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Monday Night Raw picked up where it left off last week with Randy Orton describing what went down in the dark room when he attacked the legends, Big Show, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Christian. After this promo, the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre retaliated by attacking Orton until he was taken off Orton by Adam Pierce and other officials.

Women’s action would start with a 3 versus 3 tag team match where Zelina Vega, Lana and Natalya would take on the Raw Women’s champion Asuka as well as the new women’s tag team Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. The faces or good guys won when Mandy Rose pinned Lana who seems to only be paired with Natalya to take pins and take the bad bumps. Speaking of bad bumps, after the faces left the WWE Women’s tag team champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, returned from their COVID related absences and attacked Lana and Natalya and Lana tried to defend her partner but once again Jax put her through the commentators desk. Late on in the night Jax and Baszler would defend their titles against Riott Squad or Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott.

R-Truth then was seen talking to his imaginary friend Little Jimmy about the upcoming WWE Draft and who would go where when he saw a janitor mopping but whose face was covered. He then saw a referee asking him why he was there when the janitor tried to hit Truth with the mop, but Truth evaded thinking the attacker was Randy Orton. The mop strike hit the referee but while Truth was running away he slipped on the wet spot from the mopping and the attacker pinned him taking the 24/7 championship and revealed himself as Drew Gulak from SmackDown who has been a rival of Truth’s since Clash of Champions.

MVP then confronted Ricochet, Ali, and Apollo Crews and he was trying to recruit them then left. Crews and Ali walked away laughing saying they would never accept when Ricochet stopped and looked at the direction of where MVP left, seemingly pondering the offer. A heel turn and joining a faction, even in a crowded faction like the Hurt Business could be exactly what Ricochet needs.

The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins and his disciple Murphy then would enter the ring with all the swagger in the world ahead of a tag team match against Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio. Before Mysterios team would come out Rollins would stretch out his hand for Murphy to give him his mic but Murphy refused and instead called out Rollins and demanded an apology for Aalyah, Rey Mysterios daughter, before Murphy would do anything else to serve Rollins. Rollins then replied by saying he held back in reading the text messages last week and refused to apologize and tried to stress that Murphy was his Disciple and nothing else but was interrupted by the entrances of their opponents. The match would start off with the acrobatic Mysterio and Carrillo controlling the match and having one ariel spot where Carillo flipped onto Murphy on the outside and Dominik jumped off the top turnbuckle on Rollins. A bit later in the match Murphy would save Rollins from Mysterio by throwing Mysterio over the barricade and would offer a hand to his partner Rollins but Rollins refused the hand stood up on his own and started yelling at Murphy until they were disrupted by Carrillio flipping over the ropes to the outside of the ring on top of them. Rollins and Murphy would still win the match though when with a knee from Murphy took out Carrillo and pinned him. He then left yelling “So you don’t need me?” to Rollins.

SmackDown’s Braun Stowman then would arrive demanding a match from Adam Pierce the apparent general manager of both Raw and SmackDown and Pierce would offer him an exhibition match that would be unsanctioned. Strowman then walked away happy and the Keith Lee appeared next to Pierce and drank from his water bottle and said “sign me up” so Lee would be Strowman’s opponent in a match that would continue the beef they had during last year’s Survivor Series build as well as the beef they had during the 2020 royal rumble match. The attention would go back on Rollins and Murphy where Rollins gave Murphy a deadline for an apology to him, so both men feel wronged and I can’t wait for them to break up and have a barn burner of a match.

Kevin Owens then would host the KO Show on the normal show and threw out his chairs before his guest Bray Wyatt, The Fiend’s other personality, would arrive. Owens on his feet then would deliver a promo about the feeling of the mandible claw he received on SmackDown last Friday night. Owens then demanded Wyatt to come out but instead the Firefly Funhouse music played, and the graphic appeared in the TitanTron and Wyatt appeared on it as well. Wyatt surrounded by his Funhouse puppets would then sing a song about friends with his puppets until one of his puppets, Ramblin’ Rabbit, was eaten by Mercy the Buzzard. Wyatt then offered Owens to be his friend, but Owens refused and just wanted Wyatt in the ring with him to fight on Raw instead of the upcoming SmackDown on October 9 when their official match is planned. Interesting to start this feud while Owens is still feuding with Aleister Black but I for one cannot wait for these two to go at it, hopefully for a while. Speaking of Black, he would then attack Owens when Owens left the ring to try to go to Wyatt to beat him down. 

A clash of behemoths would then begin when men’s singles actions would resume would start with Strowman going head to head with the Limitless Lee. The match would end only a few minutes after the start when Strowman just started mowing through Lee and caused a double count out where after the count out he would still drive Lee through the barricade. While Strowman was leaving though Lee would stand and go after Strowman while officials tried to keep them apart but Lee would return the favor by throwing Strowman into the LED board and then tackling Strowman off the stage into a table.

Bianca Belair the returned in a competition video package but this time in the form of a trvia game night with other women where she crushed everyone proving she is not just the strongest and fastest but the smartest as well. All these packages are getting my hopes up thinking we will get a Belair push in the ring very soon. Gulak would then be shown with the title where Truth and a ref came out of the dumpster still thinking the unmasked Gulak is Orton in disguise and Akira Tozawa was also shown in a trash can. In the large dumpster though the three would fight with no visual to the fans but the ref saw what happened and named the winner who we quickly learned was Truth. Truth’s 24/7 title reigns are getting hard to keep track of and I wouldn’t even venture to guess what the count stands at but I don’t have to because WWE would post the count as you’ll see in the tweet below.

MVP then accompanied by his Hurt Business compatriots Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin broke a promo about why the only reason they lost the 3 vs 3 last week against Ricochet, Ali and Crews was because the Retribution graphic appeared on all the screens. Ricochet then entered with Crews and Ali and said he would pass on the offer to join the Hurt Business and kept making jokes until the match between the teams of Ricochet and Crews and Lashley and Benjamin. This was a solid match where Lashley at one point had quite the move where he kept tossing Ricochet into several different positions before delivering a F-5 looking slam and a few minutes later would win the match by using the Hurt Lock or full nelson submission on Crews. Ricochet would then leave with his team declaring they would not be stopping taking on the Hurt Business.

Aalyah then would confront Murphy and ask if he was seriously going to apologize to Rollins and he replied he did not know and walked away. Rollins and Murphy would then meet in the ring and Murphy would refuse to apologize and attack Rollins and would even start beating Rollins with a kendo stick, while demanding Rollins apologize to Aalyah. Rollins then did apologize, and Murphy stopped, and Rollins took advantage, jumped on Murphy gauging his eyes and then grabbed the kendo stick hitting Murphy with it relentlessly. The attack did not stop with a kendo stick Rollins then grabbed a chair but Murphy was then protected by Aalyah and then the rest of the Mysterios came out and Dominik tried to convince Aalyah that Murphy is not worth protecting.

The long awaited Riott Squad and Jax and Baszler women’s tag title match happened next. Riott Squad gave a great effort in a quick match, but Baszler would put Ruby Riott in the Carufuda Clutch submission and Liv Morgan could only watch her partner tap as Jax held her back from stopping the submission. Morgan then went to check on her friend and partner while Jax and Baszler just stood over them raising their titles.

The Street Profits then gave a promo ahead of their 6-man tag team match where they would be aided by the champion McIntyre would face Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Before that main event thought Hurt Business would return ahead of a singles match between their spokesman MVP and one of their current rivals Ali. Ali entered without his friends Ricochet and Crews putting him at a huge disadvantage. Mid match though Retribution would mark their return and surround the ring causing Ali to stand with the Hurt Business but then he exited and stood face to face with Mace and T-Bar and at first it looked like an exchange that was to be hostile but then Ali turned and revealed he was the leader of Retribution and set Retribution loose on the Hurt Business! In my opinion this shows that the Hacker was related to Retribution and Ali was the Hacker which seemed like a scrapped character. Ali and Retribution then all stood in the ring with Ali leading in front of them and his hand stretched out and his palm shown to the screen.

A chaotic main event with the Profits and McIntyre versing Roode, Ziggler and Orton then would enfold with so many close calls in the last few minutes of the match. Orton would almost use the RKO on Angelo Dawkins who would be saved by his partner Ford who would deliver a Frog Splash on Orton and go for the pin, but it would be stopped. Not too long after the legal man McItnyre would Claymore Ziggler and then Roode but could not land it on Orton who used the RKO on McIntyre, get the pin and win the match. McIntyre could not defeat the Viper this time and this match would give Orton the momentum in this long running feud that will see its third title match in this feud happen on October 25 at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view!

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