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WWE Monday Night Raw Recap 07/06/20

Monday Night Raw from The Performance Centre in Florida opens with the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre. He delivers a great promo about wanting to know the stipulation for his match at Extreme Rules: Horror Show, he even throws in a hilarious line from Austin Powers in there which made me laugh! This is an interesting Universal Championship match coming up since the challenger, Dolph Ziggler, has the choice of stipulation. Ziggler comes out during the promo to hopefully announce the stipulation of that match but guess what shhhh it’s a secret. This is a great way to set up this match. Ziggler the master manipulator is keeping his cards close so that McIntyre does not get an upper hand on Ziggler. To add another layer onto this feud, Ziggler adds that McIntyre has a history of leaving people behind. Boom, here comes another form 3 Man Band Member Heath Slater from the unemployment line. He delivers a very impassioned promo stating that McIntyre left him in the dust when he was fired a couple months but when the shoe was on the other foot Slater was there. Here comes the twisted nature of all this, Slater brings back a line from The Bump with McIntyre stating that he would give Slater a title shot. Circle back to the whole you me something angle that has been the theme of this McIntyre/Ziggler feud. McIntyre is not interested in having a match against his friend at this time. Slater begins to goad and ends up slapping McIntyre in the face. Here we go, the match is underway and over within a matter of minutes. I’m hoping that this was just a one off and Slater does not go back to just being fodder for other superstars. This man is seriously talented, entertaining and just delivered a wicked emotional promo. The opening segment ends with Ziggler getting in Slater’s face that leads to a confrontation between the two. Mcintyre comes in for the save this forces Ziggler to run quickly backstage. This segment ends with a feel good reconciliation between Slater and McIntyre and a quick 3MB reference.

Another WWE show means another show heavily peppered with Women Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley. It begins with a backstage segment where they blow off an interview with Sarah to talk in the ring instead since millions will see and hear them. Ding Dong, hello the show is on international television so no matter where you are millions will see you. Asuka shows up during the backstage setting to say that she is not alone when she has her match later tonight against Bayley. In the ring, Bayley and Banks continue with their monikers and there are many: Bayley dos straps, Sasha 3 Shows, 2 belts Banks. Seriously, ENOUGH with it please I’m begging you; it wasn’t even that cool when it was Becky 2 belts. Thank goodness Asuka interrupts them. Bayley again talks Banks into a match with a returning Kairi Sane. This match was so good, great test of strengths and holds in the match. Sane places a hold on Banks and Bayley breaks it up for the disqualification. Bedlam breaks out between these four ladies with Sane and Asuka getting the upperhand. In another backstage segment Asuka throws out a challenge for the Tag Team Titles next week if she beats Bayley later tonight. This Monday Night Raw was filled with backstage segments since later on in the evening before Banks and Bayley head to the ring for the main event they speak with Charly. Banks decides to accept the Tag Team match next week instead of waiting for Asuka to win tonight. In the main event, we have Nikki Cross sitting ringside with security around here trying to get to leave. The commentators state she is fine there and just wants to enjoy the match. Naughty Nikki will behave! During the match between Bayley and Asuka, Bayley taunts Cross and she tries to retaliate. This gets Nikki removed forcibly by security. Later on Bayley sees a ghost or better yet a Cross, she is in the audience bashing the glass. Asuka obtains the upper hand with the Asuka Lock off the distraction. Banks tries for the disqualification that breaks the hold but Sane stops Banks in her tracks. Asuka pins Bayley clean in the ring.

Another staple of Monday Night is the Messiah and Mysterio in a heated feud. Tonight will be a tag match of Rollins and Murphy vs Mysterio and Aleister Black. Backstage you see Mysterio and Black laid out with referees trying to figure out what happened. Rollins and Murphy just casually walk by confused by what just transpired. Next for Rollins is an appearance on the KO Show. Owens right away clears the ring of all the chairs. Rollins and Owens get into a war of words but Owens being the gracious host that he is has a gift for Rollins, a KO Mania shirt so that Rollins won’t forget when he beat him. Rollins was not impressed and says that the only reason he agreed to do the KO Show was so he could get his message out that is he wants Mysterio at Extreme Rules: Horror Show. Mysterio accompanied by his son Dominick come to the top of the stage to accept. Since Black is out for the tag match later in the night, Owens steps in to help Mysterio and adds that winner picks the stipulation of the match. The match is going on with the guise that Mysterio (sans one eye) and Owens (fractured ankle) are both wrestling with a handicap. Outside the ring, Rollins starts to jaw jack with Dominick, which leads to a thumb to the eye. Near the end of the match Mysterio looks for a double 619 but Rollins quickly ducks out and grabs Dominick. Mysterio stops what he was doing but Black comes out from backstage to separate Rollins and Dominick. Turn about is fair play in the eye gouging business when Dominick hits Murphy in the eye. This gives Mysterio the upper-hand and the win over Murphy. As agreed upon earlier, Mysterio gets to choose the stipulation and is it a surprise to anyone that it is an eye for an eye match. What is with the eye, seriously? The only conclusion that I came up with the Rollins angle is that it maybe the window to the soul and if the eye is what is being sacrificed by Rollins he is giving up your soul. Hopefully once this feud is over the eye gouging/attacking will end as well!

It appears that backstage is where everything started tonight. Next is The Big Show trying to reign in the Viking Raiders from goofing around. Just know that once the match starts the raid is on! Tangled in this story is Zelina’s faction who is still trying to pick up the pieces to work together. Garza half apologizes to Andrade when Ric Flair shows up to give a pep talk about their 6 man tag match later in the evening with Randy Orton. All Orton wants is to lay out the Big Show. This roe between Big Show and Orton is personal and Orton does everything he can stay out of the match until absolutely needed. Garza and Andrade end up being fodder to the Viking Raiders and Big Show to the point that Garza has had enough with all of it. Orton is not having this business, he slams Garza off the glass in tells Garza in a few words to get his stuff together so that they can finish the job. This pushes Orton as well to finally tag himself. The viper is always an opportunist and thought he found the perfect distraction to strike against the Big Show with an RKO but that backfired. Big Show attempts a choke slam on Andrade but he quickly counters it into a sleeper hold that Big Show eventually gets out of. Orton ends up striking fast with the RKO on Erik of the Viking Raiders for the win.

Last main segment left on Monday Night Raw is started again backstage with MVP and Bobby Lashley talking about how Crews is out and since MVP beat him last week he should be the new US Champion plus they have an announcement to give regarding the US Championship. This turns into a new title reveal in the ring. The belt is gaudy and over the top but I guess there are worse belt designs out there. Lashley places the new US Championship belt on MVP since he declares that he is the new champion in Crews absence. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet that leads into a tag team match interrupt this party. MVP is not dressed for a match in a three-piece suit but competes anyways. Lashley pulls out the win here with a Full Nelson submission on Alexander. Ricochet breaks the hold since Lashley had no intentions of doing so. Skip jump to another backstage segment of MVP trying to get into Alexander’s head. MVP is always the opportunist and if he can find a crack he will put some information in your ear to make you think, is Alexander playing second fiddle to Ricochet? Only time will tell but I need some more people to join MVP and take over Monday Night Raw!

Also on the card was a quick little match between Billie Kay and Ruby Riott. Riott still has no back up and ends up being no match for the IIconics. Might I just add that every time Billie Kay and Peyton Royce get into the ring their skills are better and better. These ladies are going to be a forced to be reckoned with and honestly just give them the Women’s Tag Team belts and call it a day. Riott either needs to find some friends or find a way to get some wins because she is too talented to be laid out every week. She might also need a new hair stylist since Billie Kay ripped the extensions right out of her head during the match and those things are not cheap. If you are interested in more wrestling insight or funny family stories please follow me on twitter @ms_wiper.

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