for the count of two.

Natalya goes for a slam but AJ Lee locks in the Black Widow out of nowhere. The referee checks for submission but Natalya uses her strength to power out. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter but she can't get it and is nearly caught in a roll-up. AJ counters but Nattie goes back to the Sharpshooter. She locks it in and wrenches back. The referee checks as AJ goes for the ropes. Nattie drags her back to the center. Tamina pushes the rope towards AJ and she makes it. The hold is broken.

The finish:

Natalya is furious at Tamina on the outside. AJ uses the distraction to her advantage, locking in the Black Widow again. Nattie is forced to tap out.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion - AJ Lee

Richard Reacts: Natalya and AJ Lee worked extremely hard and that was a great Divas TV match.

We go to Santino Marella and Emma backstage at catering. They have their own table as Santino tucks his napkin into his shirt. Santino asks her if she has everything she needs. Santino says he wants to celebrate her victory on Monday Night Raw but wants to know what Emma meant by fun buddy. She needs some pepper but when Santino goes to leave the table, the table cloth is caught in his pants and he drags it all to the floor. Emma says she'll never ask for pepper again.

Back from commercial, we go to Byron Saxton and Tom Philips as they talk about the Occupy Raw movement. Cue the Raw Rebound.

WWE United States Championship Match
- Dean Ambrose w/Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (c) vs. Mark Henry

The entrances:

Dean Ambrose enters through the crowd with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose following him to the ring. Roman Reigns gives Ambrose a pep talk as Ambrose stares down the ramp, awaiting his opponent. Mark Henry comes out went with his Bent on Destruction t-shirt. He shakes his head in disgust of The Shield and his opponent.

Tony Chimel does the formal in-ring introductions with the title being on the line.

The start:

Charles Robinson calls for the bell as Dean Ambrose circles The World's Strongest Man. They lockup and we're underway. Mark Henry powers Ambrose off him immediately. Ambrose smiles but Henry hits a bodyslam. Ambrose retreats to the outside to regroup.

Mid-match notes:

Henry picks Ambrose up from the apron and throws him into the ring. Henry works a hold in the ropes. He lands a head butt on Ambrose. It's all Henry so far as he throws the United States Champion all the way out of the ring. Henry goes after Ambrose on the outside, even with Reigns and Rollins out there. He rolls Ambrose in the ring but Ambrose kicks the left knee of Mark Henry.

Ambrose goes off the apron onto Henry. He says, that's what I'm talking about as Henry is down on the outside. The show goes to a commercial break.

Back from break and Ambrose has Mark Henry in a submission hold in the ring. The crowd chants for Henry. Ambrose continues to focus on the left knee of the World's Strongest Man. Henry sells the pain by screaming. Henry's shoulders are down and the referee counts to two.

The commentators question if Mark Henry is 100%. Ambrose on the middle rope, he goes off and chops Henry in the left knee. On announce, they sell the fact Ambrose is always thinking strategy. Henry knocks Ambrose off him but Ambrose goes off the opposite middle rope and chops his left knee. Ambrose locks in a submission hold on Mark Henry's left knee and the referee counts to one when Henry's shoulders drop on the mat. Ambrose wrenches back on the submission but Henry gets to the ropes and the hold is broken after a referee count of three.

Ambrose kicks Henry in the face. Ambrose goes to the outside and attacks Henry, who is still in the ring. The referee tells Ambrose to come back inside as he assaults his opponent. Mark Henry still counters Ambrose but he's relentless on the World Strongest Man's left knee. Ambrose stomps down on it.

When Ambrose tries to go off the middle rope again, Mark Henry caught him and body slammed him to the canvas. Henry hits a right and a couple clotheslines. A powerslam from Henry on Ambrose and Henry gets a two count. Ambrose counters but Henry nails a headbutt. When Henry goes for the cover, Seth Rollins points out Ambrose has his foot on the ropes.

Henry is upset at the interference and ends up taking out Seth Rollins on the outside. When he gets back in the ring, Ambrose attacks him. Ambrose counters with a big boot from his right leg. Henry starts to climb the ropes with Ambrose down. Roman Reigns starts to scream and Henry as Ambrose grabs Henry and takes him off the ropes.

The finish:

Ambrose plants Henry's head in the center of the ring and gets the three count and the pinfall victory.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion - Dean Ambrose

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