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Last week’s edition of Monday Night RAW we witnessed the fallout from the Elimination Chamber PPV. The show kicked off with the new WWE Champion The Miz and the show ended with Bobby Lashley keeping his title match a one on one. 

Tonight we continue to build towards Fastlane and the WWE Championship is on the line. 

Here is everything advertised for tonight’s show: 

Preview (via WWE) - At WWE Elimination Chamber, The Miz emerged just moments after WWE Champion Drew McIntyre had survived the Elimination Chamber and suffered a post-match ambush from The Hurt Business’ Bobby Lashley. Without warning, he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and pinned the Scottish Superstar to claim the WWE Title for the second time in his career.

Back on Raw, however, Lashley and MVP emerged to collect on a deal that The All Mighty had apparently made with The A-Lister: He would help Miz become WWE Champion, and Lashley would be first in line for a WWE Title opportunity.

When The A-Lister attempted to delay that matchup and Braun Strowman barged his way into the conversation, Shane McMahon ruled that if The Monster Along Men could defeat Lashley in a main event contest, he would be added to The All Mighty’s title showdown against Miz on the March 1st edition of the red brand. The Chief Hurt Officer, though, overcame Strowman to cement his one-on-one matchup for the gold, next week at 8/7 C on Raw.

Preview (via WWE) - Drew McIntyre is back, and he will have a lot to say.

After defeating five former WWE Champions inside the Elimination Chamber, McIntyre was viciously attacked by an irate Bobby Lashley, allowing The Miz to stun the WWE Universe by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on McIntyre to become the new WWE Champion. This Monday on Raw, McIntyre will return to address the shocking conclusion of WWE Elimination Chamber.

With The Miz set to defend his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley in Raw’s main event, will the Scottish Warrior be keeping a close eye on that outcome?

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