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“Woooo!!” Is the first sound viewers heard when Monday Night Raw begun and always Flair entered the ring and so did the other legends, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, and Christian, that Orton terrorized this summer but who also got their revenge at Clash of Champions the night before this Raw. Also, I would like to add clean shaven Big Show still confuses me. Michaels started us off with a greeting and to introduce Drew McIntyre the champion. Drew came out with a big smile on his face and his cool leather jacket looking like the cool champion he is. McIntyre thanked the legends for their help in his ambulance title match win at Clash of Champions over the Viper Randy Orton and continued putting each of them over. Orton then appeared on the TitanTron addressing McIntyre saying it is not over yet and then says you have no idea what hell is alluding to another match between them at hell in a cell in 4 weeks. I don’t think a third match is necessary especially since he lost but maybe he wont be the challenger but could cost drew the title instead, Orton then was shown leaving the arena with luggage and the attention was back on drew and drew issued an open challenge for his WWE Championship title later on in the night.

Raw Womens' Champion Asuka left and Zelina Vega right

Raw Womens' Champion Asuka left and Zelina Vega right

Zelina Vega is then interviewed by Kayla Braxton and Vega talks about how Asuka is not ready for her in their rematch that night from their title match from Clash. Asuka interrupts and refs and Pat Buck must keep them apart as they scream at each other in Japanese and Spanish. Vegas entrance is then skipped after a commercial break and she is shown in the ring awaiting Asuka for their match. The champ enters oozing charisma and confidence like usual, but a cocky Vega awaits primed and ready to continue to show viewers she is not just a skilled manager. Match was a quick ten minute one including a commercial break and ended with a Asuka Lock and this time Vega did not attack post loss like at Clash. The four legends from the beginning then were shown backstage playing poker.

Andrade is then shown in the ring addressing a leaving and shaken up Vega saying how she is nothing without him and how she is the weak link and so is Garza saying he is also a weak link who held him down in their Raw tag team championship match at Clash. Andrade then goes on about how he is the greatest in WWE and issues and open challenge and says look nobody but then Keith Lee’s music dropped, and the always entertaining Limitless Keith Lee enters to face El Idolo himself. This match started off with momentum constantly changing and the pace being fast and furious. Andrade seemed to have taken control when Lee suddenly snapped out of it using the spirit bomb to finish off Andrade. This match was only a few minutes but made me personally begging for another much longer match between these two.

Hurt Business is then shown backstage and a random man is shown eating with MVP and Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley comes demanding the man’s seat and his food despite already having his own plate of food. This segment showed all the viewers that Lashley takes no prisoners in all facets of his life.

24/7 champion R-Truth is then shown playing chess with Little Jimmy and received a letter from one of Tozawas’ ninjas saying how he was eaten by a shark and has enjoyed doing battle with Truth. Truth is broken up about this but then Truth is pinned by a revived Tozawa the new 24/7 champion who is then pinned by the ninja who delivered the letter who turned out to actually be SmackDowns Drew Gulak whose title victory like Tozawas was short lived because HE is then pinned by Truth who is then chased by the two 24/7 challengers.

Next up was Seth Rollins shown talking to a Murphy dressed in ring gear and Rollins addressed how later that night the Mysterio family will be on Kings court. Rollins then questioned why Murphy is in ring gear and ordered him to put on a suit. Murphy said nothing in this encounter and only nods leaving to put on a suit presumably, but he left his phone that Rollins sees and took. The Mysterio family then came out to join Jerry the king Lawler in the ring for another edition of Kings court. Rey Mysterio talked about how important his family is and says how evil Rollins is for his lies about Aalyah not being Mysterios’ daughter. Dominik then said how he is angry and just wants to end this feud. Lawler brough up how Aliyah was upset and her interactions with Murphy and asked how Aalyah was feeling. Aliyah announced her age being 19 and said how she does not know what to think about Murphy but said that Seth is a terrible person. Immediately after Aliyah spoke Seth appeared on the TitanTron and said that the truth is that one of the Mysterios is not being completely honest with the family and then revealed its Aalyah not being honest about her relationship with Murphy. Rollins then showed a text message exchange between Murphy and Aalyah where Murphy offered to listen to her problems whenever she needs someone to talk to and Aalyah thanked him and wished him a happy birthday. The rest of the family is stunned, and she left defending murphy and her parents chased after her to help. Murphy then confronts Rollins still in ring gear trying to get his phone and even laid his hands-on Rollin when Dominik suddenly tackled Murphy, officials then broke them up.

Natalya and Lana entered the scene after the Mysterio segment and demand the absent Women’s Tag Champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, to vacate the titles since they had their match from Clash canceled because of their absence because of COVID-19. Adam Pierce then came out and said that is not happening but the two can become contenders if they beat the following superstars and he then introduced Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke the new Raw additions from SmackDown. Rose and Brooke won off a Rose pin on Lana.

Aleister Black then addressed us with one of his famous dark room promos addressing his current rival Kevin Owens. He took off his black sash covering his injured eye revealing an eye with a black contact lens to resemble a demon eye and then he faded away into the darkness. Owens then entered the ring and before Blacks entrance the audience is brought back to the legend poker game where Show wanted to challenge McIntyre but his loss after WrestleMania is brought up disqualifying him from being a challenger, then the Street Profits join them to say hello. Black then entered with new theme music and his eye sash was back on for the entrance but then he took it off yet again. The match ended with Black accidently hitting the referee and being disqualified and as he argued with the ref over the disqualification Owens grabbed Black and stunned him. I hope this rivalry continued with the finish being at the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view so that will require them being drafted by the same brand most likely.

Ali then came out of the Hurt Business dressing room to have a run in with the Hurt Business and as he is shoved Richochet and Apollo Crews came to his aid. This is followed by a 24/7 title match between Gulak, Truth and Tozawa. Despite being teamed up on constantly Truth won and then flees with the title.

Backstage, interviewer Charly Caruso is then shown and said how she is happy her Raw Talk co-host won and then welcomed Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose. Rose and Brooke put each other over and said they are going after the tag titles after Riott Squad finally face the Women’s tag champions, but then they looked at Dominik Mysterio preparing for his match with Murphy. Dominik controlled most of the match fighting with a lot of pent up rage and at one point he stopped grabbed a kendo stick and prepared to attack Murphy and disqualify himself just to inflict as much pain as possible until Aalyah came to stop him and then Mysterio re-entered the ring to attack Murphy but Murphy capitalized on the distraction with a quick rollup winning the match then Mysterio called his sister naïve and received a nice slap from her. Dominick appears to be turning not just heel but turning on his family and its breathing new and exciting life into this long running storyline.

Dolph Ziggler then was shown talking to Pierce about the McIntyre open challenge and as Pierce said Ziggler cannot challenge since Ziggler already challenged for the tile, Ziggler then said he had someone else in mind and they headed to Pierces office to talk. Then the Hurt Business then entered the ring and MVP goes off on a promo addressing Crews talking about how he was a crazy person for continuing to challenge the hurt business and continuing to lose. Ricochet music then played followed by Crews music and then finally Alis’ music and all three men then walked to the ring to face the Hurt Business in a three versus three tag matches. It is important to add Cedric Alexander the fourth member of Hurt Business was not seen in the entire show. In the start of this match the lights went haywire and the Retribution graphics appeared which was a bit surprising considering the key retribution members were in quarantine. But nothing came out of it and the match continued normally which was strange to say the least, chaos ensued causing Richochet to flip onto Shelton, Lashley and Crews outside the ring and MVP tried to capitalize with no one to stop him by rolling up Ali but Ali stayed in it took control and used the 450 splash on MVP to secure a win for his team.

Attention returned to the legends poker game and Ric Flair was shown winning with a royal flush and Christian misreading his own cards. Flair then left the table before a commercial break. Following the break another Bianca Belair EST video package occurred having Belair yet again shown just dominating people in races on the track. Belair being seen two weeks in a row is great, but I honestly need her in the ring soon and as a contender for a title, because she is incredible.

McIntyre then entered the ring ahead of his open challenge title match. It appeared no one had accepted at first then Zigglers music dropped and he came out in a suit and McIntyre said someone that has not had an opportunity but Ziggler is simply there to introduce and manage his tag team partner the Glorious Robert Roode and to have Roode back is indeed GLORIOUS. These two have clashed in a world title match before in an NXT title match where McIntyre defeated Roode to take the title so maybe Roode would return the favor? The answer to that question was no. During the match Roode stopped a Drew super plex and as Roode sat on the top turnbuckle and Drew hung upside down Drew did a sit up in the position and tossed Roode halfway across the ring which was impressive. Dolph was able to pull a hurt Roode but Drew was not taking any of Dolphs shenanigans and beat Ziggler but this distracted him from Roode who took control and started working on the knees of McIntyre. Later in the match after McIntyre took control he went for a boot and hit an interfering Ziggler and Roode would took advantage and almost won with a Glorious DDT but he failed McIntyre was able to get back on his feet and minutes later the champ would deliver a Claymore kick to end his challenger and win.

The show ended with a masked man pushing a cleaning cart. The man then stopped and headed to the Legends lounge, where the poker game was happening, with a chair. The man removed his hood and mask and revealed himself to be Orton. Orton then put on night vision goggles and entered the room the legends stopped their game and looked at him but before they could act Orton turned the lights off and all we heard were many clangs and bangs. The lights turned back on an Orton stood admiring his handy work as all the legends laid on the ground in the destroyed room. Orton put his disguise back on pointed officials to the room then left with the cleaning cart he arrived with closing the show out. 

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