WWE Money In The Bank: Making A Case For Every Competitor (Men's Edition)

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Money In The Bank is just days away and after Monday Night Raw the final competitor has qualified. Last week Apollo "injured" his knee during a match with Andrade which made him have to pull out of the match. On this week's Raw A.J. Styles would make his first appearance since being buried alive at WrestleMania. Styles would win a gauntlet match which saw Bobby Lashley dominate the beginning, then Humberto get a couple of wins and finally Styles would defeat Humberto. In this article I'll be making a case for why each competitor should win the match.

Daniel Bryan

Bryan is a former Money In The Bank winner and has once again become extremely popular. The two current world champions are first time champions and Vince always like an insurance policy. A third option could be Bryan cashing in on Adam Cole in NXT and creating a moment that would send shock waves throughout Wednesday Nights.

Baron Corbin

When you think about the character he is almost perfect to hold the briefcase and is someone WWE has invested a lot in over the years. Corbin is also a former Money In The Bank winner however he was not successful in cashing in. Corbin would make for a great feud for Strowman and would be great at continuously teasing a cashin.

Rey Mysterio

A legend who as he said on Monday doesn't have many World Championship opportunities left in his career. If you were looking for a feel good moment of the night I believe Mysterio winning could give you that. I could see Mysterio winning and then announcing his cash-in at a future match, especially if Seth Rollins is holding the championship.

Aleister Black

Before Monday Aleister Black was the odds on favorite to win the match. It was interesting that his only promo, specifically spoke to A.J. Styles. Black has been protected more than almost anyone else since leaving NXT for Raw. He has had a slow meteoric rise and having the briefcase could be a next logical step in his career.


Oh yeah! Otis has become one of the most popular and beloved baby faces in all of the company. He is truly the underdog of this match and could see him coming just inches from the win however losing at the last minute. WWE could capitalize on his popularity and give him the briefcase and giving the fans a real OMG! moment.

A.J. Styles

I began this article with an insurance winner and close the article with one as well. Styles is the perfect guy to hold the briefcase while WWE allows the McIntyre and Strowman reigns to play out. If at anytime WWE feels a change needs to be made or if someone isn't working out, you just break the glass and Styles cashes in the briefcase. It would also be another good addition to his historic WWE run and wrestling resume.

Who do you believe will win the Money In The Bank match for the men? If you enjoyed this article check out my Women's making the case article here. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or on Twitter @view_raw.

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