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Monday Night Raw Results (12/12/16) - The Longest New Day in History

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WWE Raw Results (12/12/16)
Monday, December 12th, 2016
From Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia
Report by Zack Krasney of

Hello everyone and welcome back to Raw here at WNW! We are building to Roadblock! The last Raw exclusive PPV until the Royal Rumble! We're also building to the Royal Rumble in the background.

Question of the Evening: For those of you that read the story going around on Twitter involving Kevin Owens. Do you feel Owens was in the right or the wrong? Should he have broke Kayfabe and been nice to the kid at ringside or was he doing his job by staying in heel mode?

Monday Night Raw

New Day is kicking off Raw!

Big E- Tonight we join the immortals!

Kofi- Tonight we have the chance to break a record that has stood for 25 years.

Woods- Tonight we have a chance to propel ourselves and anyone who has worn a New Day T-Shirt, to propel anyone that chants New Day Rocks. We have a chance to propel anyone has ever supported us, whether they are with us or have passed. That is for you grandma. But the last thing that stands in our way is one last triple threat tag team match! What does that even mean? People across the world have referred to New Day as a triple threat.

Kofi- That's true, Woods the brain the wisdom. Me, I'm real smooth and very handsome.

Big E- And me I'm a big thick meaty third leg!

Woods- In a triple threat tag team match we have not one but two tag teams who want to become your WWE World Tag Team Champions!

Kofi- So let's bring them out so New Day can take their proper place in history!

New Day (Kofi and Big E) vs. Sheamus and Cesaro vs. The Club for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Kofi and Cesaro start off. Kofi whipped into the corner but he runs up it and hits a crossbody. Cesaro picks Kofi up from a deadlift position and suplexes him. Tag to Sheamus! Running uppercut from Cesaro then a flying body from Sheamus. Sheamus to the top and hits a massive Axehandle. Kofi hits a dropkick for space and tags Big E. Big E takes down Sheamus and Kofi hits a dropkick. Slam by Big E and a tag to Kofi. Kofi with a jumping kick and a headbutt. Sheamus falls backwards and Anderson tags himself in. Anderson with a clothesline and a tag to Gallows. Gallows with a running splash, and a knee from Anderson, and a boot from Gallows! 2 count.

We return and Anderson has Kofi in a headlock. Kofi fights out but runs into an elbow. Gallows tags in and hits a headbutt to the spine and then a wicked boot! 2 count. Tag to Anderson who beats Kofi down and tags Gallows back in. Big E runs in for the save but gets thrown out. Kofi with a missile dropkick! Sheamus tags himself in and throws Gallows out and then beats down Kofi. Sheamus with the 10 beats on Gallows! Anderson runs in but gets taken down. Sheamus picks up Gallows and slams him down. Big E runs in to break up the pinfall but then gets thrown out of the ring. Anderson tags in and they hit Boot of Doom! Cesaro runs in and breaks it up. Cesar tags in and takes out Gallows, spinning corkscrew uppercut on Anderson! 619! Cesaro runs outside and hits stomps on Gallows, Big E, and Kofi! Crossbody from the top rope! 1-2-no! Anderson kicked out! Big Swing into the Sharpshooter! Big E breaks it up! Cesaro clotheslines Big E out! Tag to Sheamus! Brogue Kick! Kofi tags himself in! Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus! 1-2-3! NEW DAY ARE THE LONGEST REIGNING CHAMPIONS IN HISTORY!

Winners: NEW DAY!!


New Day enters a giant celebration party. Stephanie McMahon gives a celebration toast and Woods pops champagne and accidentally sprays it all over Steph. She's furious and storms out.

Later Kevin Owens catches up with her and says he say what happens and has an idea she might like.

Braun Strowman vs. Curtis Axel

Braun hits a huge clothesline and then slams Axel down. He puts Axel in the torture rack but Axel fights out. He gets hits feet up to fight Braun off. Axel to the middle rope and leaps at Braun but gets cut down midair. Braun Slams Curtis back down face first for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Byron asks Braun if he has a response about Sami Zayn demanding a match. He says Sami can't last 2 minutes with Braun, nor can anyone else!


Sami walks up to Mick Foley and says he's not going to take what Strowman said! Sami wants that match. Mick says Strowman is in a different league and wants to end the career of Sami for fun! Mick tells Sami he knows Sami can't beat Braun. Sami says that if he won't use him on Raw then maybe he belongs on a different show. Mick says out of respect for Sami he'll call Daniel Bryan and work out a trade.

Ariya Daivari vs. Lince Dorado

Dorado flips at Daivari but Ariya locks in a headlock. Dorado fights out and hits a heel kick. Springboard cross body by Lince and a big chop. Dorado misses a leap in the corner and runs into a huge clothesline. Jack Gallagher's music hits and he walks out.

Jack- Now, as an extraordinary gentlemen, I want to announce my intention to interfere in this match. Normally I don't condone such actions but you Mr. Daivari are a scoundrel. Daivari runs out to attack but Jack gets the better of him with a headbutt and a dropkick that sends Daivari out of the ring.

The Rollins Report

Seth-Philly welcome to the Rollins Report! Now last week I stood in this ring and said it loud and clear, it needs to be said again and again until it goes through his thick skull. I want Triple H! Last week I laid down the guantlet. It goes through Kevin Owens. I can't isolate Kevin Owens until I get rid of his maybe best friend Chris Jericho. I have that chance Sunday at Roadblock. I'm out here because I have a question, is it Seth Rollins vs. Jericho or Rollins vs. Jericho with Kevin Owens. My guest tonight has the answers, my guest the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens.

Owens comes out but brings his own stool and sits on the ramp.

Seth- Kev what are you doing all the way up there? Can't make it to the ring without Chris holding your hand?

Owens- Did you think I'd really come down there? This is as close as you're getting so be happy. The only reason I came out here is because I had an announcement to make.

Seth- We gotta know, how is your friendship with Jericho? It can't be good right?

Owens- As I was saying, after talking to Steph--

Seth- Kev we gotta know. I know you're memory pretty foggy after being pedigreed right in the middle of the ring here.

Owens- you don't need to worry about Chris and I's friendship. All you need to know is that Sunday Chris will have my back, and I'll have his in his match against you. Now as far as my announcement is concerned, and don't cut me off again or I'll come down there and break your face. After talking to Stephanie McMahon, after what New Day pulled, Steph decided to put them in another Tag Team Title match tonight against the team of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. So as you can see--

Jericho's music cuts him off. Jericho comes out with the List of Jericho.

Jericho- Kevin I need to ask you a question. Are you crazy? Do you really think after what happened last week, and what you said to me two weeks ago. Do you really think I'd agree to be your tag team partner tonight or ever again?

Owens- Look maybe I should've listened to you last week, I tried to help. You gotta stop thinking about the past and think about the future. We have the chance to make history, not only by becoming Raw Tag Team Champions but we could ruin New Day's chance to become longest reigning tag team champions. Look think about it all you want, but Stephanie made the match so it'll happen one way or another. You can stay mad at me or win the tag team titles tonight.

Seth- I don't mean to interrupt but it sounds like Kevin is telling you what to do. I don't think you should tell him what to do!

Chris- You shut up you stupid idiot!

Seth- OR WHAT!? What are you gonna do sparkle crotch? You gonna put me on the list?!

Chris- You know what happens when people talk to me like that? You wanna know what happens?! Seth Rollins...YOU. I'll put you on the list alright, the disabled list.

Chris starts down to the ring but Owens catches up with him. Chris gives him a nod that they can do it together. Owens smiles and they surround Seth. Owens and Jericho beat down Rollins and throw him into the barricade. They continue beating down Rollins. Owens grabs a chair but Roman Reigns music hits and he runs to the ring! He ducks a chair and blasts both Jericho and Owens in the face with a right hand. Jericho attacks Roman from behind but Rollins is back up and helps to take JeriKO down! Boot to KO from Roman! Seth goes for a pedigree on Jericho but KO pulls him out before the damage is done.

TJ Perkins vs. The Brian Kendrick

Brian misses a kick and then ducks a superkick from Perkins. Brian with a high knee and then goes after the arm of Perkins and hits a shoulder tackle. Brian goes after the shoulder of Perkins. TJ goes for the kneebar out of nowhere but Kendrick fights out. Perkins hits a wrecking ball dropkick as we head to break.

We return an Brian is in control of Perkins. Perkins with a big leaping spinkick. Perkin blocks a right hand and connects with several of his own. Clotheslines from TJP. Kendrick hung up in the Tree of Woe and Perkins with a huge running dropkick to the face of Kendrick. Missile dropkick to the back of the neck of Brian. Kendrick with a suplex into a cover for 2. Perkins locks in the kneebar! Kendrick makes it to the ropes. Kendrick sends Perkins into the post and hits Sliced Bread #2 for the win!

Winner: The Brian Kendrick


Mick Foley approaches Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. He says seeing them out there reminds him of Shield in the early days. He says Stephanie gave Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho a chance tonight and Mick is giving the same chance to Rollins and Roman tonight! Tonight's main event is now a triple threat tag team match for the Tag Team Championships!

Bayley vs. Alicia Fox

Bayley with a reverse takedown into a headlock. Headlock takedown by Bayley. Bayley dodges a dropkick and hits a running elbow. Alicia hits the scissors kick but Bayley is under the ropes. Fox locks in a submission on the arms of Bayley. Northern lights suplex by Fox for 2. Forearms to the face but Bayley blocks with the Bayley to Belly!

Winner: Bayley


Lana and Rusev come to the ring.

Rusev- That's enough of your USA! Ever since I got here I have destroyed all your American heroes one by one. But last week was different, last week I took out American trash! Week after week Enzo comes out here running his mouth about how he's a certified G? Last week I realized the G is for garbage! After I took the human garbage into the hallway and I closed the door behind me, Lana and I did our business. You know what I'm saying. We took care of business. Would you like to see what I'm talking about. Yes?! Come on would you like to see it!? I must warn you, the footage is a little bit edgey.

Lana- For some of you it might be a bit sensitive, so children close your eyes. Are you ready to see what we do behind closed doors? What I do behind closed doors?

They show footage of Enzo getting destroyed by Rusev again.

Lana- Wait did all of you actually think we were going to show you what we do behind closed doors? Wow. All of you are so gullible, just like that stupid Enzo Amore. He actually thought he had a shot with me. He is pathetic like the rest of you Americans.

Rusev- My beautiful wife set the plan in motion to trap that tiny mouse. When the time was right I destroyed that little rat! I am the only man that can have Lana and if you disrespect me or her I will crush you!

Big Cass comes out- Rusev last week you gave Enzo the beating of a lifetime. Right now he's recovering with ice all over. Enzo likes to run his mouth but at least he's got the balls to back it up. Last week, you caught him with his pants down. As for tonight, this isn't a hotel room, my pants are on, and I'm not Enzo.

Cass charges the ring and hammers violently at Rusev. Rusev tackled Cass but Cass rolls it over and hammers away at him. Rusev tackles Cass through the ropes and throws him into the barricade. Rusev with a kick to the head of Cass but it doesn't slow him down. Cass throws Rusev into the barricade but gets shoved into the ring post. Rusev runs to get away. Cass gets in the ring and looks furious.


Kevin Owens tries to complain to Jericho about Mick Foley adding Rollins and Reigns. Jericho doesn't seem to care much about what Owens is saying and when Owens says they'll be partners forever Jericho tells him to just try to get through tonight.

Sami Zayn vs. Jinder Mahal

Sami comes out and waves his hat to the crowd. Sami chops Jinder and throws him into the corner. Sami hammers away at Mahal. Sami thrown into the air hits a dropkick! Mahal throws Sami over the top rope but leaps back in and hits a clothesline Jinder. Mahal with a huge running knee. High elbow by Jinder. Jinder hits a jumping kneedrop and locks in a headlock. Sami with a huge clothesline. Exploder into the corner by Sami! Sami sets up the Helluva kick and connects!

Winner: Sami Zayn

Mick Foley's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Mick- I just got off the phone with Daniel Bryan and after much negotiation we will be trading you to Smackdown Live for a talent of equal value. This is after all, what you want, is it not?

Sami- Well that depends, are you going to give me the match against Braun Strowman or not.

Mick- Deep down we both know you don't really want that match, so no.

Sami- That's all I need to hear, I'll sign what I need to sign.

Mick- I understand, it'll be nice to be a big fish in a small pond. But first, don't you want to know who the talent of equal value is? Who will be coming to Raw in your place? Daniel Bryan and I agreed to trade you for Eva Marie.

Sami- Eva Marie, Mick?! I'm worth 100 Eva Maries! 1000! What blows my mind is that you don't get me, you WERE me! How many people told you no, not to take the risk Mick! Now you're treating me like glass! I'm sick of making your mistake!

Mick- Isn't this what you want?!


Mick- DO YOU!?


Mick- I want you to remember this rage! This anger! This Sunday, in your match with Braun Strowman at Roadblock! I needed to make sure a guy as nice as you, a class act could tap into that dark part of his soul! Big angry and bitter enough to on a monster like Braun. You proved to me you can! Braun Strowman said you wouldn't last 2 minutes. ��I'm giving you 10 minutes to prove everyone wrong. 10 minutes to prove why they should believe in Sami Zayn.

New Day vs. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Woods and Rollins start things off and Rollins gets behind Woods. Woods reverses it and gets behind Rollins. Shoulder tackle by Woods. Woods sweeps the leg of Rollins, 1 count. Rollins sweeps the leg for 1. Slingblade by Rollins, kick out at 1. Tag to Reigns. Woods tags Big E. He and Reigns stare down then lock up. Woods throws Roman out of the ring and then goes for the tackle through the ropes but Roman gets a knee up. Jericho tags Roman. Jericho stomps away at Big E then tags Owens who kicks the guts of Big E. Owens with a bunch of right hands and then a kick to the face of E. Owens tackles the guts of Big E and tags Jericho. Big E starts fighting back but then gets sent into the middle turnbuckle. Jericho to the top and hits an elbow to Big E when get got back to his feet. Tag back to Owens. Owens with a senton and a 2 count. Owens picks up E but he slides out, double clothesline! Woods tags in and hits chops to KO! Kick to the gut and then a dropkick to Owens who was leaning on the ropes! 2 count. Woods to the top but gets distracted by Jericho. Owens goes to the top and gets Woods. Jericho runs up to help. Rollins runs up to get involved Big E and Roman run up. It's a double powerbomb/superplex! We head to break.

We return and Owens has a headlock on Woods. He lets it go and hits a flipping senton! He then locks a chinlock in. Owens up for another senton but misses! Big E tags in and Jericho does as well. Belly to belly on Jericho! Then another! Then a third! Big E goes for the big splash but Rollins tags himself in! Rollins clotheslines Jericho out of the ring. Rollins huge suicide dive! Rollins with another on Big E! Rollins springboard knee and Roman tagged himself in! Reigns goes for the spear but it is blocked! Codebreaker but it's caught and turned into a powerbomb! Superman punch on Owens on the side! Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Reigns blocks. Woods tags Jericho. Big kick to Reigns. Woods to the top and hits a springboard elbow! 2 count! Roman with a right hand, Woods with a right of his own! Rollin tagged Roman and hits a knee to the head of Woods! Owens with a Superkick on Roman! Rollins with a kick to Owens. Rollins goes up top but Jericho pulls him off and he crashes! Cannonball on Rollins! Jericho tags Rollins. Lionsault! 1-2-NO! Woods kicks out! Jericho and Woods exchange right hands. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho! Woods in the center of the ring! Woods is able to turn onto his back and roll up Jericho for 2! Jericho misses a clothesline in the corner. Woods goes for a DDT but Owens hits a superkick! Pop Up Codebreaker! 1-2-NO! Rollins shoved Owens into Jericho to break up the pinfall! Jericho and Owens fight each other and Rollins hits Jericho into Owens. Pedigree to Jericho! Big E pulled Rollins out! Woods goes for the pinfall! 1-2-3!!!


After the match Owens argues with Jericho but turns around into a wicked spear from Roman. Roman holds up both titles to send us home.

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